Play N Trade fight night CT!


Hey guys Play N Trade in Danbury ct Main St is offering Monday and Wednesday fight night. Come with your friends to kick but or even to polish up your skills. Here at Play N Trade our goal is to not just satisfy our customers but to have fun too so come down if you think you got what it takes mon and wed fight night we only ask for one rule tell everybody!!!
Street fighter, tekken, soul calibur etc… And if you want bring your own game if you think that we may not have it.


We used to run tourneys there with Kyle.

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What time and how many setups do you guys have?


this is a different location, that play n trade is on padanaram rd


4-8 and we have 5 tvs we are located on main st


Yo that’s Awsome if you want to contact me we can plan some tourneys too I’d love to do that contact me at