Play N Trade 3/28 Last Minute Tourney

So this tourney was def last minute and with such hardcore fans of sf4, we had 47 people in such a short notice. I am very happy to see NYC grow and I hope everyone comes out to support more of the Play N Trade tourney. Thank you to Joe for letting us use his venue!!!

Street Fighter 4 (Singles)
1st - Arturo (SIM)
2nd - Rahsaan (Sim, C.Viper)
3rd - Andre (Dictator)
4th - Liston (Sagat)
5th - OJ(Fuerte) NerdJosh(Sagat)
7th - Lincoln (Sagat) Erik (Sagat, Gief)
9th - KDZ (Rufus) Javits (Boxer, Cammy) Tinshi (Honda, Blanka) Mariodood (Dictator)

Come out to the next one everyone, this was a crazy tourney!!!

Remember everyone. Come visit our site for match videos coming up soon !!!

Chocolate + Lemon = Good tourneys at Play N Trade!!!

Wow something told me Sim would be somewhere in the top 3…no Abels? :crybaby:…

i still havent found no ss pad converter to 360 ><. i wana go to these but cant till i find one ><

hey justin i used seth :frowning:

working on the videos as we speak. hopefully people can wait before they start gettin pissy ;p

GGs from me (JUDDERMANG) and my brother (juDDz) to our four opponents (We both went 2 and out…sigh). See you guys at the next one!

Good shit Art!!

Could we get the full tournament results please? I didn’t make top eight but I’d like to know where I came in at.

I definiteley enjoyed it but I have two recommendations:

  1. If this is going to become a regular thing, get tournament software.
  2. have more in-house sticks. I would say about 1/2 the people there didn’t honor the BYOC part of the original tourney post so people were begging for sticks everywhere.

Otherwise good showing, I look forward to more.

I think if it was on PS3 there wouldnt need to be so many in house sticks and there wouldnt be people begging for sticks but hey at least theres a SF4 scene in NY…gotta find that XCM converter:sweat:

KDZ 9th place good shit.

Art is back.

and ppl forget that not everyone plays stick. ppl also use ps2/ps3 and ss pads

GS guys, I love seeing Sim getting repped. Arturo is too good.
I thought i posted this last night but must have passed out before hand.

I sucked at that tournament lol
Luckily, I didn’t suck as bad as I thought I would. Time to practice and learn matchups now, I guess.
GG’s everyone

Which is why I can’t go to these…I’m so used to the PS3 pads, that and I don’t have an xbox to play either.

This tourney was madd hype random people came out. I didn’t bring my stick cuz i thought it wasn’t going to be a big turnout. GGz to everyone :woot::woot::woot::woot:

yo Arturo has the best Seth in America!

GGs to all, i shoulda done better. my fault

Next time we should have more tourney stations set up so that it doesnt take all day to complete. I’d gladly bring XB360 version of SF4 + my hard drive if you guys want.

O shit Sim!

no vids of the top8? :frowning: