Play 'N Trade MILTON MADNESS Milton's (ON) first ever SF4 tournament! 04/18/09

Hi there everyone! It looks like we are going to have Milton’s first ever street fighter tournament.

WHERE: Play 'N Trade video games
1155 Maple Avenue, Unit 6 Milton, ON
Phone (905)-864-1768

Get off of the 401 at james snow pkwy, heading south.
Turn right on Main ST.
Turn right on Sinclair.
Follow sinclair untill you hit the galaxy cinema/premiere fitness, its in the same plaza.

WHEN: The tournament will be on saturday the 18th of april starting at 1:00 PM,
Registration will begin at 11:00, please be on time.

REGISTRATION: Registration will be $10.00 if you can please let me know on this forum if you are coming or not.

Double round elimination Best of 3 matches, Finals/semi-finals best of 5 matches
Entry $10
Prizes will be 70%/20%/10% of total entry fee pool.
Please bring exact change if possible i dont know if i’ll have enough change for everyone

Extra info:
-This is the first ever tournament in milton, so i am hoping it will go well, and be followed by many more.
-There will be up to 6 TV’s available for playing on both ps3 and xbox360
-Bring your own stick they wont be provided (i only have my own :frowning: )
-If you want to play with console characters please bring your hard drive, nothing is unlocked on the hard drives in the store (though the one i am bringing has all chars unlocked for 360)
-Any extra copies of sf4 you could bring would be helpful, we dont want to have to open extra games.
-We will be providing tables, and some chairs, however feel free to bring your own.

Anything you wish to add is appreciated, this is my first tourney so i hope it’ll be a good one :P.

Please post if you’re coming, and if you are bringing anything.

PS: any advice on how to run this bad boy to maximum effect let me know at (msn/ email)

PPS: even though it is very late notice, there is a grand opening party from the 3rd to the 5th of april, with tournaments of call of duty 4, halo 3, possibly gears of war and possibly SF4 starting at 12:00 and 3:00pm, come check it out. (i only found out about it today which is why its so late notice :P)

:confused: 50/20/10 = 80 :confused:

sorry, terrible addition :S been fixed :stuck_out_tongue: now it adds to 100%, i think…

guess i will come since it’s close to home. sign me up

there’s gonna be a tournament every weekend in april in GTA!


Ugh, more time for me to waste not studying.

I’ll be there.

Wow, as much as I don’t like SF4 so far, I have to say it’s really hyping up the scene. Look at all these new people and tournaments popping up everywhere!

Edit: Aw crap, look at the start time! I work from 7am-3pm on weekends so there’s no way I’m making this tourney.

Let someone else win you bully.

So is Milton like Hamilton just without laughter?

Get it? Hamilton minus the “ha,” Milton…



I’m just as shocked and appalled as you are.

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I make terrible puns but that pun just stumped me.

I would try my best to make it, Again if anybody wants to share a ride with me let me know. I live pretty close to square one, Mississauga.

Wow, that pun is not even Anant worthy.

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Thanks for derailing the hate-train fareed :(.

So to get back on topic…

My car will be leaving (around noon ish) and returning to Sauga.

So far it is:

Kymah (maybe?)

kymah, i think i told you i could drive you home but i can’t anymore. i forgot that i need to be in Sauga Sat Night of the 18th. sorry. so for you to get back to the city after, you would need to take a go train back (i can drop you at erindale / clarkson / milton). if you still want to go, you have a seat in the car.