Play Smart Tournaments thread


Okay everybody just 2 let u guys know alot has went down with this company in the last 2 months, we switched ownerships and alot of changed with the store, However, we now have permission to bring the Tournament back!!!:woot:

the Tournament will be held Jan 25th (next tuesday)
10$ entry fee ( 5$ to players, 5$ to venue)
casuals start at 5, tournament starts at 6

Double Elimination
-standard tournament rules apply ( any new players dont be afraid to ask)

Special Shout out to Matt and Steven for Holding it down for the 253 these past few months as well!!!:china:


Terrance, I know you have worked hard to get the SSFIV tournaments @ Play going for the community, but since I feel that the owner(s) @ Play have yet to address the payout structure ($60, $20, $15 is not cutting it for a $15 buy-in), I feel like I’m beating a dead horse by saying that this is still a rip off.

My strong suggestion and hopeful alternative to the SSFIV Play tournaments would be to ask someone who lives in the Tacoma area to host weekly/bi-weekly tournaments at their house. I know that’s asking a lot from from someone from the Tacoma area to host but if they had the space and TRUSTED the people who came over, I think it would be a great thing.

Hey we are in a damn recession people and I’m trying to “make” money at video game tournaments, not be ripped off for my hard earned cash.

Again, no disrespect to the people who work @ Play but its obvious that the owner(s) are greedy and that shit is not cool.


@Super Joe I see wat ur saying but trust me wen i say the owners arnt being greedy @ all, im there all the time and i witness people come there and drop 10$-50$ to put time up to play there, all im saying is i kno most of the comunity is used to a pay structure that everyone pays like 5$ and ALL the money goes into the pot for the winners, but unfortunately we cant do that here
Im working hard because this is a great venue, i mean bro, they spent around 240$ just to provide extension cords so we can now reach 5 screens(if there were greedy why would they even do that), I mean look bro, Arcades dont exist no more, I been to gameworks and watch multiple players pump 15$ easy just to play and kick it, and thats wat we have here, not just a tournament, but a place to play and kick it, were bringing back the arcade environment, and thats really wat everybody is respecting here.
and as far as money trust me, the rescission is fuckin wit all of us bro, me and boflex had a convo about how broke alot of players are these days and how 15$ is lookin steep, no question, but just remember, wen the opportunity comes we are looking to raise the money the players win, not to mention additional prizes, and even getting our tournaments streamed, thats all in the long run.

I respect u my dude, but i will say this, if u wanna boycott our tournaments then fine, we are gonna continue to keep it moving anyways, and trust me IT will keep growing because i will find ways to do so


As someone who owns a game center… and takes a ton of crap for my payouts (which are usually 60-80% of entries, not 30% of entries), this payout structure is insane.
To have a fixed payout at $95 when you get 20ish people at $15 each…

Payouts should be something like 40%, 20%, 10%, leaving 30% for venue.

As a business owner, who has been in this industry longer then anyone else in WA, you do not try and make back your “extension cord” cost in one event. Things like that are investments. You INVEST that money to make it down the road. They should not do the events for free, but 30% of entries is a fair venue take (or $5 venue fee + $10 per event with event money all paid out… same as $15 entry and venue keeps 30%).
A structure like that will grow events FAR faster then what they have going now and if the goal is “grow” then do it right. They will make FAR MORE money in the long run this way. I know, I have done it and with multiple games.

Regardless of whether some of you like GC or me or whatever, THIS is why I have been open 7 years and no one else has broke the 5 year mark in this industry in Washington.


beasting :china:


@gameclucks i respect that alot im not the owner by no means, i dont even get paid for this shit, im doing this trying to build up the community, but actually, the company isnt trying to be stingy just safe, the only reason its fixed is because the owners are playing it safe until the numbers are right, but like ive been saying for the past month, its all a growing process


To be completely honest getting anything below first is not even worth the gas money. Terrence I think you would be better off finding someone who’s willing to open up their house and having weekly tournaments.


Having spoken to Terrance last Saturday about PlaySmart, I see where he’s coming from. These peeps haven’t been involved with our community for very long and are just trying to get their feet wet. Having been around as long as we have, we understand what are acceptable payout structures and what aren’t. We just gotta give them some time that’s all. I can already tell Terrance has been trying to talk to these people about the payout for a while now and he’s doing what he can.

If anything, I just think we either gotta wait it out, or present a different payout structure to the management (like the one Gameclucks mentioned). Nobody’s saying they shouldn’t be compensated for letting us use their space and equipment. But needless to say, we can definitely use all the venues we can get right now. Especially in this area cause there isn’t anything else South of Seattle.


@Danny Pham fam, lets keep it real, thats doin too much. this place is great AS IS, arcade environment, enough screens to go around, convenient parking, food court, a transit center for those who dont have a car, not to mention AC, not everyone can have the DOJO @ their house, the main reason we have this setup is to show corporate consistent numbers, wen the question arises how do we get more people to show up, we will present an even better pay structure, like i BEEN saying its a proccess that takes time, ur not gonna get ur way out the gates


Well the idea of getting more people gets contradicted by the pay structure. The company has to be willing to make an investment if they want more people to come. I know you’re just doing this out of your own time and not getting paid, but poor pay structure=no growth.



Due to consistent complaints and debates about our pay system as of right now we give the community the chance to organize it, wen we can all (or most) agree on it it will be effective immediately. Keep in mind this is a place of business, so think of it as if u was the owner

P.S. I fought for this opportunity so please dont make me look stupid.


My suggestion would be…

$10 to enter (with PlaySmart taking 5 bucks from each entry) and then having the rest split between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd as…


As I’ve been told, the PlaySmart tourneys have been averaging about 15 entrants a tournament. With this format, assuming that # stayed true, then PlaySmart would get at least $75 bucks a night for the tourney itself on top of whatever they made from the players beforehand. I think that seems fair enough. Depends on what the management thinks though.


That is the EXACT pay structure i proposed fam!!! but yea lets see wat people say 1st, if all agree, then lets do it


:party: This. If the pay strucutre is changed to this I’m sure I’ll be able to find a carpool up there. I heard South Center has a dope anime store now that I want to check out. Plus Deezo lives down there :woot:


@Riki-oh its actually further south than southcenter, its @ tacoma mall,lol but coincidently there is a dope anime store @ the Tac mall,lol


It must be a different one cause the one I remembered was near playsmart, but isn’t there anymore. But to keep it on topic, keep us updated on the situation Terrance.


@FrAnkDAdAnk it is a different 1(i kno the exact store u was talking bout too) but yea this anime store is by the food court


The south center anime store is super buff. Don’t know about the prices though. Awesome that Tacoma has one too, wish we had one in the north end (salty)


This place is a great place for street fighter. I think everyone should definitely check this place out next week.


LOL, i rolled through randomly today because i was in the area and ran into BFM and Brent.
Man i forgot your name, but once i saw you Terrance i remembered you from the old Tacoma tilt from back in the day lol. I will try to be there next Tuesday around 630. Im off at 6 and i work in renton so… will see