Play to (really) win: A guide for modern online players

This thread is inspired by Sirlin’s Playing to Win book.

As someone who has played a lot on GGPO and XBL and lost offline tournaments to many different players, I feel that I owe it to all the new players out there to share this guide to modern 2D fighting.

The greatest level of competition right now can probably be found in the ST room of GGPO so I will focus on that but most of these simple rules are also applicable to Xbox Live and other settings. All you need to do is follow these 3 pro-tips:

Pro-tip #1: Read!

A whole bunch of illiterate players out there will tell you that the best way to learn is to just play and watch other players. And that’s fine if you want to learn how to be a loser, but if you want to win, you need to read. There is a vast trove of resources out there with player’s opinions, guides, combo lists and so forth. When I decided to start playing street fighter, I took it seriously and I read about the game for 3 solid years before I had my first game! I lost it because my opponent was cheap but following the next methods, I soon began to win without fail and I now stand at 9000+ games won to 1 lost by my count.

How? Keep reading…

Pro-tip #2: Constantly assess your situation!

A true master ninja or samurai is always aware of his surroundings. Pirates get drunk so they don’t but it’s ok because they smell bad. Similarly, when you are fighting and losing, it’s probably not your fault. it’s either lag, or your hands are cold and cramped or the opponent is being cheap. Do NOT remain idle when this happens! Identify the problem then let your opponent know that the wins do not count. Stand for your rights!

Pro-tip #3: Use the right tools

Many players will swear by gamepads or arcade sticks. This is nonsense. Do you ever see someone playing Counterstrike or WoW with such inefficient control schemes? No. Of coure not. You must use Macros. For all characters you use, bind a macro for each 40%+ damage combo to one KB key and make sure you tell your opponent you’re playing with the kb. I have 69 macros programmed and I can win with 99.99% certainty with only 4 button presses.

That’s it! Just follow these simple strategies and I guarantee you will become a winner.

Sure, there are plenty of people who will hate on you and mock you for using them but there are always haters out there who envy the winners like you. Make sure to defend your honor by calling them names and do not hesitate to disconnect if they start winning through cheap techniques like throws and timed counters. It’s called justice and it will keep them from bothering you later on.

Do you have a pro-tip that lets you win? Do not hesitate to share it with us. Remember: if 2 is handful, then 3 is a crowd!

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I am a true master ninja or samurai.


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Nobody really uses macros seriously anymore for PVP or PVE in WoW anymore. At least not more than one or two basic stuff.

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