Play N Trade Harvey, La SF4 Beat Down Tournament Aug. 23 @2pm

I am thinking of doing a Street Fighter 4 Tournament on Aug. 23 and will cancel my UFC.
$5 dollar entry fee
$10 dollar buy in that goes in the Pot.
(total of $15)

Signing up will start today.

Winner gets 75% of pot and 2nd gets 25%

Remember this is all for fun and I love to play sf4 so if everything works out right we should do this every month.

Rules are simple

best 2 out of 3 games.
Double elimination.
Will start at 2pm

It will be on 9 to 10 sony lcds.
I don’t see any lag when I play on there but you guys are more than welcome to come over here to test it out yourselves. People that comes here already let everyone knows what you think.

Bring your own controller/stick.

We should be able to do both xbox 360 and ps3.

Play N Trade
1950 Manhattan Blvd. Suite 102
Harvey, La 70058

504.302.1632 for more information

Sweet! Thanks Jimmy for doing this for the community. I’m sure a lot of people will be pumped for this. I’ve been coming over there for the Street Fight nights every Friday night and it’s pretty cool.

Like Jimmy said he has a lot of TV’s so it shouldn’t take forever to play through. I know some will think that LCD’s might not be the best to play on (lag issues supposedly), but from what we have seen they seem to be fine.

I said in another post that Myself, Toi (Gen player), Jason (Abel), Jakob, Stone, and Charles have all played over there and maybe they can verify my feelings for everyone. But I think by far it will be better than what we have had at Dibbz, so everyone that has been coming for the Ranbats, try and make it back over for this. It should be a blast.

Jimmy, let’s get the brackets done electronically and have them on your TV behind the counter so everyone can always see what is going on. Plus it’s all automatic and much easier to manage. Tournament Maker is the one most everyone uses I believe.

Alright Jimmy!! Way to support the scene man. I’ll do my best to make it out there and get some good games in.

is ready

Hells yea man ill be ready for this shit im stoked as hell good timing the week before classes begin for me too :slight_smile:

I’ll try and record the top 8 again like I did for the ranbats. Along with various other Toi fails. J/K. Maybe I won’t go 2 and out here. Also I might bring my camera to Street Fight night this week and post some matches so people can get an idea of the setup.

Everyone has to try to come by and pre register.
Everyone must be register before 2pm on Aug 23 so we can get started on time.

Here’s some of the videos I took from last night’s Street Fight Night.

Yo, who’s coming out? I know Toi and I will be there.

See you guys tonight for Street Fight Night. We need to get our game tight for Sunday.

GGs last night to everyone at Street Fight Night. It was a good warmup for this tournament tomorrow. I’ll be there early for more warmup matches. If you haven’t signed up yet, I suggest you get there early, too. See you all tomorrow.

i should be thurr tomorrow.