Play n trade opened in Danbury ct on main st!


Hey guys I just opened play n trade in main st we want to offer you fight night next wednesday. It’s a free entry and we are offering any type of fighting that we have in our store or even one that you may want to bring over. We will offer this on wed and if I can get enough support we can make this a weekly event. On Saturdays we will also begin to do tournaments too with many cool prizes so please come and support the community and bring your friends we at play n trade like to have fun!!! Also any suggestions that you may have to help make these events successful that would be much appreciated thank you!!! Hope to see you their.


I heard you were doing a smash tournament sometime this month?


That is actually the other play n trade we have two in Danbury I just opened mine up and I am looking for a fan base for tournaments (can be smash bros or any other fighting game) and offer a service like fight night where a group of friends can come in and either prep for a tourney or just come and have fun.


if it’s on wednesdays it would clash with the fight night in stratford at gaming etc


We’ll I could possibly do it mon and wed or just switch to a completely new day I just need a day or even two days where I can get a nice crowd in and have tHe event go for a few others


Wouldn’t you two be partially joined? Do you know the date of their tournament… been trying to find that out.


We are franchisees but they do their own tournaments we do ours we are in talks about doing a joint tournament. And I’m not 100% sure when it is if I am not wrong I know that they had one about a month ago but I’ll double check with the manager and keep u posted


mondays sound good


Great if you can help get me get some people I will advertise for it in my area
We are located in 147 Main ST
Danbury CT 06810


I spoke with the manager he said their was one last month but he has not made plans for another one he would love to one soon and so would I I just need a big enough fanbase my goal is to hopefully have a weekly tournament