Play at home: Predict the winner of EVO 2010 (SSFIV)

In the spirit of making a bootlegged march madness, I wanted to make a points-based prediction game for my friends and I to play at home. I made a mock-up (in Paint lol) here:

Top 16, Top 8, Winner:

I ran into a problem though, since the pools aren’t public I didn’t know how many there were. I gathered from info here on the forums that they ran from A-P, and from the rules on the evo2k site that 2 players advance from each pool. I made the mock-up based on this information.

It’s kind of a lame idea but I figured I’d share in case others wanted to try it out/improve upon this design.

not lame, seems like a fun idea for people at home to participate.

I have a good amount of upsets:rock:

Finals: Justin vs. Daigo

Daigo wins

So exciting :looney:


How do u know whose in what pool?

At this point I’m just relying on data from others, could be wrong but in the check-in thread there were lists by:


and Warpticon:

OneHandedTerror takes EVO 2010

Shiro’s in Pool J?