PLAY "N" TRADE TE and SE sticks

If you have one around go to your local PLAY “N” TRADE. I went to mine and ASKED them if they had any SE and TE sticks and they said no but they called they called one of there distributers and they had 2 TE sticks in and they will be delivered today and be at the store on Friday. Me and My friend Bought them and now all we have to wait for is friday to get here. Ask them to call there distributers if they don’t have it in stock. Play"N" Trade only orders hard to find products like this upon request so you might get one. They said they also have some HRAP3 and HRAPEX2. Hope you guys get lucky like me.

i just started working at the play n trade in harvey. it was the only place around new orleans that had them in stock this week. just so happens this guy comes in this afternoon and buys EIGHT sticks, half te and the other half se. i think we have one or two left of each.

He is probably going to try and sell them for outrages prices.

I’m sure he will. I doubt he has 4 360’s/PS3’s laying around, haha.

exactly. he said he bought them for his “buddies” but i think we all know the score.

I going to try them out tomorrow. I just googled them and it seems I have one in my area.

Damn it I wish there was a play n trade near me, playing with the 360 controller sucks.

harvey? bah i would have drove in to buy a se! actually i think baton rouge has 2 play n trades, i’ll check them out. i was in kenner yesterday and should have gone to the one on williams.

If you don’t mind me asking how much did they charge you for the TE stick? Some shops in the city have 'em but are asking for $200 plus tax so ya know… _

It was $150 plus tax so it came up to like $160 total. Play “N” Trade don’t rip people off. They always have reasonable prices no matter what. I got X-men vs Street Fighter, Marvel SUper Heroes, Capcom vs SNK, Marvel VS Capcom, all complete with instruction book and art for $10 each. They go on ebay for $50-$120 each.

Wow, Play-N-Trade sells HRAP3s? I’ve only been checking and for them. Guess I’ll be making some calls today.

edit: Called 1 Houston location and 1 Austin location and it was no go.

That is a very good price for the TE stick. Damn, wich there were one of those stores near me… arghh…

there were a few play n trades around my area that had a few in stock as well as of a few days ago, however it was not regular price, it was +$20 more than regular price ($170), this is more of an FYI that not “all” play n trade have same price…

edit: i live in s.cali LA/OC area

i found 2 stores with ps3 versions but still no luck on 360.

PNT here didn’t have any…they did have one EX2 and one FS3, which I almost bought just because. (And I have an EX2 already.)

The Play N Trade I go to in Houston is frustrating both my friend and myself since he put in for two Madcatz SF4 Tournament Edition Sticks for both of us. They keep changing their story on when they will receive them.

How Long have you been Waiting. My TE stick Should be in tomorrow at Play “N” Trade. Has anyone else had luck with find a Stick at these stores.


My TE Stick came In Today. SWEET!!!