Play Street Fighter online

If you don’t have the game installed on your comp, or are at work or school, you can play Street Figher online over at :slight_smile:

have fun :smiley:

newgrounds owns that site(is better)

that other site might be better overall, but the street fighter game on 0WZ all!! :clap:

Hmm. I’ll have to check it out then.

this makes street fighter online look like 3s

seriously this game sucks

For an online game that you can play in your browser, and which requires no downloads or anything, it’s pretty damn good :karate:

third strike sucks!!! FUCK YOU MY FRIEND!!!

LOL. Not this garbage SF Flash game…

It doesnt make it look like 3s, it makes it look like SVC Chaos, which does suck. Seriously, this shit has been posted before and has been bashed to hell.

oh well… I guess I’m the only one who likes it, I though others would like it too…

:rolleyes: he didn’t say 3S sucks, retard

For a flash this is good, but it’s still pretty crappy.

I agree, but it is Flash… so how could n e 1 expect more??

This shit is garbage.

be sure to check out stickman Final Fight. (Fight Man)

His point was this game is so terrible, it makes Street Fighter online (a bad game) look like 3S (a great game).

Let’s see:

  • Controls lag. I try to do D+FK, and I have to wait a second before it actually registers.
  • No quick special moves. WTF? D, B (yes, MK style as it somehow has to be, I can’t get them to work SF style) + QK does the same 3-hit hurricane kick as D, B + FK?
  • Guile has a 2-hit Flash Kick. I don’t remember him using both legs while performing this move.
  • No block damage. Meaning I can throw fireballs at a constantly blocking AI and get nowhere. Be damned for Cheap KOs.
  • Seperate score tally screen. And only one attribute tallied at that, waste of video space.

This thing sucks, royally.

lol, can you give me a better online fighting game ? (not any stickman…)


it’s fun if u cant play anywhere else. great for school libraries…