Play N Trade Presents "Hadou-cant!". Virginia Beach, VA (03-28-09) RESULTS

Small Turn out due to C3 going on right now but none the less a real good tournament. We did not get to HDR due to lack of interest however we are still looking into hosting one soon. We would like to thank everyone that came out and we hope that you all had a good time.


12 Players

1st: Jason Baker “JayinVA” (Ryu)
2nd: Nick Nowitzky “WinBack” Guile/Ryu/Abel)
3rd: Eric Jameson “Zygote” (El Fuerte)
4th:Matthew Gummo “Gummowend” (Sagat)
5th: David Goodell “Cow” (Rufus)
5th: Andre Cabrero “MR. 720” (Zangeif)
7th: Joe Maldomado “Bob” (E. Honda/Ryu)
7th: Edgar Muniz “Blah0526” (Ryu)
9th: Keith Peavie "Wiki P"
9th: Brannon Marsh “Lain” (Cammy/C. Viper)
9th: Corey Howard “Floop” (Gen)
9th: Gilberticus Calceta “Codename Snake” (Sagat/Ryu)

Good job Jay and Winback. Now all of you people on this list, I want to see you all at the next Ranbat this coming Saturday at my apartment.

aaaaah i got owned ryus!!

Zygote up in here gg 1st and 2nd they picked ryu and beat me man! lol see u guys at ranbat.

@ Black: Ill be there. We need to talk about the Future of SoVA’s Tournament scene. Big things are happening, will you be apart of it? :karate:

good stuff guys

Nick Nowitzky “WinBack” Guile/Ryu/Abel)

What the FUCK is this shit nick!?!?!?!

I’ll be looking forward to you being there. :slight_smile:

It’s a hockey name. Y’know, like Gretzky.

How dare you use non-blondes!!! You’re slipping bro.

HEY, the rules CHANGE when you’re on an official Xbox 360 pad and then on a stick.

Jay got me into 2nd place with his badass Gamestop pad, though. Thanks again for that.

I ment the other NON guile chars…

Did anyone cap my matches with Zy and Gummo?