Play Live Tournament Olympia, WA

It’s been awhile but the next date for the Play Live Tournament is set.

Date: July 15, 2011
Location: Play Live (in the Capital Mall Food Court)
625 Black Lake Boulevard Southwest
Olympia, WA 98502
Start Time: 6:30PM
Price: $10
Payout: dependent on number of participants
Platform: XBox 360 (If you use a pad, they got you covered otherwise it’s BYOC)

Games: SSF4:AE and MVC3


Well this is an interesting post to see, if you looked just a few threads down you’d see we have a pretty strong Olympia scene actually. We’ve been talking to Playlive for awhile but are a bit hesitant to deal with them. Regardless we’ll show up, rock the joint and get paid. =)

Will you guys have HDR?

So is the first SSF4 tournament on Fri the 3rd or Sat the 4th? (In June the 3rd is Fri and the 4th is Sat.)
Was looking at my calendar and was vary confused o_O. Do you guys men Friday the 3rd or Saturday the 4th?

I didn’t know and I meant no disrespect with that comment. Haven’t been in this area too long. Note to self: to do more research before speaking. On the topic of HDR, I know some of the 360’s have them but as of right now the only game up is SSF4.

Sorry, put the wrong date. It’s Friday June 3. Edited the original post to show the correct date.

No HDR, probably wont go then…But yeah you should come down to Olympia Cards Comics, that’s where the locals go to play that SF4 every Thursday. Bring your friends.

I will try to check it out. Thanks.

I must apologize for the last Play Live Tournament. I didn’t post the date here due to issues at work I was dealing with so we had a low turnout. The date for the next one is up so check the first post for the details.