Play N Trade TvC Tournament April 4th Results!


1st RoyalFlush $30 Winner Takes All
2nd Yaris
3rd Tronzilla
watch the Finals video here:


Thanks to Truegamer everybody at Play N Trade for running this tournament. Even though we didn’t get 15 people, I think everyone that entered had a great time.

I think the thing Tron, ll.nd, and I were most thankful for was Yaris being a Karas player (because no one that plays near us uses Karas correctly). It was a great feeling to finally play a Karas player who knows his stuff.

Also, thanks to Truegamer for recording vids. I hope you don’t mind if I snagged them and put on my youtube channel. Such small files, yet they look beautiful on youtube!!! Here’s the playlist of finals on my channel:

On a side note, thanks to ll.nd, Tronzilla666, and Warren. I definitely got a morale boost having all of you there to watch the match for moral support.


Gosh I wish my matches were recorded. :arazz:
But yeah, ggs to everyone!


GGs to the Denjin crew. Im gonna try to make it april 11th but no promises. Turegamers try to get PnT to host another turney, like i said i can get 2 or 3 more people to sign up with me next time.


Thanks for everyone who showed up
glad to here that u found a good match up against Yaris
well I’ll consider having another TvC Tournament
but for now
just Stay Tuned