Play N Trade NY 4/25 SF4 Results!

Entrants ???
1st. Arturo (Sim, Seth) lost to no one
2nd. Rashaan (Sim, Viper, Blanka) lost to Javitz, Arturo
3rd. Andre (Bison) lost to Arturo, Rashaan
4th. Javitz (Boxer) lost to Arturo, Rashaan
5th. Jeron (ChunLi, Guile) lost to Arturo, Rashaan
5th. ??Mike Infinite (Boxer. Rose)

I didn’t run this so i dont know the exact turnout. Rashaan goes to the losers first round and sweeps the rest to come back in the finals. Final score 3-4, 4-3 Arturo. Some of the finals were recorded but not all. The most epic finals I’ve seen in this game went down to the very wire. Last round of the last game!