Play Chobo ruin for money in MvC2/GGXX


Okay… apperently my last thread was deleted or some bs so evo is right around the corner i dont remember everyone who wanted to play me so please repost if you wanna play me for money in either game and for how much.

i remember i had

Selfscience XX
saif XX
flashmetroid XX
Gandido X MvC2

i know i had alot more then that but cant member! so post up thx.


I’ll lose to you if you gimme 20 bucks, sounds fair?


WEEEEEEE! just cause of that av yes.


$20 2/3 XX :smiley:


playing you is fun. 2/3 10 bucks XX or reload. your funeral… :lol:

Chaotic Blue


haah this guy ill do both =)


marvel $10, 2/3


Wow nice av… confident eh?

Well anyway what ever happened to the love of the game…

Can we have a pizza match ruin? Loser buys?


yup keep em coming guys ;D!


2/3 $10.00 Daniel, just a friendly Nor Nev vs South Nev match.



<3 you got it


I heard the old thread deleted cause you were gonna rake in way too much money.


hahah this guy =)


I’ll still play you, but due to no one else in PR going, our travel rate changed (for me now, obviously) and I’m pretty fucked money-wise, so I can’t play ANYONE for money because I don’t even know if I’ll have any money after the signups. This might change if I get another check at work but for now that’s how it is.


$10, XX, 2/3 :slight_smile:


$10 for #R, best 2/3 :smiley:


I had one for GGXX. 4/7 10 dollars.


Updated list ;D

$20 2/3 XX

$10 2/3 XX and #R

$10 2/3 MvC2

2/3 10 bucks XX or #R dont matter :slight_smile:

$10 XX 2/3

$10 2/3 #R

$10 4/7

2/3 $10 for #R

XX not sure the $ or rounds but who cares!

Keep em coming guys!


I miss the old thread :frowning:

2/3 $10 for #R

We need a database to keep track of ruin’s matches alone


ruin vs Xecutioner

2/3 30$

keep em coming guys i like to give away money