Play n Trade 4/26 "Get your Rep up" tournament results


Well there was a tournament at Play n Trade in El Monte yesterday and their were about 20 people who signed up so here are the results…

Prize was 1st place: $100.00
2nd place: $50.00
3rd place: $25.00


1st place: UTJ (Dhalsim)
2nd Place: Postal Pad Warrior (Ryu)
3rd Place: DJ Vest (Rufus, Balrog, Sagat, Blanka)
4th Place: WikedElement (Zangeif, Abel)
5th Place: Nocturnal Dragon (Chun-Li)

GG’s to all the competitors and till next time.

PS: DSO you that nocturnal dragon made it to top 5 and you??? lol…


i couldnt of made it to top 5, i didn’t go. anyways i beat all yall.