Play ssf4ae for money?


Play for cash or in tournaments at AE was just added to their site today. You can start a league with friends, play in basic tournaments or play cash games online using the site. Not a lot of players currently.


So hows the latency?


I am usually not the kind of guy to help out random online scrubs(not calling you one op), but I would be careful about this one fellas.


I also can’t wait for more legitimate websites to start doing this and betting like that one British one did. This shows the scene is progressing. One day the fgc(and games in general lol is leading the way) will be mainstream enough to where you will be able engage with them like this all the time. It couldn’t come any sooner.


This looks suspicious, probably violates several anti-gambling laws depending on our location, not to mention completely unfeasible given the garbage state of the game’s netcode.


Is there a “no, not that player, the connection with him is too horrible” option? One that can only be executed before the match, not during, obviously.


lol, PR Balrog is doing this on his stream.


It’s basically free money for him.


haha…he is playing a Dee Jay on PS3. It’s unplayable lag.

lol…he’s not even looking at the screen sometimes. He is doing rush punches while looking at his stream chat.


EH did a review about this


And it’s still a bad service. On a $20 match he made $11.86 back. That’s damn near a 50% cut for Virgin and Paypal. What a rip off. And this is assuming you even get your money back, because some people have had trouble getting money out.


…what happened with this? I have been away.

Did anyone actually make money from this?