Play AZ scrubs for money!

Post in here and I’ll pair you up with an AZ scrub that’s willing to play for money… Remember, we’re in FREAKIN ARIZONA so we suck =P. MvC2, btw.

Or request someone! I’ll play anyone so just let me know =]

you guys are the homies but whats up =]

AT least u can practice WITH PEOPLE…

ALl i got is the bitch arcade who wont even fix shit!!!

I hate tucson…

muskanater, lets do this, lets play a mirror match of some magneto team:)

:eek: Let’s get some MSS or Mag/Sent/Commando action going on :smiley: Five bucks a game 3 out of 5? =p

Danny R.(last name is classified): Truedat dude let’s have some dope games! 20 bucks a game 2 out of 3? =]

Nando: move to Yuma!

ps: yeah I know the prices vary :lol: With mixup it’s just a mag mirror match, more fun that seriousness, and that’s what it’s about anyway! Or just suggest whatever, we can play for dollar burgers metro style.

ill play for some money.ima scrub

fernboi play my buddy Andy aka LyNkS =]

2/3 for five bucks a game! =o

damn you must love losing money. :frowning: donate some to me. i’ll play you ggxx for cash; 20 a game, 3/5

ok. is he good you know im phat toi bro

jared, lets play for money =D

I would play you guys for money. But I got a policy not to play anyone for money unless he’s some lil fucker who pisses me off and needs to be taken to school. And you guys are mad chill. :slight_smile:

Does it have to be Marvel?


wow az money matches … i’ll play anyone mvc2 it don’t matter lol

i’ll play anyone from az in mvc2 for money.

pair me ups for monies deraj

Yeah Team Beast is up to the challenge. I’ll take you guys on in SNK games and GGXX and MegamanDS will take you guys on in MvC2. I really wanna play Spitefull though :smiley: . You up to it dude? Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

i’ll play you homie

I’m down to play. =]

i want money matches remember Vegas scrubs are worse then AZ scrubs