Play Me Marvel S/D vs. S/D for money


Bleh. I know I once said i don’t play for money. But if evo’s my last tourney, i thought why the hell not. I’ll take any bets up to $20 3/5. Any takers?

Gandido: you interested in making our match for money?






I was hoping you’d post up. Where the hell have you been? Go to Family Fun on Sunday.

You’re on:evil:


u are gonna get so fucked up


I certainly hope he does. It would mean Clock still has it. But then again, you have no idea what i’m capable of when i fight clock.:evil:

-Clockw0rk killer


i got 50 on ffxi…:slight_smile:


HAHAHA, Oh yea…

But come back Cl0Ck~!!!

I wanna see your SD also :)~!!


If I were going, I would bet you $40… But I’m not, so :stuck_out_tongue: .


It’s like a clash of the titans.:cool:

You guys have to make a vid of this! I definitely wanna see this!


I’m in for $20 3/5 games.

–Jay Snyder