Play-N-Trade Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue Tournament: Columbia, SC (25 July, 2009)

Play-N-Trade Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue Tournament: Columbia, SC (25 July, 2009)

Organizer: Brian McMahon from Columbia Play-N-Trade

5424 Forest Dr
Columbia, SC 29206-5415

Phone# 803-790-7155

Check-In Begins 1:00PM
Tourney Begins: 2:00PM

**PLEASE BE 15 MINUTES EARLY MINIMUM: Nobody likes waiting on people coming in late! Being there just 15 minutes early allows time to check in and set up for the tourneys and to settle in.

Play-N-Trade Videogames will be hosting a fighting game tournament for Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger on Saturday, July 25th!

Head-to-Head Arcade Style with each player having their own TV!
Space issues prohibit having a lot of chairs around for people who use joysticks (this is a place of business after all). However, Brian has proposed something that is unique and could be really cool. They are planning to have each player have their own monitor and station for placing their joystick. This is great because it actually helps replicate that arcade experience!

Here are the global rules:
*Playstation 3 versions will be used
*Bring your own stick or controller. HOWEVER: If you do not have one or are a 360 player, come out anyway. One of us will happily let you use a stick for matches!
*Both tourneys are double elimination style
*No banned characters
*No turbo buttons allowed or macros other than 3 punch/ 3 kick
*Each matchup is best of 3 games. Finals and Grand Finals best of 5
*Winer keeps same character. Loser can change characters

Pre-Registration is IMPORTANT. In this case, it will SAVE YOU MONEY
Brian really wants to have an idea of how many people will show up for this tourney.
*If you sign up on the day of the tourney,the cost is $10 for the first tourney and $5 for the second.
*If you pre-register the cost is $5 per tourney.

Really there is NO EXCUSE not to pre-register. You can do it in one of 3 easy ways. You can go to the store itself. You can call the store using the number provided. Or you can simply pre-register in this very thread.

*Prizes will be in the form of store credit. * Gambling laws prohibit cash prizes at a licensed establishment, but who couldn’t use money for more games, right??

So lets show our support for these games. Come out for the fun and the competition!

**PRE-REGISTRATION LIST FOR SRKers. **Note: Final attendance will be bigger as this will be combined with store pre-registrations

*Bankai_Blanka + 3 Players
*John (Electric)
*Joshua English

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
*Rachel’sPantsu--------Zach Jenkins
*ConvoltedStyLe-------Keyon Johnson
*Iloveasy----------------John Lail
*Shenanigans----------Jacob Jefferson
*Kloud-------------------Daniel Jefferson

For more South Carolina Tourney Information and Updates visit the SC Tourney Blog at:

u know Im coming. put me down for Street Fighter 4 and Blazblue.

I’m in. Put me down for BlazBlue and Street Fighter 4 also.

Gotcha guys added! The head to head arcade style setup… I can’t wait to see how well that works!

ready up!

count me in plus my three other teamates

This head to head arcade style set-up seems like it could be really nice! Dang, you guys in Columbia have been getting the scene going strong! Maybe we might drive down to this one!Seems like its gonna be awesome, and we’re only an hour away, so chances are, you’ll see us there! I’ll post back later to let you know if we’ll be there for sure or not in the next week or so…

Oh shit, Druseph Rog comin to wreck faces.

Hope you Augusta boys can make it down. We need some of that GA competition to level up our game down here!

Gotcha added, Bankai!

Oh, Bankai_blanka, which names do you want to pre-register your three other players as? As it says in the tourney post, pre-registration is important for this one. If you want you can use first name and last name initial. FOr instance, mine would be Rodney D.

Put me down for sf4 and Blazblue

HaHa, Nah I switched boxing for sumo wrestling :tup:

Hey Druseph, have you guys decided on whether or not you are coming down to this tourney this Saturday?

Yeah, we’ll be heading down, go ahead and pre-reg for SF4 and BlazBlue:

yeahh im ready for this one… bringing my controllers this time haha

I know Pat is coming for SF4 and Keyon, Zach, Jacob, and John are for Blazblue

YeP… Add For BlazBlue
Rachel’sPantsu--------Zach Jenkins
ConvoltedStyLe-------Keyon Johnson
Iloveasy----------------John Lail
Shenanigans----------Jacob Jefferson
Kloud-------------------Daniel Jefferson
We’ll All Be There
Columbia ALL THE WAY…
Bringin’ The Scene To South Carolina
Just The Beginning…

Gotcha all added! This is just the beginning for Columbia!

JamsLegs and others, D’Avinos is working on putting together a Fighting game circuit (Ranbat)! This means that we’ll be having a tourney every 2-3 weeks, have a points system, and big prizes at the end of the season. WIth this taking place in the mall, exposure will be huge and the Columbia scene should really blow up in a huge way if done right!!

They are rotating some games and Soul Calibur 4 is the next one in August, so I need a teacher! I can’t remember who told me when we played at my house that they can teach us how to play that game but I need it before that tourney lol.

Check out the SCTourney Blog in the opening post for info on this! Read the comments as well because the D’Avinos guys put out more ideas in the comments!!!

hell with it.

Pre-reg for SF4
John "electric"
Augusta, GA

Time to get hype!!!

Teach Soul Caliber 4 Huh… That sounds Like A Keyon Thing To say… That Guy With Dread Locks… Or It Could Be Tall Korean Boy John lol,

I might show up just to hang out and see some matches.

Im also participating in the play and trade tourney. pre registered for BB gamer tag. Yoshido-----Terence Carmichael Jr.