Play N Trade Presents "Hadou-cant!". Virginia Beach, VA (03-28-09)

Sup SoVA heads. Im hosting a tourney at the sexy game store I Work at. Unlike most game store tourneys this will be a CASH PAYOUT event. If things go well you can expect to see many more of these in the future.

Please get the word out and as always, GET HYPE!!!

Play N Trade of Virginia Beach
2201 Upton Dr Suite 906, Virginia Beach, VA, 23454

Saturday, March 28th, 2009
Registration starts @ 1pm
Tournament starts @ 2pm

FEEs Breakdown:
$5 Venue Fee
$5 pot fee for SF4.
$5 pot fee for HDremix.
60/30/10 pot split for all games.
100% of pot fee goes to winners.

Tournament Rules:
Best out of three except Finals: best of 5)
Winner must retain same character.
Double elimination brackets.

I’m there.

sounds like I need to take the day off…

3 low shorts in EX legs = pwn

Is there a way i can get this posted on I wanna get this out to as many heads as i can. if the tourney goes well i may be able to get these hosted monthly and add more games.

TekkenDR, Soul cal IV, 3S, MAHVEL!?!?

With venue at only 5$ a head the potential is just to great.

are there any banned characters for this event?

if i dont go to c3 then ill be there

C3 tourney on the same day. Not to mention NoVA also has another tourney on the Sunday.

can’t wait for the next one.

@ bad Lt.

Bans for SFIV will be Seth and Gouken.

Bans for SFHDR will be Akuma.

I know C3 is that weekend, but that’s the only weekend i have free to run it right now. the turn out will more than likely be low but i have to look at…

Sova Ranbats on 3-21, Final round on 3-14 and, C3 on 3-28.

Ive been talking to my boss about tournaments and he’s pretty open minded about hosting. If anyone has any ideas on a good date for April we can start setting that up right now.

Seriously though, the C3 tourney has been up for a month, and is the first big post Console SF4 tourney in VA.

Competing against Final Round= fine, b/c that’s so far away and not everyone can afford to go.

Throwing something up instate is pretty shitty. A lot of SOVA players came up to Sinsation and had a great time.

Also: remember that there are TWO nova tourneys that weekend. C3’s teams on Saturday, and OMIA’s Singles on Sunday.


Another Reason I’m annoyed is that I want to come down to a SOVA tourney, and I won’t be able to.

There’s always April with aimforthefeet’s next one that doesn’t land on a retarded Gamestop tournament. But if people are going people are going. More money for me. :wink:

Once again. the 14th (FR) is in 2 days. i got the O.K. for this tourney about…2 days ago. SoVA ranbats, id rather not be an ass and host on the same day as something IN sova that someone is working hard to make a bi-weekly event. not to mention you dont get much of a turnout on something you only advertise for for 1 week. C3 on the other hand was more than 2 weeks out at the time AND far enough away so that i KNOW some sova head’s will/wont make it.

I personally would love to go to C3, its way too fun. However this is how things happend to work out. As more tourneys are hosted they will be more inline with other V.A. tourneys to maximize the turnout. its only logical to do that. just please understand the reasons this date was picked. its not going to be a huge tourney that can compare to C3 its just something fun and local.

If you have any Suggestions for dates next month id be more than open to it. Tornado flame is hosing in RVA on the weekend of the 12th (a sunday as far as i know) so that is already out.

Edit: So through random events at work, this tournament will be promoted on the radio tomorrow morning around 9:30 am on FM.99 's Game review show. along with Resident evil 5 promotions and such.

Too bad I don’t own a FM Radio anymore. Good shit getting the word out there though. IT’S MAHVEL BAYBEE.

You put that on the flier in the GB mall arcade didden’t you?

That had me mad weak! :rofl:


Results UP!!!