Play N Trade Presents: Marvel vs Capcom 2 Tournament - Kenner, LA - 09/06/09

Play and Trade in Kenner has announced there first Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Tournament. Sunday September 6th @ 6:30p.m.

We also wish for 2-3 People to provide tv and setup’s, weather its Dreamcast/ps2/ or 360. Arcade Sticks are allowed.

Reason being is because you guys might notice a small lag on the HDTV PnT tv’s that we have but we can try it first to make sure.

Matches are 2/3 Double Elimination… Except for Winners/Losers Finals which is 3/5… Grand Finals is Best of 7…

Show up @ 6:00 to Register/ Start time 6:30p.m.

Price: $10 Entry Fee

Prize: Over 10 People… 1st Place - 70%, 2nd Place - 20%, 3rd Place - 10%… If theres less then 10 people then Winner Takes All…

Location: 3405 Williams Blvd Suite 3, , Kenner, Louisiana, 70065

Rules: No game-breaking glitches… Juggernaut’s glitch allowed. Winner keeps the SAME team/SAME order (but switch glitch allowed to choose SAME ORDER you won with). Loser can change everything.

Note: Im actually not the host of this tournament im just posting this for him… Any questions call 504-469-6004