PLAY @ Tacoma Mall


Just wondering if anyone in the washington area know’s about this place called Play at the Tacoma Mall. My friend just told me about this place and he said that its a casual gaming place and they also hold tournaments as well. Right now they have tournaments for COD: MW2 and UFC 2010, but they are also trying to get some Street Fighter tournaments there. They also rent out space for people that want to host there own tournaments there as well. Does anyone want to try and set something up there? I’m going to try and go over there sometime this week to look more into the place and get more info.


Nice I’m sure alot of the South end players will be willing to attend. If the money is right and the venue is cool I might even drive out there.



I haven’t even heard about this place and I live close to the Tac Mall. I deff need to check it out asap.


Man if stuff can happen at Tacoma Mall I’d totally head out to more meets.


I will be stopping by there sometime today. I’ll let keep u all updated on what I find out.


Does Tacoma Mall still have Funworks? If not, then I won’t be going. :rofl:


so whats up with this place if it pops i might head down there tomorrow nightish if its tight and if anyone else is going


I’d be willing to head out there when I can. How often do peeps play over there? Keep us informed please! :tup:


I live in Tacoma and have seen this place a few times. I’ve checked it out once and it looks like a standard pay n play.

But I’ll definitely be in attendance if any type of SF play goes down there.


Mandel, I think its time for wulong investigations at the Tacoma mall



Ok…I went down there and talked to the manager who’s name is Pon for whoever wants to know. He basically gave me a quick low down of what the place is about and stuff. Right now he charges each person by the hour except for tournaments which he does a different way. Like COD: MW2 he charges $15 per person, double elimination, loser and winners bracket, and then the prize at the end, but also if you lose during the tournament you can still play while the tournament is still going on. I talked to him about Street Fighter and he is going to get in contact with his bosses and see if we can work out a deal, but we got to have enough people willing to be down for this. He will be getting in touch with me sometime this week or the next. So i’ll keep you posted on what info I get from him. We dont have to bring any systems or tvs, maybe some SSF4 games and Sticks if you want to use them. He also said he will look into buying some sticks for us to use, but he has to run it through his boss. From what I saw, it looked like they have about 15 40"-47" flat screen tv’s and really nice seats. They also have internet as well, so you dont have to game all day.

So my question to everyone is who is down and what times and days works best for you???

FYI: There is a UFC 2010 tournament there tomorrow 6/15/2010 around 4:30-5pm for anyone that wants to do that. I think he also mentioned that there will be a Fight Night Round 4 tournament as well, but not for sure.

Again let me know, the earliest we can probably do something would be in 2 weeks.


As long as there is NO lag on the big ass flat screen tvs we should be good to go. I would hold up till after EVO tho just because everyone is busy. I could see Oly Town and PDX showing interest in this venue due to its location prior to Seattle.


I’m definitely down. That shit can get kind of expensive though. Maybe we can talk them into letting us get a group rate thing going. 10$ an hour will stack up quickly.

I used to pay to play when CS 1.6 first came out but it didn’t last long.


Yea, when I talked to him about it I told him that we wasnt going to pay by the hour for each person since we could always go rent a place out. So one idea was just to do it like he does COD: MW2 for $15 each person and winner gets a certain % of the cash, but he seems open to suggestions if anyone has any.


hey guys any updates on when the tourney migth be please let me know.


tournament today at 530


Yep, big shout out to S Dussy for taking the first mini tourny

Next one is on Tuesday the 20th


anyone know if theres gonna be any cod mw2 tourny’s for ps3 there?


You could check their webpage or page on facebook.


whats their webpage? i tried googling it and nothing came up or facebook?