Play n Trade Kitsilano SF4 Tournament, Vancouver, BC - April 24, 2010

Hey guys, this is my first post (!). Just wanted to let everyone know that in anticipation of SSF4 the store I work at will be hosting a Street Fighter IV tournament. Players of all skill levels are welcome. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Location: Play n Trade, 1903 W 4th ave, Vancouver

Time: April 24, 9:00 PM


  • The registration fee can be paid in advance at the store or the day of the tournament.
  • Registration is $10 for non-members, $8 for members (membership fee is $10)
  • Either drop by the store, leave a post, or send me a message if you’d like to register
  • The pot will be divided between the winner and the store

contact info:

Players Attending:

  1. thethrillisgone
  2. jimmywoods


  1. The tournament will be double-elimination
  2. Matches will be best of 3 rounds; sets will be best of 3 matches; winners finals, losers finals and grand finals sets will be best of 5 matches
  3. Winners of matches stay as their character - losers can counter-pick
  4. In the event of a D.K.O. in the final round, an additional match (best of 1) will be played to determine the winner.
  5. Pausing during a match will forfeit the round. Pausing twice during a set will forfeit the match.


  • The 360 version will be played.
  • Bringing your own stick/pad is recommendable, I’ll have two FS2s (and standard 360 pads) on hand for those without.
  • See you there.

I highly suggest you post and interact with potential attendees in the BC players thread

Right smack in the middle of my finals! D:

If you can finalize the time I could finalize my decision.

sure sign me up