Play n Trade midnight release tournament


Talked to play n trade and they are having a mid night release party with pizza and a tournament. I’m going for sure. Hope to see you guys there.


Do we have to preorder there? Or will they have extra copies on hand?


Which Play n Trade is this? I already pre-ordered from Gamestop, but I might stop by if they have extra copies for sale.


for cereal…

which PlayNTrade??

I talked to the guys the Tacoma one and they no dice on a midnight thing. :confused:


Im thinking the one in kirkland?


I just called. Its this one.

Totem Lake West 11308 NE 124th Street, , Kirkland, Washington, 98034,
PHONE: (425) 242-4544


Yeah it’s the Kirkland one.


Hey guys bad news, while I technically still work there (I’m only doing events for them and am no longer “in store”) I was told today there will NOT be a midnight release. As usual the vendors won’t get the game to the store until that Tuesday I think. I just happened to see this thread and thought I’d share my info.


Yea, I called today and a lady said that she’s not sure anymore, and suggested I call back later. I guess it’s off.


Gross they sounded so sure. Hopefully they get the game Monday.


I was in the area today so I stopped in and asked regarding Super 4’s midnight release and the “tournament”.

They will be doing a midnight release.

They will NOT be doing a midnight release tournament. They have scheduled the tournament to be on May 9th (Mother’s Day).

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


Oh really? That’s tight, but I’m going to call them to make sure tomorrow. Thanks, Jared.


Thanks for letting us know jared. Hopefully that tournament has a big turn out.


Yea, I remember them talking about doing a tourney on mothers day. Good Shit Jared!


Yeah, it sucks they led you on like that Eman. I am sure every Super tournament will end up having a good turn out for the next couple months, especially with Evo right around the bend.

Hopefully everybody plays to their hearts content when the game comes out on Tuesday. I know after the game comes out, I’ll be pretty much strictly Hakan, no matter the match-up. Until Evo rolls around.


release dates are for peasants.


where would Seattle be w/o you. <3


Hey guys, I called Play N Trade this morning, and they said they’re doing a midnight thing with no tournament, so then Mikhail and I drove all the way out there and the dude’s like “Yeah dawg we ain’t doin’ that shit.” I don’t even know what’s up with this thing anymore, let’s just hit the Dojo instead, right?


gamestop is doing midnight releases, it took me forever to find this damn page so someone might find it useful


Yea, the one by my house is having a tournament and midnight release. Just went and reserved my copy.