Play RPGs=Unfit for public office?


So before we get to it, I want to say that I didn’t make this thread to troll or bait into a left vs right but more of a discussion about where should the line be drawn when determining “fitness” for public office. Now I had read before that in the Israeli military, if you played D&D or Larped/cosplayed, you were considered to be out of touch with reality, and therefore unfit for duty. For some of us, this merely a form of recreational entertainment and for others it’s a lifestyle.But should you demonized for the choices you make in your personal life,if it has no direct or indirect influence in your public service?'
now I’m not saying you can be a vicious pedophile/murderer/rapist/what have you and still hold office, but this just a video game. is the hold of the “old guard” so strong still that younger generations have to actively avoid certain behaviors just to hold public office? are we so out of touch ourselves that we can’t see this as just a form of entertainment?
what say you SRK? should this woman be crucified for playing wow?

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Yes, it’s a bad game.


gotta be honest… i’m a bit disappointed that you posted this without a picture of the state senator cosplaying her wow character.

to the substance, gaming is already a multi-billion dollar a year industry and with that kind of success it has gained popularity rapidly. To stick with your example, nearly 10 million people play wow, are we to say that all 10 million of them are unfit for public office? this entire attack on her is rediculous and she is going to cream her opponent really badly, because i bet she easily gets the youth vote out in droves…

so no the hold of the “old guard” is not strong enough to force the new generation to change habbits, the new generations have always and will always be far too powerful to NOT change the atmosphere. those resistant to change have always and will always lose their struggle to stop change.

here is where i saw the story first, they have a pic of her in cosplay: [media=youtube]YUM6eIi9_sA[/media]


MMORPGs are awful and the downfall of human civilization so yes


I’m pretty sure that quite a few Republicans are more “out of touch with reality” than anything.


seems kind of callous when you consider that ambassador who was killed in libya also played an mmo


we have crazy racists that believe slavery was a godsend in office but cosplaying. Heeeelllllll noooooo that’s where we draw the line. Wtf.


The people who run this site play World of Warcraft. :looney:


Pot calling the kettle black.

It’s funny to hear republicans call anyone else “disconnected from reality”


Yes, because WOW is horrible.

If it had been Diablo I would have no objections. :coffee:


I saw this on LinkedIn, and thought that it’s petty for a party to be doing this to the opposition. It wouldn’t surprise me if this backfired, though. If I was an American living in her state, I would probably vote for her because she’s a gamer. By playing WOW and any other popular games, she identifies with a lot of young people. She is likely to defend the industry from whatever BS is thrown at them by the government.


What political issue involving video games could a state senator ever deal with?


Because games are apparently still childish. :bluu:


Admittedly the most wrong thing with this is calling WOW an RPG, lol.


Didn’t read the article yet, but a hobby such as playing video games clearly should have nothing to do with wanting to achieve a master status.


She’s trying to level up and the Guild is trying to keep her down.


He played the spaceships one without the bitches needing white knights, and lots of pirating, factions and actual economy affecting, changing sides delegating peace, not whining clans and guilds infighting over 1 chick stuff.

You could even blue collar work and mine planets to have legit assets to sell to pay your subscription fee for the month if you wanted, someone relayed that to me about the game.

Much more like actual politics and his job. But to just get a pencil pushing Govt job, WoW clickin is no different just the same?


Was that the one where you like worked on a spaceship and the one guy like…created a bank because he was so rich and because he had like this giant invincible ship or something? Or whatever it’s called, only heard about it in brief conversation and forgot the name.


If you like Mario than you are a supporter of Mussolini and therefore a terrorist. Miyamoto is the new Bin Laden.


I am a meat hook? :rolleyes:

That is harsh.

Blue ball comes slowly.