Play Smart MvC3 grind sessions?


Mainly for those of us in Tacoma/Federal Way.

How do people feel about meeting up maybe once a week to go and get 2 screens for some MvC3 grind sessions? I figure we can pitch in for a few hours of time then just get to beasting.

I don’t know if they have copies of the game yet, so we’ll probably need to bring in at least 2 and of course, bring your own sticks (or at least 4).


I’m down. Terrance said something about having a session/tourney on Friday so maybe that could be the start of this. There’s only one way to get better and I could drop a couple bucks to do it so count me in. I’m always down to bring a copy of the game too. Also, they do have 2 sticks there already, just in case.


MvC3 Tournament this Friday at PlaySmart 10$ enrty Fee(50/50 pot split for venue and players) starts @ 5 for casuals Tournament gets under way around 6

PS im bringing my copy and shredder is bringing his and Frank if u can bring yours that would be splendid, 3 copys would really get things going if we can get a nice turn out :china:


The thought of having grind sessions at Play Smart was a mistake. Thread Closed.


Lets sticky this thread. It is FILLED with potential!