Play N Trade Ranbat Tourny Sunday Sept 27, New Orleans Lousiana-SF4 & Blaze Blue


Ok folks here we go again… I’m hosting another ranbat tourny on Sunday Sept 27.

Blaze Blue

Entry fee:

Play N Trade
1950 Manhattan Blvd. Suite 102
Harvey, La 70058

Xbox 360


Hope to see everyone there and remember practice makes perfect…:cybot:


I was wondering when this would get posted. Hope it isn’t too late to get a good crowd.


nah we should have a good turn out as always…


Vegita-x is the man to beat guys…everyone needs to practice! He is like unstoppable


Here we go, a chance to redeem myself. I’m going to the finals one way or another.


you got to get pass Jakob first…


anyone from Ms planning on attending this ranbat?


like it would matter

pat vs jakob in gfinals

wish me and shadowcharlie luck in texas


IFZ Pat aka Vegiefa-X for the win…


Really pissed I can’t make it, but I have to deal with important shit. Good luck to everyone


I doubt I’ll be able to make it. Weekend night shift at the hospital seems to be the schedule they’re training me for. It sucks since I was planning on owning up in the random tournament and possibly scrubbing out and lucky bracketing my way into placing in the blazblue tourney with the absence of Stone. Till next time.


dame u stone… say u know if Jakob is still coming?


John’s car has not been repaired yet , so yeah :sad: , it’s a no go for me and John…


Damn dude that sucks. Hope you guys can make it for the next one.


Street Fight night at the Play-n-Trade in Harvey tonight after 5:00p. Be there or be square! I should be there around 6p. See you guys there for some pretournament battles.


I’m gonna do my best to make it tomorrow to this, thing is I work the graveyard shift at my job here in jackson the night before. So if I get some rest once I get off then I’ll be there to help support you all man just like you did at my tourney. Hopefully I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


I don’t feel like losing today, I will make sure I make at least to the semis.