Play-Asia coupon


can Someone P.M. me a coupon for ? I lost mine and I need to buy something over $50.00 from them.


You might want to check forums, there used to be a thread giving them away on there.


I have one at home I’m not planning on using that I think expires on the 25th of this month. I won’t be home until around 10PM Pacific time though so if you still need it then I can give it to you.


man I would love one of these.


v4mpiro… i have one and it expires on the 8th of september… i was gonna use it byut you can have it. its for $5 dollars

ill pm you with it.


thank you, thank you, thank you.:lovin:


You want another one as well, mine will expire in August 31, 2007. I don’t plan on using it at all.

I already sent you a PM, think you can rep me or something?


If anyone else wants the other Play-Asia coupon, PM me about it.


yea I got one too someone can have, pm

I don’t plan on using it


Can you stack coupons or only one coupon at a time? hehehe, I presume the latter.


AFAIK, the latter.


just got one, feel free to pm me for it.