Play N' Trade 2/7/09

Nice turnout, 35 people. great to see a lot of faces again. I think Nohoho cheats though.

1 Damdai (everyone) Winnings: $80.00
2 DSP (Dee Jay, Vega, Balrog, others, I forget) Winnings: $40.00
3 nohoho (Blanka) Winnings: $20.00

4 John Rambo (Sim, Honda)
5 Tempest (Honda, Fei)
5 Yomi $$ (Honda)
7 Roberto
7 Sam Schaperow
9 bwiyon
9 Supermin
9 Bacardi
9 Howard
13 Kayin
13 Dru
13 Reggie
13 Tony B.
17 Jeremy Schreiner
17 George Cepeda
17 MAP
17 Bryan Stroffolino
17 Jay Santa
17 Jerry
17 Adrian
17 Justin Bergeron
17 Peter
25 Anthony
25 Mark Campbell
25 Donald Knigt
25 Chris Chipps
25 Bill
25 Tyler
25 Joshway Short
25 Kenny Austin

Hopefully, if these are pretty popular we’re going to have more and more of them as time goes on. Good shit to everyone who placed, and I’ll beat you next time. =P



:tup: Stop beasting Damdai. :tup:

:confused: I thought you retired Phil? :confused:

Good shit good shit! Any vids? =]

What characters did people play?

I think darksydephil has some vids posted on youtube.

Vids will come soon. Mad footage shot all day.

Congrats Damdai :lovin:

Beast of the Northeast!

This tournament went above and beyond anything I ever thought it would be. Thanks to everyone who came out. If you wanna stay up to date on any tournaments that we’ll be hosting. E-mail my store account at

Damdai beasting with every character. Nice vids. T-Hawk DP is better than sagat’s in hd remix? :wow:

Great tourney, I had a blast. Good games to everyone I played.

Great tourney guys, I had fun but I am deeply disappointed that things were stolen, IE my copy of CvS2 and I believe someone’s stick. I do appreciate very much store employees doing their best to try and find it and ultimately compensating me for it, but if whoever stole anything happens to see this, get fucked. You’ve completely undermined the spirit of a tournament. Again, good tourney to all and thanks again to store owners. Hope to play with you guys again soon.


damnn guys my bad, heyy … i jus got bak to my computer tonight… im pretty bisy with work n skool… but it was good to see the turnout in ct… well hopefulli i could make arrangements on the next tourny… i go to skool during the week n work on the weekends , but i will def make a better effort… , good shit every1… N Dru man ! why u placin in 13th… haha

no akuma?

Akuma was banned and the tournament was better because of it. Good games everyone. Great store layout for a tournament. Look forward to the next one.

Vids. Mostly same as dsp’s, but with a different perspective and commentary.


Please keep the 1 game format I <3 it.

GG’s to everyone

BG’s to STHD on ps3 that was a bad idea on my behalf

Keep it on 360 in the future, majority of CT plays on the 360

360 was the original from the start. PS3 got thrown in last minute at the owners request(so more people could be accommodated).
1 game format has always been my preference, always will be, and as long as my ass is tournament coordinate, always will be.

Congrats, damdai, you’ve got one hell of a T. Hawk, Ken and everyone, heh.

What they need to do is use HDMI cables for the PS3 setups so that they don’t lag.

Hopefully they take care of that, it’d be much appreciated.

Eastern CT plays on PS3 mostly and we have a few pad users as well as people that don’t have sticks for 360, so it should at least be considered.

I’m not so sure that’s the problem. On my plasma TV, my xbox 360 via VGA has no lag, but a ps3 via hdmi does.