Play 'N Trade MILTON MADNESS 04/18/09 SF4 Results


Street Fighter 4

16 man bracket

1.) Gerjay (C.Viper/Sim/Seth/Balrog)
2.) DM- (Balrog)
3.) JayWang (Balrog)
4.) Hisham (Bison/Blanka)
5.) DaDesiCanadian (Abel)
5.) Brett (Rose/Chun-Li)
7.) RXS (Bison)
7.) Sacojericho (El Fuerte)
9.) Jonathan P.
9.) Kyle Budge (Ryu)
9.) Fareed (Gief/Sagat)
9.) Amordien (Chun-Li)
13.) Matthew Budge
13.) Lee Parker
13.) Tsuroka (Akuma/Balrog)
13.) Mark (Honda)

Good turnout, great tourney.


Noodle and I stand by what we said a few days ago, Gerjay is still the best SFIV player in Ontario.

Until he used Seth. What a scrub.

Noodle is the second best.

I love CQ. Highway to the Danger Zone.


Congratulations to CQ on inching closer to the top of the ladder.

Fuck you to Gerjay for counter picking with Seth in Grand Finals. I think my birthday gift to CQ should be banning Seth from all future GTASF related tournaments.

Props to Tsuroka for doing the legwork on this one. I’m sure everyone appreciates the effort.

Glad to see a solid turnout. I hope they hold more tournaments in Milton.


Daniel Ponce is Jericho, and I was El Fuerte. good to see I was memorable lol


Ahhhh, i’m an idiot.

I will fix.


Good job Anant, lol.

Nice to see new players as always, good times.

Justin; winners finals was rog vs. rog, grand finals I picked Seth and somehow pulled off the wins. Normally CQ beats my seth or at best 50/50 :frowning: Thank god for tourney nerves!

Closest match that could have gone either way had to be Anant vs. Jwang. Jwang was definitely shook, Anant was surprisingly playing on point up until the third round of third match where his execution took a turn for the worst.

PS - I quit viper. :frowning: The only match I played viper in tourney was against that Mark guy, and he picked honda and I got raped.

GGs to all.

PPS - Random picking rog is ftw. Me and RXS decide to random first match of our set… Rog vs. Ryu, gg.


you shame us both Jwang


Good shit, it was a pretty fun tourney.

I was convinced the box wanted me to beat Gerjay because the most random shit was winning against his Sim (J.MK beating his limbs out cleanly a couple of times). I just couldn’t pull through.

CQ rigged the brackets so he wouldn’t have to face the scams of my Blanka. I almost had Jay Wang, both matches we played. I should have slowed it down and not have played as risky towards the end of the round.


Team box!!!


Team BOX!

Freeloaddddddddd more


Team box!!!


you guys know full tilt poker ???

/me is now hosting full tilt SF4


too many close matches

i want CQ first round nexgt tourney


Well, just because it’s the trend, fuck Gerjay.

Jay, use some Chun next time, she’s uncounter-pickable :bgrin: .


EDIT:Im an idiot


Hey guys, great turnout, better than i was expecting gunna host another one soon, just gotta pick out the date, hope even more people can make it to the next one

PS: HUGE thanks to Jay Wang and DaDesiCanadian, tourney ran ALOT smoother thanks to their help (if i’m forgetting anyone else i apoligize, just got back from 2 pitchers watching the most boring title fight in the HISTORY of the ufc :frowning: damn brazilians JKS!! )


also, i have discovered i BLOW at street fighter because i only know shoto/rog/sagat matchups lol (gotta work on that :P)


if he was in ontairo

(BEST PLAYER hands down) best chun for sure… FOR SURE
And for the record… its only your chun that cannot be counter’d

gerjay only got first cause i wasnt there =P
nah he would counter pick me then i would have to make some scrubby attempt the counter pick him

then again… Sigh Sim’s air teleport > then any ultra (even seths)

and besides we all know Team Box is gonna be taken out but Team Discovery Channel/Frame data or whatever our team is called

2 rogs and a rufus (even though dups are banned)

Anyways Gerjay lets keep the fun spirit going
(no counter picking =P)
If your in the finals pick someone you dont know how to play for once lol like umm dan

or if i have to play you dan vs dan mirror match of the century



lol I am in Canada, but Chi-Rithy/Henri is gdlk.

Lemme enter Canadian tournaments through PSN!!!

I am part of Canada!!!

Next team tournament is Blitzman/Me/Jay wang with me entering through PSN!!! Paypal entree!!! It will be gdlk!!!


I see my Canadian Rog brother in that top 8. Good shit, JayWang.


good shit anant, keep reppin that abel.