Play N' Trade: Blazblue NYC 8/1/09 'douche combos everywhere"

No results thread so I took the liberty of posting it…:rofl:

I’m not sure how the CL gamer points are distributed but I’ll edit the post when I find out.


  1. Jiyuna (Ragna) :161 CL points
  2. Drunkenchicken (Jin) : 46 CL Points
  3. Lord Knight (Litchi) : 23 CL points
  4. Zidanel33t (Tao)
  5. Nas (Noel)
  6. BlazeU (Ragna)
  7. Alzarath (Rachel)
  8. Shine (Tager)

Everybody else has 1 point
Lord Knight lost twice to Drunkenchicken
DrunkenChicken lost twice to Jiyuna.
Alzarath lost to Lord Knight and Zidanel33t.

Pictures taken by me.

Videos hosted by CL!

Hype videos with Commentary from yours truly and others…
New York too godlike.

Huge thanks to Phire, CLgamer, and Play N’ Trade for hosting!

Big Fuck You to Zidanel33t A.K.A MasherTAO A.K.A Lester A.K.A That NY Anji Player…

here are some moar things plus ranbat break down

Awh yeah, 1 point. I’ll see if I can come up some other time.

good shit for running tourney, was a lot of fun.

did the Grand Finals get recorded btw? only losers/winners finals have been uploaded.

Isaiah uses Jin now? Damn…