Play Team 3 for money

michael rossimus
chris schmidt
william the great
petey piff

$20 a head

pokemon style ft 5 wins

we select 5 of the 6 depending


Nobody wants to play Team 3?

hey mike ross, can i play all 5 vs me like at winnetka? hahahahahahaha

guywongsta/guywongsta/guywongsta vs illan/ducjr/finesse

is this even a real thread?

Like if God asked you, would you like to fight me? Oh there’s 6 of me, and I get to pick 5 depending on the situation, $20 a head.

What do you say to that? Um, sure God. Let me ask my friends, I’ll get back to you.

Oh, for you religious fanatics, the above is a joke. Don’t put a price on my head and pull a jihad on me. I don’t want any suicide bombers following me around at evo.

Mike you messed up the title, it should read “Play Team West Coast for money”.

Team 3 = desert mirage. Just when you think the end is in sight…oh fuck, I have clockwork next. Or another possible scenario…oh fuck, I have potter next. Or another possible scenario…you’re sentinel’s a bitch mike ross…take that bullet…UUUHHHH…yea, you like that? you like that you bitch?..wait, that’s not mike ross, that’s chris schidmt…and I have Shady K coming up next. Or another scenario…I have Bill first? Free…but wait…I have Clock next…FUCK!!!

Do you really want any of these scenarios to happen to you?

If the answer is yes…I’ll play you for money too you dumb fuck.

if youre serious, then I would gladly be the “dumb fuck” to play you for money if you make it a bet worth my time. with that said, I would obviously be willing to play
"team 3" or whatever the team is called for money as well.

gosh damnit

What’s worth your while? I’ll def be down for money matches, but not anything crazy because you’ll probably be high.

Mr. MSP, wud up bro. Lets have another, 4/7 for 20 cept this time… bring your A-game, no more combo vs combo… I want the real deal. You feel me?

Come on people, there’s nothing to be scared of.

I’m not as dangerous as you guys are all making me seem. Come on. Get at me.

pushblocksavelife: first to 10 for $100 sounds decent.

vercette: sup with it man. sounds good. but thats just the way I play. I fuck around whether its money match, casual, or tournament. thats why all these people talking about sandbagging and not playing serious depending on the size of a tournament make me laugh. I play one way and one way only. my C- game is enough for you :angel:

C-, hella nah, if thats the case, bring your B+, and if I smack that around, guess there is no use holding back. Besides, you gonna play them blackjack tables again? ha :rofl:

hehe. Im serious. my C- game would pass your class with flying colors. only thing you would smack around is your 3 inches. how about I just mirror match you and we up the stakes. we can play first to 7 for $50 or $100. nothing but love tho homie =]

I would like to play team 3 for money too:lovin:

SooMighty: What’s up man? I haven’t talked to you in a minute…Holla at your boy =]

Was it up SooHomie~!!! :lovin:

My 3 inches… nice, but hate to break it to you, it gets more action with the ladies than your 2 incher… Good shit though, we still gotta take that cake from the BJ tables…You want combo vs combo for 50? FT7?

typical responses bore me. lets not get into this cliche he said he said manhood arguement. but trust me, you or 99% of the people on this website do not know the many different shapes of vagina as well as Soo. but no point for me with that arguement. waste of time for me.

lets get back to the topic at hand. dont know what combo vs combo means, but whatever team you play, I will do likewise. first to 7 for $50 is fine. and please dont mistake my nature for shit talkin. you know Imma shake your hand with a smile when I see you =]

chunk: sup my boy. stop beating me in tournaments ok? =]

DJ-B13: sup doggy! I want to move to hawaii BADLY :sad:

It’s all about the fun of the game, I don’t take shit talkin’ seriously, but I don’t do much of it… I’m a horrible shit talker, so I just let my 3 player teams do it for me :arazz: … and trying to make some money.

You know, combo vs combo… 3 years in a row son… the series is 1-1

comboFIEND :stuck_out_tongue:

And are you running away from the blackjack tables?

I talk lots of shit…and im garbage lol. Let the team carry ya =)