Play asia problems

I recently bought a qanba q2 from play asia , it arrived obviously 2nd hand (no indication of this on the order page, it was full price) and the joystick is loose. I told them about this and they offered me 10 dollars store credit (the joystick was 100) and just stopped replying when I said that wasn’t any good. Has anyone here had trouble with this company?

I see a lot of games on the site are marked as pre-owned. if its pre-owned it says it in pink. I think what probably happened is that they had new and used sticks in stock and they just got them mixed up. I don’t expect them to pay return shipping to hong kong. they should have gave you $20 so you have enough money to fix whatever it is. they are not far off from doing the right thing here. they are just a little tight on giving up the $$$$$

You are stuck with what you got. Return shipping overseas is a pain in the ass, and there no grantee they would accept any returns as they function overseas you lack the legal recourse you would from an local vender.
I never ordered from Play Asia as I look for more local venders to supply my imports in the past even if it cost more.

Never had a problem with Play-Asia, and I’ve been ordering from them since '07.

Did the package come in badly? (e.g packaged looked damaged when received, the box that the Qanba was damaged, looked like it’s already been used during unpackaging)

The Qanba Q2 came out in 2010, so you might have received an used one.

As for returning, it’s better to either fixing it yourself, which in your case, I’d need more info to help fix the problem, or sell if for a lesser price and get an updated Qanba Q4. Like Darksakul said, there is not grantee that they’ll refund you, even if you go through the pains of returning it overseas to Hong Kong.

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What is obviously second hand about it? Does it have scuff marks on buttons and fingerprints?

A loose joystick can probably be easily fixed, but most are somewhat loose to a certain extent. Is this your first joystick?

For what it’s worth, I’ve ordered numerous things, mostly soundtracks, from PlayAsia and never had a problem. They’ve always been speedy about shipping, too. I’ve never had to send anything back for return, though.