Play sega/retrolink ss controller parts compatible with the original sega saturn pad?

Does anyone of you know if the Play Sega and Retrolink
Sega Saturn style controller parts are compatible with the
original Sega Saturn controller?

As a example,
the shoulder button switches(not trigger which you press on)
or the rubber parts with the contacts for the buttons.

I tried to find some videos where someone open them up
but i couldn’t find any.

I have the original Saturn controller, the official SEGA Saturn USB controller and the PlaySEGA version. I can take pictures with the differences between the 3 controllers if you want. IIRC when I replaced the original PCB with the USB version I also used the triggers from the official USB controller.

Would be great when you can take some pictures of them
and when you are on it test if the rubber parts from the
Play Sega fits on the original non Usb version.

Are the switches for the trigger on the different Pcb´s the
same on each version?

For the case that someone else has a Retrolink version or any
other Ebay version feel free to post images of the inside of them too.

Left to right - Original SEGA Saturn controller (Black) - PLAYSEGA (white) - SEGA Saturn USB (grey)

The rubber is compatible with the original pad. The 3 controllers use rubber with the same size.
The button switches used on the official USB pad and the PLAYSEGA pad are very similar.

I also notice the shoulder button switches are different
The Play Sega and the USB controller uses Tac switches while the Saturn controller actually uses a type of tiny “microswitch”


Thank you very much for the pictures, they are very helpfull!

Interesting to see that they use different shoulder buttons.
Is that foam glued on the trigger to compensate the size of
the shoulder button switches?

Do you notice any real difference between the game pads when
you play with them?
did any of these versions broke or had other technical issues?

When someone has any other versions like the ones from
Retrolink or other knockoffs feel free to show them here too.

Knock offs and the Play Sega version (also a knock off) isn’t worth your time (or money)

Its not that i am interested to play with them,
i have already two original sega saturn controller.

I just want to know if the parts are compatible with
each other and how durable these controllers/parts
are for the case that i have to swap/repair my controller.

One of them has as a example a kind of worn out trigger button.
It still work but it feels different. Now i know that the new version
above has a different trigger which still seems compatible as long
as i add this foam on the original plastic buttons.

Would it turn out that these newer buttons break all the time
it would be a waste of time and money to use them instead original parts
from a original controller.

Thats what this thread is here for.
To see if the parts are compatible and how durable they are.

no one out there with the other versions?
i know your there…dont be ashamed and show/share infos about what you got :slight_smile:

First off here is the customary TT old threads WFYG

Secondly I am also curious about using the cheapy eBay knock-off Sega Saturn Style USB controller parts, but for a different end use. I have a bunch of the official saturn ones and was wondering if I can just swap PCB’s to get PS3/PC functionality, but still retain that nice OEM feel vs the cheapy knock-off ones?

you can use the adapters for ps3/pc

doesnt cost that much either and you dont have to rip your original one apart.

If I were to do a PCB swap, is it possible for me to buy a tact switch similar to the ones on the original Sega Saturn controller? Or will I have to buy 6mm X 6mm X 5mm tact switches?

But why would you?