Play N Trade Tourneys (3S, T5DR, SSBB) July 12th - Milwaukie

Play N Trade - Milwaukie will be hosting 3 tourneys on Saturday July 12th.

Here’s the info:

Day & Time: Saturday, July 12th @ 11am for Signups, 12pm (Noon) start time.

Cost: $3 per game. $3 Cover charge.

Games: SF3:3rd Strike (PS2)
Tekken 5:Dark Resurrection (PS3)
Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii).

Player signup cap: 16 players per tourney*.

Rules: Standard Double Elimination rules. Please check EVO 2008 rules for more details. Please bring your favorite pad/stick but some will be provided.

Prizes: Divided 60% for 1st, 30% for 2nd, and 10% for 3rd along with whatever Play N Trade provides.

Contact Info: Play N Trade Milwaukie
10843 Se. Oak St
Milwaukie, OR 97222

Myspace -

Web -

Mapquest -

*Note - We will accomodate more players if necessary, The building isn’t very big so 48 players crammed into 1 room might prove to be uncomfortable. Also, we might be able to start some tourneys later than others.

Anyone want to volunteer and run the SSBB tourney? We might also need another Wii for the SSBB tourney.

Also, I can reserve slots for anyone on this board that will be attending.

EDIT: If you want a spot held, please specify which games you want to enter.

hold me down a spot

Jetay: For just 3S or 3S and Tekken?

Everyone else: Please specify which game(s) you want a spot held for.

3S and Tekken

tekken here and since its in milwaukie ill most likely be there.

How far is Milwaukie from Portland?

I would be der for Smash, but gas is a bitch. I might stop down if there was something else going on that weekend, or the Portland Crew was having a get together.

I’ll be down. Lemme know if you need a wii and SSBB.

Brent - The address is on the 1st post. You could mapquest it. Milwaukie is in the Portland Metro area, maybe 20 minutes or less from downtown.

Virsaga - Please bring that Wii with SSBB and controllers if possible. Thanks in advance!

Everyone else - Who’s planning on coming to this?

No problem. Lemme know if anything else

Meh too bad I can’t make it…

ill be there for 3s and smash

I’ll enter 3S, and T5DR I guess

Have fun at these masher tournies. Jetay give me your 1st place earnings and I wonder whose going to get the wild card gamexrazy bye which lets you get triple elimination. Goshh this shit hilarious.


3rd Strike (5 Players)

1: FatBear
2: Virsaga
3: RayBladeX
4: BBH
5: Little Bear

Super Smash Bros Brawl (10 Players)

1: Little Bear
2: Virsaga
3: Random Smasher

Tekken DR (4 Players)

1: Big Juan (Brian/Paul)
2: Funky Fernando (Ganryu)
3: Bee Bee Ecchi (BBH) (Julia)
4: Arr Bee Ecks (RBX) (Christie/Feng/Paul)

dam i totally forgot about this tourny, i was too hung over this morning. bleh…and why is rbx 4th in tekken? get em next time ray.

guess who was 5th

u got 5th??? i thought only 4 people entered it.

yeah i didn’t go, just saying 5th person was PDX’s own NOBODY(as usual), only 4 people did show.

funny thing is I could’ve sworn I was last in Tekken :wonder: