Play N Trade STHD Remix/ST4 Midnight Release Tournament Party 2/17/2009 (Date Change) Presents Play N Trade STHD Remix/ST4 Midnight Release Tournament Party on 2/17/2009. Free Refreshments will be provided!!!

Play N’ Trade
9319 Hwy 6 South Space B
Houston Texas, 77083
United States

Store PN# (281)-933-4263

Play N Trade ST4 Inventory

30+ PS3

30+ X360

Arcade sticks/Converters and Inventory will be available to purchase (Limited in quantity) on 2/19/2009


Street Fighter 4

STHD Remix


Street Fighter Alpha 3

Street Fighter 3rd Strike

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Street Fighter 2

Entry Fee


Note: The first 2 players that register and bring there Ps3 with a copy of the game (STHD Remix) will wave your entry fee.

Tournament Format

Single Elimination

Prize Layout

(STHD Remix)

1st ST4 Console Game (Ps3 or X360)

2nd ST4 AirbrushKing Custom airbrushed setup bag (Sponsored by

3rd ST4 (Secret Prize)

(Street Fighter 4)

1st ST4 Console Game (Ps3 or X360)

2nd ST4 AirbrushKing Custom airbrushed setup bag (Sponsored by

3rd ST4 (Secret Prize)

Rules and Regulations


Bring Your Own Controller Or Arcade stick with your converter. HD cords will be provided to reduce lag.

2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches. 3/5 winners and losers finals, 4/7 grand finals (loser must win 2 sets).
Winner keeps same character, loser can switch.

STHD Remix

Akuma is allowed…

If the life bar glitch happens, the match or round will be replayed up to where it happened. So if it happens on the 3rd round, only the 3rd round will be replayed. Blanka’s electricity glitch does not cause any game altering problems so if it happens the game will continue.

Everyone that is attending, be ready to provide your XBOX Live gamertag and PSN name. We will be providing that information on a huge list.

ST4 Party/Event Schedule

9:30 Registration begins for STHD Remix Tournament

10:00 Tournament starts (STHD Remix)

11:45 Tournament is over

12:00 Tournament winners (STHD Remix) are rewarded there prizes 1st-3rd places

12:30 Registration begins for ST4 Tournament

1:00 Tournament starts (ST4)

3:00 Tournament winners (ST4) are rewarded there prizes 1st-3rd places

3:30 Event is over! Go home and practice. See you at our upcoming Street Fighter 4 Tournaments/Series…

(Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any missing merchandise)

Thanks. Its going to be a fun/event. Question: What console should be used while running Street Fighter 4 Tournaments? X360 or Ps3. Ask some people you know and tell me what they think cause we need to know for when the series goes down what to use?

Ps3…Most peoples sticks support ps2 or ps3

Roger that. Thanks for the heads up. Ill let the manager at play n trade know. Are there alot of people playing STHD remix right now?

Yeah I know some people that play HD remix around the area. It would be good practice for the real shit. Those Smash kiddies that usually go around in there better get hype because I’ve been practicing on the real thing. If they end up playing like the people I played for that 40 win streak tonight, then it’s a free game for me.

:rofl: Invite them to the tournament. 40 win streak… Cant wait to see that at the midnight release.

What the hell is ST4? Is that kinda like SF4? :stuck_out_tongue:

which arcade sticks are going to be available for purchase?

St4 is Street Fighter 4 and it plays like ST4 :cool: And were the hell you been? You coming to the release party?

Tournament Edition and St4 stick. Did you want 1 cause I can see if he can reserve one for you?

If you could get him to reserve me a 360 TE stick, I would be eternally grateful.

Just got off the phone with the manager. He told me to tell you to go up there sometime this week and talk to him so he can put your order in. The contact info to the store is on the front of the thread.:tup: Also let all of the st4 people know about the release party that you know. Im thinking about even doing a raffle to make things interesting!

I’ll do my best! i really will! man if the manager can get me a stick!! ILL DJ THAT BISH NO LIE!!

:rofl: I talked to the manager about that yesterday and he says that if you can call him and go up there. He will reserve 1 for you. Hes getting very limited quantity in those sticks meaning like 2 or 3. First come first serve. Ill try to take care of you on that just talk to him. Do me a BIG FAVOR. Help me promote this to make this the biggest and best ST4 event of 2009! Tell all SF fans that you know to come and support/have fun at this event. Already got alot of people confirmed. Max # of People in Play N Trade is 65-70 that will fit. Lets pack it to the max…

If somebody has a copy of Street fighter Anthology on Ps2. Please Bring it along with converters!

Damn a date change. Oh well I’ll get smashed the day before then.

everything sound alright so far even with scrubby akuma allowed but,
why does everyone need to provide a gamer tag or psn name?

I hope ur not making things complicated dude…

I will giving 3s lessons.:cool:

lol… I will giving? Come on man your typing too fast

You know what I’m saying.

So that we can record you as your gamertag when posting results. Just be there to give your FREE game up IF you win it! :sweat: