Play random socal scrubs...for money =D

#R money matches vs random socal scrubs =D

Ok guys here’s how this is gonna go down.

Who: Selfscience and justus(team germany) are going to be playing 2 on 2 #R for money.

When: Anyone can challenge us through the course of the evo tourney.

Format: teams of 2. Minimum bet is $5, max is $20. No hidden chars, no EX, bla bla. We can do 2 outta 3 teams, or single elim, whichever you prefer.

All you have to do is post the name of you and your teammate and how much you’d like to bet. I’ll keep this updated as possible, so…without further ado…post!

so far:
-Marn/Alex - $20 2 outta 3
-ruin/russel - $20 2 outta 3
-AlexG/Flashmetroid -$20 2 outta 3
-RF/Kindebu - $40 4 outta 7

Marn/Alex P. $20 a person. 2/3 Elimination.

good. My team is alex G(florida)/Ruin(Nevada) i have 100 on them over anyone in america

so marn is marneto with a shortened name right? K we’ll sign up =D

fuck…sharing a sn is confusing. @_@ that last post wasn’t me.

i got money on selfstus over anyone.

selfstus is known to fight when they lose, win/win situation.

Ill take that bet :tup: and im from FL WHAT!

also me/alexg want a match agianst justus and selfscience

$10 vs the fl kids? =D

10$ only!!! yo there from fl

they got the scrubbiest dizzy and jam in the country!!!

its free money for you guys

we accept


I’d hella team with alex g if he’s down D;

bump heil

Kindevu/RF $20 a person 2/3 elimination.

me/ russell vs you for 20 D:

lol 4/7 kudasai =)


k =)

ill put 40 on cue/jamarr vs that team

I’ll take that if alex is up for it :]

lol 4/7 ageru :slight_smile:

Thats messed up atleast put peter or flashmetroid:sad:

oh rofl I couldn’t tell it was you by your sn. =x

and I also don’t read sigs…