Play TVC! The tvc players interview thread. come see what we have to say

i’ll post steve h’s interview again, because the first half hour we discuss tvc, and then the rest will be transcripts from everyone who has contributed to this. we got keits, yourmother (ono japan), demon hyo, steve, jchensor, and j1n.

so here we go

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DEMON HYO-this is one of the latest interviews, so we had the chance to discuss some of the latest stuff that has recently dropped on video from japan, and we also discuss the scene, and where its going.

jimmy1200srk: so why pick up tvc, with your background with mvc2?

DEMON HYO: lol @ that teach me tvc comment

DEMON HYO: hmm… well I picked up tvc because I thought it was unique and unlike any other vs game of it’s kind.

jimmy1200srk: do you still agree that its unique in comparison to other vs games. i would say yes myself, and i have been an observer, and player of vs games since children of the atom

DEMON HYO: yea I think it’s unique compared to other vs games for many reasons even though it’s similar to some of the ones that came before it.

jimmy1200srk: now have you dropped mvc2 for tvc, or are you still active with both?

DEMON HYO: Well honestly mvc2’s era is done. It had a good run though… I really don’t like entering mvc2 tournaments because they are boring to me. At nec I entered low tier mvc2 cause that was somewhat fun since you could actually use the other 90% of the cast lol.

DEMON HYO: but yea I’m pretty much done with mvc2 and tvc is new and fresh. But the game being on wii kind of sucks since a lot of people don’t have a wii for fighting game use and you have to import it. The only arcades that I know of in the US that have it is the break which is in NJ. Also the arcade here in Philly just got it, University Pinball. So that kind of helps out local comp since a lot of people come from out of state to play games at UP.

DEMON HYO: Tvc has a lot of essentials that make it unique and very fun to play. Sure, the cast is small, but the things you can do in the game make it have a lot of replay value. Things like baroque, aerial tag, level 3 supers and the fact that everyone has an instant air dash so it evens it out. Well, besides the giants. Unlike mvc2 where magneto and storm owned the game cause of it. Plus tvc has no guard breaks which REALLY make it less cheap.

DEMON HYO: oh and mega crash which is like burst in guilty gear, it takes away some health and 2 levels, so you can’t abuse it. But it does help you get out of combos that could kill you or even bad situations. However it can also put you in a bad situation as well, so you have to know what you’re doing. Kind of like a chess match with your opponent

jimmy1200srk: i agree with all of that. it does kinda suck that its wii exclusive, considering most hardcore fight gamers dont own a wii, but im glad i got lucky. lol. hopefully if tvc does good, they will be dropping a part 2 soon, with more characters, and on other consoles. thats why i hope people really jump on this from japan to america. baroque, aerial tag, no guard breaks, and a universal iad system is excellent. im very pleased with the outcome of that. i mean, mvc2 came out on dream cast when i was like 16.i remember jack moving it from sears with my brotha. so devious, but that was a decade ago. i think its had its time. i was listening to mike ross’s interview with gootecks, and he had dropped mvc2 for sf4, so i guess its about to start losing comp. have you noticed that the local mvc2 heads are leaving mvc2 for tvc, or in general? oh, and

jimmy1200srk: ignore the oh, and, part. mistype

jimmy1200srk: and if we can show off at sbo, and while we’re in japan period. oh, i think it will give a nice dose of life to the game

DEMON HYO: well yes the local mvc2 is pretty much done with

DEMON HYO: it’s 2009 and it’s a new era in gaming all together. Street Fighter 4 is a great game and I play that more than I play tvc. Probably any fighting game come to think of it, the comp in that game is rising at a fast pace and will only get bigger once it hits console next month. Can’t wait for that! But yea all of those diehard mvc2 fans need to jump on tvc so it can get bigger in our community. When was the last time you seen a vs game at SBO? lol so you know tvc must be solid if japan is playing it at their biggest tournament.

DEMON HYO: Believe it or not I’m not even a vs game player like most people think, just because the game I was mainly known for was mvc2. I came from fatal fury and then moved onto capcom games when I saw street fighter alpha. My favorite street fighter is street fighter alpha 3 and that’s the game I was good at. Didn’t do the whole tournament thing when it first started but I did play on ggpo and kaillera a lot when it was big on there. Tournaments online were really fun and casuals.

DEMON HYO: If I could go to SBO I would definitely rep the US hardcore, but as of now I can’t attend. But I believe my boy Justin Wong is attending and he’s solid at tvc as well. He has a chance at winning for sure, so best of luck to him.

jimmy1200srk: no doubt. oh, i didnt know you werent really a vs game player. good stuff either way, but yeah, it is a new era, and we gotta keep it moving. i cant wait for sf4 too, and tekken 6 br. tekken is my original main, but im open for everything. thats how im use to playing. we just played everything when it came out, or was at the arcade. killer instinct, xvsf, sf, tekken. you dont see that diversity as much with the newer scene. most people just play one thing like sf3ts, and thats it. oh well. i hope the die hard marvel fans jump ship over. i know sf4 will be hard competition to keep up with here coming soon, but i think we can still stay steady with tvc in the community, as long as it still shows up in tournies. is justin wong playing it very seriously, or is he occupied with sf4 for the most part?

DEMON HYO: Justin, myself and others mainly play sf4 for the most part and tvc when we can. I mean, we do practice a lot in tvc because it is very competitive and there is a scene for it don’t get me wrong. But our main focus is sf4 right now.

DEMON HYO: tvc is pretty good though, those tatsunoko characters are pretty fun. My favorite character is Ken the eagle from g-force. He’s like storm in mvc2

jimmy1200srk: right on. are you still maining chun/batsu?

jimmy1200srk: ken is good. im going to be scared of ken masters

jimmy1200srk: teleport shennanigans!!

DEMON HYO: I’m a ken master ^^ lol just kidding but I’m pretty good with him for the most part. He has godlike runaway game and rush down

DEMON HYO: no1 can catch him in the air lol. He goes off the screen

jimmy1200srk: you were the first player that made me raise an eyebrow to him.i was like, wtf is demon doing. fucking tatsu characters >:-0 ha ha.

DEMON HYO: I still main chun and batsu as of now

DEMON HYO: haha! I’m glad I could be an inspiration, yea no1 else was using him and he looked interesting so I was like, I’ll check him out

jimmy1200srk: now the hottest word on the street is karas. how do you feel about him personally. the new batch of tvc vids with gian in them, show kubu doing some serious business with karas. have you seen them? the corner infinite he did on ryu using MULTIPLE megacrashes, and baroques, with assist, was cheddar wrapped with bacon

jimmy1200srk: i have maintained he is top, but not s tier because of his low health. which was shown a problem when gian crushed him the first match with chun, but then kubu showed why his offense is going to be cancer for tvc. im loving it. something to look forward to working around

jimmy1200srk: still there?

DEMON HYO: my bad back now

jimmy1200srk: all good. was just listening to 50 diss rick ross, and that dude nipsey hustle. so back to the karas question above

DEMON HYO: as far as karas goes

DEMON HYO: he has some pretty cheap stuff and no1 can beat his pokes. His offense is best in the game hands down but his defesne is the absolute worst. So he evens out even though sometimes his offense can dominate an entire team when he does his resets, baroque and mega crush combos. You can’t even IAD on him without eating a standing C attack so yea it’s really cheap. But it’s almost like msp in mvc2. It’s cheap but once magnus dies then it’s like “Oh what do I do now lol” well some players who totally depend on karas and can’t play good with their other character

DEMON HYO: yea he’s not god tier cause of his low defense but he’s still annoying. I use him for fun but it gets boring after a while because it’s a bit too easy. But he also can be dominated too if you know what you’re doing.

DEMON HYO: i like playing with other characters more than using karas.

DEMON HYO: and no I haven’t seen those vids you speak of but I would like to check them out. Link me to them when u get the chance, I haven’t seen any jap matches actually

jimmy1200srk: right on. i feel that. i know the forums had so much hype for the longest, and people were making him sound unbeatable, which didnt sound right to me at all. but these japanese vids are the first i have seen of high level karas in action, vs one of my teams, chun/ryu. okay, let me do this. im going to link you to the users account, and i want you to watch one match video real quick before we continue our interview. its that serious. gian is good though. his dhalsim in st is beast too, if you have ever seen him before. yoga flame traps. one second, let me open up firefox and get you those links

jimmy1200srk: ill get the match for you where karas does serious work on ryu

jimmy1200srk: and chun actually. but gian still did good. the advanced guarding in these matches are very good too.

jimmy1200srk: watch this real quick please. [media=youtube]zzC15-as_1s[/media]

jimmy1200srk: and just click on the user to see the other five matches, and the yatterman infinite that builds stupid meter. there is a sixth match, but its only on nico. here it is

jimmy1200srk: tell me once your done viewing that first match

jimmy1200srk: i like gian’s strategy, which is basically kinda stay in the air, and he used air lightning legs to standard bnb combo in a few matches. shit worked good

jimmy1200srk: while your viewing that. ill just type a bit more. quick questions once your done. besides yourself, is anyone else in your area, or that you know of, maining karas? i know that guy marn is, and he supposedly is going to be pulling out some shennanigans for sinsation. i personally dont really like karas for me and my style. shame, i loved his movies.

jimmy1200srk: are you going to sinsation also?

DEMON HYO: well that karas stuff I’ve seen before it’s nothing new but I did like the use of how he was building up lvls for mega crash. That was creative

DEMON HYO: as far as karas goes, if you use him then you can understand how to beat him better. Once a karas player loses karas then it’s a struggle. He’s scared of getting hit so he’s more likely to run into something more since he has to stay on you. Just have characters that can bait him and run away good

DEMON HYO: I don’t main karas really but yes marn does.

DEMON HYO: Yes I’ll be at sinstation

DEMON HYO: I will admit, using karas for the win is pretty simple if you need to get by and ain’t nothing wrong with winning. Heck I’d probably do it for that W too lol. But I’d enjoy a tournament match more not using him personally cause it feels good when you kill karas fast cause of his low health. If you have ken then you can run the rest of the clock out without being touched lol

DEMON HYO: but it’s just like magneto in mvc2, they dominate pretty hard but there’s always counters for it. Karas ISN’T tvc trust me

DEMON HYO: you have characters like jun, ken, hurricane, batsu and others that can beat him

DEMON HYO: alex is so slow but one combo from him is like “OUCH” on karas

jimmy1200srk: super ouch! im like that too. i thought nothing of him until all this stuff started coming out, now im on a mission to kill karas’s. you mentioned jun there. any reason why? just curious, because jun chun is one of my teams too. i really like jun.

jimmy1200srk: alex with level 3 and baroque. run away

jimmy1200srk: haha. well just watch what you do. one crouching a is the end of a lot of life

DEMON HYO: justin showed me why jun is good, she has easy super setups, she can controller the screen on the ground and has good crossups

DEMON HYO: and he lvl 3 is easy to setup. she’s not too strong but she’s very fast and can outpoke most characters

jimmy1200srk: yup yup yup, and an easy corner infinite

jimmy1200srk: in your personal opinion, where do you see the tvc scene going, and how do you feel about the level of gameplay right now

jimmy1200srk: i can def see an increase in everyones game who post videos, and i can only assume its gotten better

DEMON HYO: well the lvl of gameplay is split up into different areas since not everyone has it yet. But I’ve played a decent amount of people including justin, skisonic, Li. Joe, Marn, steve, dave 2j, steve h etc… Perfect sin is pretty good in tvc as well, his ippatsuman sneaky lol

DEMON HYO: as far as the scene, since it’s not widespreaded and an import game only I’m not sure how big the scene will get. Maybe if evo has tvc as the replacement vs game for mvc2 (which it should imo) then maybe people will take more notice to it because the game is hot.

jimmy1200srk: word up. i feel like evo will determine a lot about this game right now. if its not at evo though, im sure local tournies will still have it, and im sure there would be a side tourney at evo, but if it was official, that would be tight on so many levels. do you have any opinion out of the people you mentioned, on who is top, including yourself?

jimmy1200srk: just curious on who is on top of their game right now with tvc. i heard skisonic is pretty good too

jimmy1200srk: including the questions above, i just have a few more questions here by the way. bout to wrap it up.this has been really good

DEMON HYO: sure no prob I’ll answer those questions

jimmy1200srk: cool. i just throw that out there in case people are like, shut this shit up, i gotta go. lol. want to let them know im not trapping them. LOL but yeah, i was just curious on the rankings of the people you mentioned, like who do you see is really good at tvc, or are most of those people mentioned pretty much on the same level, and what characters do you think are being slept on right now.

DEMON HYO: as far as the people I mentioned goes…

DEMON HYO: I mean everyone is still learning the game so no one really dominates yet.

DEMON HYO: plus we only played casual so guess tournaments will decide the official rankings

DEMON HYO: characters being slept on… hmm as far as console characters go. Probably saki, she can keep almost any character out and zone very well

jimmy1200srk: watching a decent saki pisses me off.

DEMON HYO: she also keeps karas out once she gets going, it’s so hard to get in and she has a possible infinite that my friend Rick did in one of the videos I recorded.

DEMON HYO: she has that glowing ball thats a multi hit and she can throw like two out at a time. She has those grenades and those missles she shoots out.

DEMON HYO: lol she pisses you off, why is that?

jimmy1200srk: just getting in on her seems annoying when a good player has her in their hands. bitch, you just gonna throw grenades at all distances, while charging your boom boom gun. im gonna hate her. so sad


jimmy1200srk: everyone has mentioned her nowadays as a beast. i think everyone i interviewed brought her up, and tekkaman

DEMON HYO: tekkaman is really strong, his basic baroque combo at like 20% even hurts a lot. he’s slow but his supers are pretty good when they hit and do a lot of chip

jimmy1200srk: here is a good question. how has your game evolved with your use of baroque, mega crash, attacking, using supers, etc… like for me, i dont rush down completely blind like i use to, i only use baroque for other offensive options other than continuing a combo, if i have under 10% baroque, i dont really do supers until i have like at least 4 levels, etc… how about you, how has your game evolved

DEMON HYO: Dave plays tekkaman and it’s pretty solid. Supers catch you off guard at times lol

jimmy1200srk: my boy dalaw is playing him back in md. he is determined to master him, but the latest karas vids have him like, damn, i need at least, ryu, chun, or karas on his team. lol. im sure his opinon will change as he continues to play

jimmy1200srk: i know watching that for some people might have them like, ugh, how do i fight that. but you can, but anyways, back to the evolution of your tvc skills since you started

DEMON HYO: lol trust me karas can be owned

DEMON HYO: he should play ken

DEMON HYO: as far as my skills go. I adapt pretty quickly to situations, so I don’t do a lot of my old habbits I may have done before.

DEMON HYO: I like to save levels because you need them more than anything. Don’t abuse lvl 3 supers unless you know you will get a good amount of damage. better to them with less hits in your combo

DEMON HYO: but as i’ve stated before tvc is a chess match

DEMON HYO: most people mega crash as soon as they fear a combo, but you don’t have to unless that combo is a potential death combo. I only use it when I have to use it and just try to keep it simple. do good damage, play safe and outsmart your opponent at all times

DEMON HYO: and sometimes it’s good to just do combos that do good damage and save your lvls for more damaging combos when their health is lower. like maybe a triple dhc or a regular dhc, or even a aerial tag into a super or whatever you’d like to do

jimmy1200srk: exactly. thats why i like a good assist i can call out to extend my combos, so i can get the most out of my stuff when im not trying to use supers. like i mentioned to steve, i dont find myself using level 3’s that much at all. i adapt pretty fast myself too. i either change myself through play, or from observing other gameplay, and then boom, i can adapt it. i save my mega crash for proper situations of course as well, and sometimes you might mega crash to early when you dont need to, and on top of wasting two bars, and life, that person might just mess up his execution. so like hypothetically, i wouldnt crash chuns infinite until probably they second rep of a, a, c, lightning legs, just in case they drop it. of course thats all situational. if im going to die, then i wont risk it, but thats all duh shit. i feel you.

jimmy1200srk: do you feel tvc is as deep as previous vs games? i believe marn said he didnt like it, and it wasnt deep. it was posted in the forums

DEMON HYO: well…

DEMON HYO: i think it’s unique but not as deep as some of the other vs games

DEMON HYO: like in a way it is, but if we’re comparing it to marvel then I’d say you can’t compare it to marvel cause it was too different.

DEMON HYO: tvc in it’s own way is deep because each character can win and you can use most of the cast

DEMON HYO: sure you don’t have triangle dash, but everyone has a dash and you have to know how to use mega crash, baroque, supers, push block etc

DEMON HYO: if people stop using karas all day then they will see


DEMON HYO: because in this game, using all of the things I talked about can put you in good situations or even bad situations. so that’s why in it’s own way it’s unique.

jimmy1200srk: right on. i agree. i think even xvsf in comparison to marvel 1, and marvel 2 are pretty different, and its no shocker this game is unique in itself. now just to wrap it up here, will you be entering tvc at sinsation?

DEMON HYO: you also have to know how to utilize assist very well when it counts since you cant spam them like in mvc2.

DEMON HYO: nor block and call them cause you’ll get that switch out lol

DEMON HYO: yea I’ll be entering tvc at sinstation

jimmy1200srk: yeah, that was a plus in this game. that you couldnt block and call out your assist for super spamming. thats good. i am expecting some stories to come out of there, and some very good videos, so i hope to see you up their in the rankings. will you be using batsu/chun?

jimmy1200srk: super assist spamming

jimmy1200srk: oops

jimmy1200srk: sinsation should say something about the level of play from some of our top tvc players, because it would have been out for a couple months, and there is tons of stuff out now in reference to forum character info, and youtube videos

DEMON HYO: yea that’s very true

DEMON HYO: i’ll be using the characters I’m feeling at that moment

DEMON HYO: so not too sure but I’ll have chun for sure

DEMON HYO: yea top rankings for sure

jimmy1200srk: any thoughts on yatterman, souki, or doronjo before i wrap this up. only ask, because an srk member in japan says doronjo is on a lot of teams in japan, and so is tekkaman, and i see yatterman is evolving with some of the combo videos released. after this question, i have two more, and then we will call it quits.

DEMON HYO: which one is doronjo again? that girl with the assist characters?

jimmy1200srk: yeah. they call her the juda of tvc

DEMON HYO: well she has good assist setups with the one guy who grabs you

DEMON HYO: dont see much use of her over hear but who knows she could be a sleeper cause no1 is used to her

jimmy1200srk: right on. what about yatterman and souki

DEMON HYO: souki is pretty good with his high defense and super armor

DEMON HYO: steve uses him really well with casshern

DEMON HYO: he got some stuff with them

DEMON HYO: and he’s strong, plus he has a counter

jimmy1200srk: right on. i think he is pretty decent and hope to see some good stuff come from him. right on. well do work! well that about wraps it up for me right now. i think i will be doing this again in another few months after the game has taken its next level up. two last questions. 1. can people find you at the arcade playing tvc? any last words for the community when it comes to tvc?

jimmy1200srk: i mean do work at sinsation. my brain is tiring

DEMON HYO: lol it’s cool i’m tired too i feel ya

DEMON HYO: yea people can find me at the arcade playing tvc with the rest of the local comp

DEMON HYO: last words hmm…

DEMON HYO: Don’t megacrash early lol

DEMON HYO: Nah but… Everyone who loves vs series should definitely play tvc and help the community grow. Team Kapital will be repping this game as well

DEMON HYO: Team kapital included, Me, Eric V, Perfect_Sin, Justin Wong, L.I_Joe and Marn. So be on the lookout at Sinstation and other major tournaments. Plus evo! Also Jet Phi but he doesn’t play tvc

DEMON HYO: includes*

DEMON HYO: and many other fighting games as well. Changing the fighting game community for the better and bringing every1 together. It’s a new era, a new year and time for a change.

jimmy1200srk: right on. well im sure people will be on the look out, and its good to hear you guys supporting it. i know sf4 is big right now. when i come to the east coast to visit, ill give a drive up to philly to see if i catch you at the arcade for some matches. its def a new era

DEMON HYO: yea, I’ll be playing sf4 mainly on console when it comes out so best to just see me on xbox live lol. but yes SF4 is the biggest game out right now and all of the focus is on that

jimmy1200srk: word. oh, i was talking about tvc, but ill catch you on live for sf4. im a fuerte follower. cant wait. well take it easy man, and i appreciate the interview.

J1N-me and j1n chat it up about tvc, the karas hype, and discuss the scene. as a player who has been playing since day one with keits, i of course had to get his thoughts on things.

j1n interview

jimmy1200srk: yo yo yo

j1n: hi

jimmy1200srk: its that time, if you got that time. word up…oh, talking about the tvc interview. lol

j1n: i got some time

j1n: im at work but taking a mini break

jimmy1200srk: cool. well ill try to blaze through a few real quick. how long have you been playing tvc

j1n: uh since it came out i guess with keits

j1n: dont worry about going real quick

j1n: even while working i can still chat back at leisure

jimmy1200srk: cool beans. who are your mains for the game. i see you play karas,and megaman a lot

j1n: Ryu Megaman Casshern

j1n: im learning Karas

j1n: im really bad with him, i drop the infinite all the time

j1n: :frowning:

jimmy1200srk: i saw you doing it in your recent matches. its all good. im sure a few hours of repetitive practice will cure that. lol at the sad face! so how do you feel about all this karas hype that is going on? have you been keeping up with it?

j1n: Yeah, hes not some unbeatable win button IMO. Hes completely beatable, but hes also very good and very dangerous, but so is most of the cast.

jimmy1200srk: true. i saw that marn had admitted that he got killed with a like 40 percent baroque combo by souki, and it kinda threw him back, like got damn! something we all know, but i felt like it balanced out the hype a little, by someone finally posting something that we all speculated, and knew. KARAS DIES QUICKLY WITH ONE MESS UP

j1n: I think it was actually xSamuraix who got hit by a 40% red life BBQ combo with soki

j1n: I honestly think Chun Li though is a better top tier than Karas

jimmy1200srk: oh, my bad. either way, it was like the first, oh yeah i can die, since the, oh yeah, karas is invincible, post i have seen in a while. i consider her above karas also.i dont know why it seems like people are ignoring her as a possible s tier

j1n: her air game is better than karas (IAD B is pretty much a win button), her level3 does more damage, shes got an infinite, and lightning legs is too good

j1n: just her infinite is hard

j1n: lol

j1n: and she has more life

j1n: Karas’s infinite block string falls victim to alpha counters and 1 frame reversals

j1n: but

j1n: I guess when you have no partner

j1n: Karas’s blockstring infinite becomes the dumbest thing in the game

j1n: cause you can’t VC out

j1n: and 1 frame reversal after a pushblock is pretty tough

j1n: the infinite itself isn’t so bad if you have 2 meter at the time also to mega crash

j1n: Really though those things aren’t what make Karas good, its his ability to stand still and safely poke over and over.

j1n: and pretty much stuff your attempt at offense

j1n: but other characters can still beat that stuff

j1n: so I dont see the big deal

jimmy1200srk: yeah. like one person said, probably samuraix, and its something i was thinking myself while playing against karas the other day.if you dont stay stagnant, and up in his face as much, karas has a tougher time chasing you down. i cant 100% my thought on that, but i see kinda what he meant. he is the biggest threat when on the ground, and in your face.

jimmy1200srk: yes, chuns b is the winning button. lol. now something i read on the forums from marn, this time im sure im correct, is that he didnt like tvc, and thought it was not that deep. from your experience with other vs games, do you see where he is coming from with that statement?

j1n: yes ive read from some Karas players that they think the game is “hot garbage”

j1n: or etc.

j1n: the game itself is fairly simple

j1n: but I think thats what makes it a selling point

j1n: Fighting games these days are on their way out for the mainstream gamer

j1n: so for the genre to survive they honestly need to start simplifying

j1n: nobody wants to learn “fighting game” calculus to be good at a game, the want instant reward and gratification

j1n: I play Guilty Gear, and its seen by the SRK community as a game thats too hard to learn and people don’t want to give it the time. People who want super deep games that have jump install block cancel 2 frame window meter micromanagement 1 frame execution super jump combo reset IAD setups represent maybe like 1% of the population of gamers

j1n: So the ease and simpleness of TvC is actually what makes it so appealing

j1n: This is the same reason Arcana Heart became so popular so shortly

j1n: They are also trying this same idea with Blaze Blue, and taking away the super hard parts of Guilty Gear, and making it a more approachable game

j1n: Thus certain players, don’t like TvC because of the ease it takes to become good

j1n: and it shortens the gap

j1n: between them

j1n: and others

j1n: The best example i can give

j1n: is in Arcana Heart 1

j1n: I was in a tournament

jimmy1200srk: HA HA, i know right. i think people forget this is still a business, and they will need to find middle grounds. plus, dont just give up on tvc yet. it just fucking came out. if you were to get a second installment, that would have more stuff you are interested in, and more characters, then you need to at least support the first one for more than two months before considering it garbage. funny how that is coming from karas players. funny you bring up blaze blue. he also mentioned that game as garbage with tvc, but praised sf4. i guess he likes his stuff a little more complex

j1n: I played vs Arturo Sanchez

j1n: who was considered almost #1 a t the time

j1n: and almost won in Japan IIRC

kaos1066: I had no idea how to play the game

j1n: but I pressed C alot with the huge sword girl and I got a round on him

j1n: “old-school” people might look at this and go “this game is garbage because a scrub can hit one button and maybe win vs someone who is pro”

j1n: People probably Fear the fact that with Karas all you need to do is hit 2A alot and then chain into B-C, and never learn a combo, and just do this the entire match and possibly win.

j1n: and instantly consider the game garbage because of it

j1n: SF4 is a different monster in the fact I think they are still trying to reward their hardcore fanbase with their main franchise IP’s. IE- when you beat DMC4 it says “congratulations you are not a casual gamer” or Megaman9 being ungodly hard.

jimmy1200srk: i heard about megaman9. need to play that soon. i own it. yeah, you cant just say fuck a game because of one character. i dont like any early talks of banning, because its still early, and well, dude even admitted to justin wong trading win streaks against karas, and eventually being able to adapt and get around shit, so i mean, that should say a lot, and that karas is a problem, but not an unbeatable one. do you expect to see tvc at evo this year?

j1n: I don’t expect to see TvC at evo because of the simple fact to play it you need Japanese Wii’s, or a Mod/SoftMod/Hacked Wii which borders on certain legal values

jimmy1200srk: yeah, i guess i never thought of that. considering evo will be including certain sponsors, im sure they kinda want to keep their image as clean as possible, and a bunch of bootleg tvc’s, and soft modded wii’s are probably not the best thing to be associated with. i guess the most technically correct way would be japanese wii’s and the official tvc game. i have not been to evo. do they provide all the consoles, or is it the community?

j1n: The community can help

j1n: but Evo tries to provide as many consoles as possible

j1n: one year when Guilty Gear was in danger of not being there

j1n: Evo asked for PS2’s that could run Guilty Gear and the game to be donated

j1n: and the Community answered

jimmy1200srk: right on

jimmy1200srk: it says you entered text, but i dont see anything. still there?

j1n: no i didnt enter anything

j1n: aims lying to you

jimmy1200srk: oh. sorry. well moving on. i hate im sometimes. well i hope to see tvc at evo, because it would do so much to keep this game moving, and i really hope to see america at sbo doing work. what characters do you feel are underrated as of right now?

j1n: Tekkaman - Keits informs me Tekkaman is Japanese top tier right now, I think Tekkaman is close to top as well, hes an easy Counter to the giants, and his damage output for no super meter is absolutely stupid. For no meter he does over 50% damage to Ryu, pratically kills Karas, and with BBQ can 100% anyone in the game.

j1n: um

j1n: also

j1n: I think everyone underates Megaman

j1n: he can do 18k combos with Drill, which is almost the same as a Ryu B+B

j1n: with BBQ, Drill combos do retarded damage

j1n: lets see

jimmy1200srk: tekkaman is in a lot of japanese vids, and from what i hear coming out of japan, doronjo is played a lot there also. yeah, i think people liked megaman when the game first dropped, and then kinda moved on for some reason, but i havent heard anything that bad against him really. my boy is playing tekkaman as a main back in m.d. i cant wait to see what comes from tekkaman in the near future. like you said, his damage output is sickening

j1n: Morrigan is also underrated

j1n: I under rate morrigan as well

j1n: i don’t think shes that good

j1n: but others tell me

j1n: shes amazing

j1n: she does have a triangle jump

j1n: which is really fast

j1n: probably the best level 3 in the game

j1n: and an infinite

j1n: and huge fireballs

j1n: lol

j1n: but despite that I dont think she can compete with ryu karas chun

j1n: but thats me underrating her

jimmy1200srk: . yeah, see i jumped on morrigan as soon as the game dropped, and was biggin her up like crazy when i found out how she can cancel her dashes, but after playing her a bit, and trying out more of the cast. i just dont see her competeting as well. but im all for people to master her, dont follow everyone else. but, her only good super is her level 3, and i think you can connect her drill super off of certain assist, which is not useful if you dont have her assist. if anything, she is going to be a very technical character to master, and even then, she will be second tier to the rest of the cast that has so much other shit. but again, i encourage people to stick with her, and master her. i like when people do that, because it contributes more to the community. her level 3 is very good. i dont think her infinite has a mid screen setup, and i know it has not full screen setup. i could be wrong, i might have seen someone say there was a mid screen setup off of assist. her fireballs are excellent against certain cast members, but is death for her vs anyone like ryu, who can super that shit on sight. but obviously you shouldnt be spamming fireballs against someone like ryu, ever. we will see what comes from her

j1n: yep

jimmy1200srk: i still dont see why people mention her in a or high b tier. but again, im with you pretty much when it comes to her. im sorry morrigan, i know i told everyone i would give you my all, and then quit you. lol

jimmy1200srk: so from word on the street, and what you see on the forum, in your personal opinion, do you see tvc lasting the long haul, until we at least get a second one

j1n: Too early to tell, TvC needs major tournaments. Final Round, MWC, etc. Sinsation is a start, but for the game to catch on, people need to keep playing it and not hop on the “Karas is broke lets quit the game” bandwagon

j1n: If a tournament of TvC happens

j1n: where top 5

j1n: use Karas

j1n: we can see the game dying maybe

j1n: but thats still questionable if a new game comes out too

j1n: Guilty Gear XX’s first showing at Evo, top 6 of 8 used Sol Badguy

j1n: the game is still really popular to this date

jimmy1200srk: THANK YOU. sinsation will help much, and tvc is mentioned in most upcoming tournies. people need to stop scaring people with the karas shit, and just keep it moving. yes, i see it dying if karas continually rapes top 5, but thats also dependent on the players too. dont just bow down to karas when you face him, people need to keep working hard to get around his b.s, if they cant already get around some of it now.

jimmy1200srk: the fact that its an import doesnt help if people consider it broke. no matter how half ass their interpretations of the game may be

j1n: lol

j1n: I still think if someone becomes a machine and masters the V-joe voomerang infinite

j1n: then Karas will be put on the back burner

jimmy1200srk: shhhhh, dont mention that

j1n: lol

j1n: yeah everyones just counting V-joe out

j1n: I guess thats another underrated character

j1n: hes top in my book

jimmy1200srk: everyone saw it, and was like, OH SNAPS, and then they realized how technical it was, and was like, eh, fuck joe. lol

jimmy1200srk: dont you have to continualy tk his voomerang?

j1n: yes

j1n: but

j1n: its very strict timing

j1n: if you do it too fast

j1n: the voomerang doesnt come out

j1n: if you do it too slow

j1n: it doesnt combo

j1n: but if you get the timing down

j1n: its infinite block and hit string

j1n: from full screen

j1n: and the only chance you have to escape is megacrash pushblock 1 frame super jump

j1n: or if you have meter you can VC out

j1n: or maybe tag out before the first hit hits you

j1n: but its still probably the best infinite in the game if you land it

j1n: if I was ryu, the moment I saw joe throw a fucking voomerang i’d shinku him in the fuck

jimmy1200srk: this info is avaliable on the forum, but ill be deleting everything you typed. cheers. :slight_smile: why do you think people are all of a sudden so shocked at the infinites in this game. is it because they were over hyped by megacrash. look at x men vs street fighter, im pretty sure everyone in that game has an infinite

j1n: I have no idea why people are so shocked at infinites

j1n: theres an infinite in SF4

jimmy1200srk: el fuerte right

j1n: yes

jimmy1200srk: at least tvc gives you a way out of it, unlike other games, where you just hoped for an error in the players execution, or that the drugs you gave them kicked in

j1n: I also happen to like really hard to perform infinites

j1n: but dont listen to me

j1n: I like Hokuto No ken

j1n: and thats agreed by many to be the most broken game on the planet

j1n: But I think thats what makes the game fun

j1n: is having broken shit

j1n: nobody wants balance

j1n: balance is boring

j1n: everyone wants their character to be super powerful

jimmy1200srk: now balance is relative, and some dont give a damn about it, they just play, but do you consider tvc one of the most balanced vs games to date

j1n: Well if you look at the other Vs games

j1n: yes

j1n: although Im kinda sad I can’t play sentinel and fly-unfly

jimmy1200srk: word. see, i have loved hnk since day one, and i own it and play it all the time. im not affected by broke shit

jimmy1200srk: hnk for life!!!

j1n: lol

j1n: who do you play

j1n: I play Raoh Ken Rei

jimmy1200srk: just ken. i have been lazy about learning others

jimmy1200srk: plus im a ken fanman

j1n: lol

jimmy1200srk: i hope they give us a hnk2, but i doubt it

jimmy1200srk: been a fan since i first saw the first movie back a looooooooooong time ago

j1n: lol standing in the heart of madness woahhhh

j1n: or was it darkness

j1n: i forget

j1n: silly ass 80s tune

jimmy1200srk: madness

j1n: gimmie ur life gimmie ur energyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

j1n: woahh ohhh

j1n: then rei dies

j1n: :frowning:

jimmy1200srk: LOL. that cartoon has me rolling. i watch it all the time. i got all the episodes and movies subbed. well, a quick question before we wrap up our tvc stuff. or maybe two questions. 1. how do you feel about all this tier list speculation? a part of me is like, its to early, and a part of me sees some of the placements being solid for the time to come. you?

j1n: its not solid, you cant determine anything after 1 or 2 tourneys

j1n: after maybe a year of play most likely we’ll see solid tier list

j1n: but a new game will probably be out by then

j1n: but

j1n: i see Ryu and Chun at least staying near top

j1n: with karas moving around

jimmy1200srk: word word. i agree. giants?

jimmy1200srk: fuck giants. who said that

j1n: lol

j1n: Lightan is good

j1n: real good

j1n: PTX

j1n: hes okay

j1n: he has some interesting things we’re learning

j1n: like you can shoot each of his guns successively

j1n: like Left gun, then Right Gun

j1n: in a row

j1n: im not sure if you can go Left gun Right Gun left Gun Right gun

j1n: its basically shooting the guns almost at the same time

j1n: seeing how a minigun does almost 10k

jimmy1200srk: do you see tvc replacing mvc2? i say no until maybe the second tvc, when it adds more to the cast, but whats your thoughts. i think it would take more then added cast to bring over the mvc2 heads, and have them drop mvc2. we just love those xmen

j1n: you can probably do something like launcher L-minigun R-minigun

j1n: for almost 30k

j1n: i dont see TvC replacing MvC2

j1n: because i know everyone is waiting for MvC3

j1n: which can happen

j1n: lol

jimmy1200srk: oh yeah, i did read that. oh noes. well thats cool. well i guess that is about it for tvc right now. is keits your main competition for tvc right now?

j1n: yes theres nobody else in wisconsin

jimmy1200srk: aaaaaaaaah, wisconsin

jimmy1200srk: lol

jimmy1200srk: well do you have any last words for the community

j1n: man the fuck up

jimmy1200srk: good words sir. good words. thank a lot. ill catch you in the near future for another interview hopefully, once the game has evolved some more. MAN THE FUCK UP, you see it. TVC AT EVO!!!

YOURMOTHER- want to know what tvc is doing in japan. come see whats really good with my email conversation with yourmother. haha, how that works out. its like i said i had an email conversation with YOURMOTHER. OOOOOOOOH, BURN.

first is his email response, and then below that are the questions i asked him, so you can kinda follow.



Ummm, here goes, in the order you asked.

I played a good amount of MvC2 back in the day because it’s a ton of
fun until you really get into it. Since I have no real interest in
the characters you have to play to be actually competitive in MvC2
except for maybe sentinel, I gave up playing it seriously, but I still
play it just for fun. I also played CvS and CvS2 quite a bit, but
didn’t get particularly good at either of them, but I don’t even know
if that counts. MvC and MvC2 are both really fun because of all the
crazy crap you can do, but once it gets into just locking somebody
down in some kind of crazy trap or infinite, it kind of loses its
charm for me.

The VS series is definitely not dead in Japan, but they treat it a
little more like I do, rather than how US players do. Just today at
the arcade when I was playing TvC, there was a guy next to me playing
MvC2. His team was Gambit, Strider, Jill. He wasn’t somebody who was
just messing around, he had some pretty intense shit that he could do
with this team, some really cool looking combos and his timing was all
down pat obviously, but you know, no magneto infinites, no sentinel
lockdown stuff, just cool looking original stuff. And because it’s
original and not MvC lockdown “fill the screen with crap, don’t let
your opponent move”, it would totally lose out to Magneto, Sentinel,
Cable, Whoever. So again, no, the vs series is not dead, but I just
don’t think they enjoy taking the broken-ness of that game to the same
level some people do in the US. I don’t think either way is good or
bad really, just different opinions on the same thing basically. So
when you ask if their skill mirrors the US players, I’d say yes and
no. These guys are good at the shit, but they’re not as interested in
making that game as competitive as we are in the US. There’s no
tournaments for it over here for the most part, so people just want to
have fun with it basically.

TvC, when I first started seeing gameplay videos, struck me as having
the potential for being more like what I wanted out of MvC2. Long,
cool and fluid looking combos, toned down lockdown stuff, and a really
interesting cast of characters (although I do think the roster could
have been a little bigger). I was already a fan of some of the old
series’ that the characters are from, namely Casshern and Gatchaman
(origin of Ken the Eagle and Jun the Swan), and I’ve since watched a
couple other things like Yatterman and Tekkaman. So, I asked my
girlfriend to get it for me as an early christmas present, and, being
the wonderful person that she is, she did. I think it was a little
over 6000 yen at the time (6000 is a little more than $60 US), but now
you can find it at some places for around 4000 yen (a little more than
$40 US).

I’m playing Roll/Casshern, and it’s working out really well, I don’t
really see it changing anytime soon. When I first started keeping
tabs on the game, I really wanted to play Casshern because I really
love the old series and (to a lesser extent) the new movie they made
based off of it and the new series that’s out now. Unfortunately,
when I saw gameplay footage of him, he was way slower than I thought
he should be (and really, he still is). So I kind of abandoned that
idea for a while. Then eventually, when I saw footage of Roll, I was
really interested. First off, since she was so terrible in MvC2, I
was naturally attracted to playing her, even back then, and now it
looked like she might actually have a fighting chance. Not
overpowered or anything, but decent. Then once the game came out I
started realizing little by little that Casshern and her had really
good synergy, so I picked him back up. If I didn’t play him it’d
probably be Tekkaman next because his damage is absurd.

I think some of the additions are good and some I could do without.
I’m not a huge fan of “revenge” mechanics, but I do like how baroque
functions that way without just giving you extra damage. I could just
do without you doing extra damage all the time if you’re at low
health, but that’s not a big deal. Mega crash was a really good idea,
although I wish it didn’t have to be used as an out for infinites.
Bursting has always been a really fun feature of newer combo-based
games and I wish it didn’t just come down to “throw away 2 meters when
you get stuck in an infinite.” All in all, I don’t think it seems too
broken, but that has less to do with the new systems and more with
them toning down the type of characters they have in my opinion. If
you put sentinel back in this game, he would still rule.

There is a lot of hype around Karas, but I don’t buy it. Here in
Japan there’s a ton of scrubs who play him and very few good players.
Not that he can’t be played well, I just think he seems good early on
when you’re playing the game but that’s something that can be
overcome. He doesn’t have a lot going on in terms of unpredictable
approaches, and yeah he dies really easily, so once you see what he’s
going to go for, you can shut him down pretty easily and then beat him
down in record time. I don’t think he’s bad by any stretch, but I
definitely don’t think he’s broken. I guess the key is to wait for
tournaments though.

Yes I expect to see more infinites, I would be surprised if there
weren’t at least a few more.

OK on Japan and TvC, it’s kind of complicated. There’s a few good
players here and there, and then not a ton of consistent competition.
If you go to the arcades to play TvC you might end up beating up on a
couple scrubs who just come there to dick around with combos, and then
go through an arcade mode and it might be a half hour before somebody
comes in who’s even interested in playing the game competetively.
Other times there’ll just be somebody sitting there playing it who’s
good right away, and sometimes you just won’t see anyone good at all.
As for competition, yeah it’ll definitely be rough. There’s only a
few vids up on niconico to show for it, but the Japanese players who
are taking this seriously can be pretty beastly, and it would not be
smart to sleep on them. We’re lucky here to have a huge amount of
competition in pretty much any game, although less so with TvC, so we
get to see all of the characters played a lot of different ways, and
it really helps step up your game.

I think the reason TvC isn’t as huge in Japan right now is twofold.
First off, the Japanese already viewed the vs series as kind of broken
and a mess at times, so they don’t take it particularly seriously,
even though they enjoy it. This is why people will play TvC just to
do combos, but when you challenge them, they might just lose one time
and then leave. The main reason that it’s not too hype right now
though is that there’s just a ton of other good games out right now.
Tekken 6:BR is huge right now, and Blazblue is really awesome too,
that’s the other game I’m playing currently. There’s also a new melty
blood, which is attracting a really huge amount of players, Street
Fighter 4 is still going strong, and other games like Guilty Gear
Accent Core or Arcana Heart 2 still have a strong scene at certain
arcades, and none of these games have the perceived “broken-ness” of
the vs series. So I guess the attitude is “sure it’s fun, but why
play it when I could play this other game instead.”

Outside of Karas, most of the characters who are getting picked a lot
are just getting picked a lot because they’re easy to play, and people
are already used to their moves. It’s way easier to just pick up ryu
and go combo>hurricane kicks>shinkuu or just throw out the shinkuu to
punish whatever than to take some time to learn a more complex
character like Ken with a lot of mobility and tricks at his disposal.
And Karas is just getting picked because people think he’s broken.
Two characters who are getting used a lot over here by really good
players are Tekkaman and Doronjo, and I feel like they’re getting
slept on a little bit in the US. Doronjo in particular is on so many
of the good teams I’ve seen. The people who use her have just gotten
really good at surprising you with perfectly placed henchmen popping
out, rather than focusing on getting in for combos, and then whenever
they score a knockdown they call out a boulder, which is basically a
free setup for them, since you have to just sit there blocking and you
can’t even see what’s going on. Tekkaman’s a little more
straightforward, but he just does so much damage. One combo can do
almost half a life bar on my poor roll, and that’s before he gets to
throw out a free super for chip damage, partner super that with the
boulder and you’ve got some serious problems on your hands.

I use the wii hori sticks, we’ve got 2 of them here and I can’t
believe people use pads for this game competitively. Not only are
joystick motions so much easier, but combination button presses and
just faster-timed combos are such a pain to try and just use your
thumb. I use all 3 attack buttons to dash, for example, and I can’t
imagine trying to mash across 3 buttons on a GC controller with my
thumb over and over.

I can’t really say how long it’s going to last. Obviously it’s not as
huge as some other games are right now, but I think among the people
who do play it, it will have some staying power. It’s really up to
capcom, I guess, whether or not they think they can make money of off
a sequel that’s a little more polished, just try to milk some more
money out of the original, release a shoddy update, or if it would not
be worth it altogether to make a sequel.

Well first off, it will be rough for Americans at SBO. Japan isn’t as
hype about this at other games, but just because of the amount of
people they have in the FG scene, they still get a broader variety of
competition than you can get in America if you’re at the right
arcades. I mean really, it’s impossible to say, but if there is a
game where the US has a chance, this would be it.

They use both standards. There are a few arcades that have the fancy
16:9 HD cabinets, but actually most arcades that I go to just have TvC
boards in the old 4:3 machines. Since they knew nobody was really
going to play it as much as some other games, most arcades didn’t want
to go the extra mile.

And yeah, you can smoke and drink in Japanese arcades. The smoke can
get to me every once in a while, mainly if I’m a little sick or
something, but for the most part, it’s not too bad. Some arcades are
better ventilated than others, but tons of people smoke in Japan so
it’ll pretty much always be smoky in the arcades. Also drinking in
arcades is like the raddest shit ever. First time I ever saw I guy in
a suit throwing back beers and beasting at blazblue I just about shit
myself. The cabinets are one person each, linked to the machine
opposite them, unless it’s a really old game (i.e. vampire savior) at
which point you’ll sometimes see american style 2 joystick setups. I
really like it because you never “accidentally” catch an elbow or
anything, and it gets this kind of fun “teams” vibe going on with one
group of people on one side and one on the other. Basically it’s just
really nice to be able to sit down and play against someone at your
own machine.

Females, eh? No there aren’t a whole lot, but you’ll see one every
now and then. Whenever a girl is in the fighting games section, she’s
usually there for third strike (for whatever reason…), I saw one
playing tatsunoko once, but it looked like she was just doing it for

The new casshern anime is kind of fun. I watched like the first 6
episodes or so, and I thought it was pretty cool, I might pick it back
up at some point, but I don’t like it as much as the old one. Haha,
I’m a total geek for the old shit.

HnK is dead. Completely dead. The only place I’ve been to that even
has that shit anymore is athena in Osaka and that place is 7 floors
tall. And that machine is just gathering dust. Every once in a while
somebody will dust off their infinites and breeze through story mode
for a laugh but nobody plays that shit anymore. I pick it up every
once in a while, just grab mamiya and run over some fools on my
motorcycle, cuz I know nobody’s gonna bother challenging me.

The arcade I’m at really varies. The one I’m at most is probably
Magical Space in Kobe-sannomiya, but around that area there’s also a
sega arcade called sanx and a shitty place called namco land that
nobody plays at so you can practice combos and shit. Sometimes I’ll
go to Osaka on the weekends though, that’s where the serious
competition is. It’s the second biggest city in Japan, and players
from Tokyo will come down there for tournaments and shit, so it’s
pretty intense. When I’m in Osaka there’s a bunch of different places
I could be at. I’m pretty much always there with Rob (heartnana on
SRK), and he knows his way around there way better than me. As for
which arcades in Japan have the best comp, I dunno, I’ve never been to
most of Japan, so I can’t really say too well, haha.

Yeah man, T6BR is fucking sweet, I just picked up a new tekken-net
card for Alisa yesterday. Alisa’s awesome even though I think Lars is
kinda lame, haha. I love it, but I’m gonna try to focus more on TvC
or BB cuz I’m doing a little bit better in those for now.

Alright man, take it easy.


have you ever played in vs series in the past?
> if yes, then which ones did you play, and which ones did you like or
> dislike?
> why did you like a certain one over another, and what were the differences
> you enjoyed?
> is the vs series dead in japan?
> for those that do play in japan, does their skill level mirror that of u.s
> vs players at all?
> what made you want to play tvc?
> how much did tvc cost you, for those who are unaware of the price of
> imports, or for you, i guess domestic?
> who are your mains in tvc?
> why did you choose them as your mains?
> tvc seems to try to balance out the vs series as much as possible, with
> things like, megacrash, baroque, doing more damage when low on health, and
> taking less damage when low on health, etc… do you think these help
> balance out a series, previously considered quite broken? and what is your
> general thought and input on the new systems created for tvc?
> besides your mains, who else do you play, or are considering playing?
> there is a lot of hype around karas right now, with his name being in the
> category of S tier. how do you feel about him being there? he does have an
> infinite, and a good offense, but i feel like a lot of new players are
> commenting on his abilities on the offense, forgetting he can die quicker
> than anyone in the game. offense means little if you have absolutely no
> health back it up, but how do you feel about the karas hype?
> do expect to see more infinites coming from the cast? i saw a possible one
> in brea’s videos with jun, but i havent seen anyone attempting it yet, or
> really playing and backing her up, besides me. i will test it within the
> coming week, when i can get my stick rocking, but besides what we already
> know, do you think more will be coming. i dont see to many more coming, but
> we will see. saki seems to have an infinite now too
> tvc is going to be at sbo, and judging from what your seeing in japan, vs
> our videos here, what do you think its looking like as an early forcast to
> how usa will do in tvc come sbo time? it is early, but we have some of our
> top players like demon hyo, already getting busy, and as soon as the comp
> starts to spread, and steps up, i think we are going to have some serious
> contenders.
> if its not poppin off in japan right now, why do you think japanese players
> are not playing the game as much, and may not be as hype as we are? if they
> are playing a lot, what do you think is causing this attention, that didnt
> seem to be there with previous vs series?
> who do you think are some slept on characters in tvc so far, and why?
> why do you think people are playing so much chun, ryu, batsu, alex, karas so
> far? there seems to be a little variety, but that seems to just be out of
> request for casual play, and most players first started off, and are
> continuing to play these characters above all, or do you think the community
> is actually filled with a bit more variety then im seeing?
> what characters are the japanese players mostly playing with, and why do you
> think theyre playing them?
> do you play on stick or pad, and if on stick, is there a reason why, and do
> you think it has any kind of advantages for this game specifically?
> what do you think of the level of play coming from u.s players so far? if
> you watch demon hyos first videos, you can see how quickly he got better,
> and his opponents, same for me (jimmy1200). i think this is a good sign
> people are taking it serious, and are evolving quickly. my next set of vids
> will be on a higher level also, as i will be on my sticks. although there
> arent many posting now, i am in contact with some md players who are taking
> it seriously, and they are playing pretty hard themselves, and getting
> better every time i inquire.
> do you see tvc going places, and staying strong for a while, or will they
> need to drop tvc2 soon to keep the interest of players? i can see players
> possibly getting bored of the cast, and a need for tvc2 by mid 2010, but the
> game is still new, and we will see what starts coming from the players and
> the game very soon.

i dont think it was answered, but judging from the level of japan now, and
> what you see in our videos now, how do you think its looking for america at
> sbo? just an early thought on it, because i saw some sick stuff recently
> with jun/ryu on nico, that made me go, oh, they are playing for real.
> do you know what japan is playing on? is it 16:9 or 4:3. im assuming its the
> first one. just a double check.
> a general question here. so in japanese arcades you can smoke, right? can
> you drink too? do you find any of that distracting while you play?
> in america you mainly see the side by side cabs, but in japan you guys have
> the cabs where one cab is for one player, and another cab for the second
> player. do you like that over the typical american cabs, or does it not
> matter to you?
> any females playing tvc? lol. are there good female players in japan? i have
> seen what brea has done with dmc, and now with tvc, so it made me wonder.
> have you checked out cassherns new anime? its pretty good in my opinion. i
> only came across it when googling the tatsunoko side, to see who the hell
> they were.
> off topic a bit. how is the hokuto no ken scene out there? has it died off
> since sbo? i think that is a prime example of a game showing that japanese
> players dont really care if its broken. if they wanna play it, they play it.
> turns out, they just figured out how to break everyone eventually. ha ha
> what arcade do you play at again?
> what arcades in japan that you know of, have the most competition?
> i also feel what your saying, with other good games out right now, tvc is
> probably back burning a little. if t6br was out here, i would have tvc is a
> secondary for real. tekken is my original love, but i would still play the
> hell out of tvc.

KEITS-the man that gave you the tutorial video, and probably at least a hundred match videos, breaks his silence on tvc, and where its going.

keits interview

jimmy1200srk: yo

keits: hi

jimmy1200srk: got time for a little tvc interview/talk

keits: ok

jimmy1200srk: cool. thanks. well, just to get a little background. what was your first fighting game

keits: Karate Champ, I guess… but the first time I saw Street Fighter II: World Warriors, i was completely obscessed with it. They had it at this skating rink that my school had little weird parties at… Castle Skateland, I think. Anyway, I would get on there and mash and some of the other kids at school would mash back. I was THE gamer. Before it was cool to play games. And some of these kids would mash out a victory over me, and it felt terrible. Even though I didnt even know special moves existed, I knew that losing to them was wrong.

keits: I got the Genisis version (with 6 button controllers!) the day it was released.

keits: I learned the game, and it was years and years before I met anyone in the Cincinnati area that could get a win on me.

jimmy1200srk: nice. sounds like when everyone first came across sf2. we all mashed, and were shocked to mash out specials. ha ha. good stuff. well lets get a little current here with tvc, since that is the main focus of this interview. what made you want to play tvc in the first place, rather than just chop it up to another blah blah, import.

keits: I have a reputation for playing everything, so I suppose it was inevitable. I think I decided to import it for sure the day that Viewtiful Joe was announced. I basically build the Ohio fighting game scene back in 1996-97, and I built it around MvC1. The OG Team Cincy guys have a pretty deep history with MvC1. Its only natural for me to want to get back into a game that has a lot in common with the game that basically got me into real competitive gaming.

keits: build should be built*

jimmy1200srk: word. good stuff. i just saw it, and was like. YESSSSS, SOMETHING NEW. GIVE IT TO ME NOW. but considering i have always been a fan of the vs series, ever since mashing out on marvel superheroes way back in the day, and watching every incarnation after that, i have always been a vs fan. never played to seriously though. i got into mvc2 a little, and then side tracked from it with other shit. thats cool that you have been doing so much for so long. good stuff.

jimmy1200srk: so far do you think its probably gonna be one of the most balanced vs games to be created?

keits: Well, balance is relative. Balance is a myth. Balance is all kinds of things that are not actually what people dream of as balance. Balance is no some promised land of infinite variety where everyone has a chance to win. I used to want balance too, but now I know that balance is, in fact, usually boring. Is TvC balanced, in the usual definition? Can all the characters compete evenly, or close?

keits: Its too early to tell. Right now, I think the tiers are closer together than in MvC1 or MvC2… but the game is certainly full of all kinds of unfair bullshit

keits: Infinites, unblockables, Tekkaman jumping C… Its freaking fun.

jimmy1200srk: i fully agree that balance is pretty relative. i dont care that much personally. i think people get to caught up in this illusion of balance. there is always gonna be some crud shit, but it happens. isnt that the joy of life in general? overcoming adversities. doesnt stop in games. hell, hnk would be considered broke shit by many, but it was very popular in japan, and had a little underground following here. mainly because it has craziness, but its so damn fun

jimmy1200srk: who are your mains in tvc?

keits: I enjoy playing nearly every character in TvC. The cast is wonderfully diverse and unique. The only ones I really dont have a feel for yet are Ken Washio and Yatterman-1. So, I’m trying to construct teams to rotate that have interesting synergy. I’m playing Alex/Polymar, Roll/Casshern, and Tekkaman/Saki right now, and using Lightan as a counterpick to certain teams as well. Im working on constructing a few more teams, hopefully one with Daimao next.

jimmy1200srk: word. yeah, at this point im more into teaming my people up that benefit each other the best. ryu/chun allows for funky shit. jun/batsu allows for serious level 3 damage, etc… just trying to get the fullest from my teams at this point. im mainly into ryu, chun, batsu, JUN, cash money earned. i havent seen anyone mention it, but im sure many are aware of it, and i only have it confirmed for 3 characters, all on the tatsunoko side, but batsu teamed with these 3 people, can do 70 percent damage with his level 3 on karas, and a little above half on alex. its fucking strong. you know what im talking about?

keits: on sec

keits: one

jimmy1200srk: ok

keits: I dont deal in percents in TvC. The game gives you actual damage numbers every combo, and we have pretty accurate HP totals for every character. Doing 70% to Karas isnt hard, considering most combos into lv3 deal about 25-30k, and Karas has only 37k health.

keits: So to answer, yeah, Ive seen all kinds of shit do 70% to Karas.

keits: The worst thing about Karas’ low health is that he is a full size character, so you can hit every single little part of your combo on him. With Rock, Roll, and Joe, you (often) have to shorten your combos to make sure no parts of them wiff, which means you deal less total damage per combo to them to help offset their lower life.

jimmy1200srk: well yeah, but i was like damn. one slip, dude is dead. nothing special, considering what i have seen myself do to him, but forget karas, i didnt know batsu had a level 3 on par with the same damage as like alex’s level 3, but its not with everyone. the rest of the cast does either the fireball, or the other weird thing. so what was the turnout of your tourney you had again, and were most of the players brand new to the game, entering the tourney that day to play it, or were most of them aware of how to play already?

jimmy1200srk: absolutely. i agree, not only does he have small health, but he is a tall bamma

jimmy1200srk: at least the little ones have a chance

keits: Half and half. Nearly all of them at least watched my tutorial and got some practice rounds in. Some took to it quicker than others. Josh the Funk Doc picked it up QUICK. Floe won with basics, vs the ‘unstopable s-tier Karas’. I think Karas is damn good, but he isnt all alone in a tier on top of the cast, he has his share of problems.

jimmy1200srk: yeah, you see my opinion on it in the forum. i was just about to bring that up too. i guess anyone can catch the tier thread to see what the feelings are on it, but i dont know why so many think he is s tier by himself. do you have any theory as to why people are calling him s tier? maybe its rude, but maybe its because there are a lot of new players/users who seem to be to googly eyed over his offense, to completely forget his health issue. thats a major part of your game. football cant be won by just the offensive team, there needs to be some type of d

jimmy1200srk: no disrespect to new comers, but i havent heard any solid argument for him, other than he has an infinite

jimmy1200srk: minus a few other things

keits: Well, Karas is the classic glass cannon. Pure offense, and GREAT offense at that. Patience and smart advance guard is key in fighting him. Your only other option is to have amazing jump-ins and fight him from the sky. Karas’ has a few nice defensive options, but guessing wrong with any of them hurts him more than the average bear. Beyond that, his real problem is that he has zero mixup. Just block low and stand up if he IADs. He will never hurt you. He has next to nothing to chip you with, he walks to slow and has a weird teleport at the end of his slow dash that makes it hard for him to throw you. Just be patient.

keits: He is good, and if he is top tier, thats great, but there is no way he is alone there.

jimmy1200srk: agree with all you just said. any characters you feel are still underrated? i see some talk about saki

keits: Saki is top tier, mark my words. This bitch cheats, like, all the time. Alex and Tekkaman are getting underrated too, especially Tekkaman. Daimao isnt getting much love, but he can rock socks too. Lightan is a lot better than I thought, as well.

keits: Jun is crazy and no one in america seems to be playing her.

keits: There is no character right now that is just bad. They all have something.

izumitop: Thats a good start.

jimmy1200srk: hey, i play jun. :frowning: well, i havent released any new shit in a bit, but i was rocking her in my vids, and bigging her up.

jimmy1200srk: i still dont see alex being that much of a problem. anything im missing with him? i can say im slightly ignorant to him, and my roommate kinda dropped him

jimmy1200srk: i played him a bit, and i see his strengths, but his weaknesses, ugh

keits: Yeah, you shouldnt be scared of Alex attacking you. You should be scared of attacking him. He can punish lots of stuff from really far away after advance guard with jump C.

keits: He is 50% punish game, 25% unblockable, and 25% landing his lv3.

jimmy1200srk: ooooooh, its the advanced guard punishing. well, i always told my friend you need to play him more defensively. he obviously was not created for any type of rush downs. thats how i played him for my few moments. i like that you bring up advanced guard punishing. i put that in my game after my last batch of vids, because i realized how much i was not doing it, and mainly because i didnt have to, but my roommate has gotten better, and im glad, because its forcing both our games up. i expect to see that as a standard in all matches in the coming months. i dont doubt you about saki

jimmy1200srk: when i saw what she was doing in demon hyos vids with his friends, i was like, ugh, that looks annoying

keits: Alex vs Karas is funny. If the Karas players likes doing Standing B before low B, or dashing in with low A or low B, you can pushblock jump C on reaction and deal 17k to him.

keits: The Saki player in the Brandon’s videos was just doing the basics, too

keits: Barely any command throws, unblockable setups, duo unblockables, or baroque grenade spam.

jimmy1200srk: blargh. sounds disgusting

jimmy1200srk: i likes

jimmy1200srk: so it sounds like your pretty active in your tvc playing. how often do you play

keits: Once a week if im lucky. I only have one person nearby to play with, and he is far more busy than Id like him to be.

keits: I learn quickly though, and read what everyone else is discovering.

keits: The lack of variety in competition hurts, thats for sure

jimmy1200srk: oh yeah, i feel ya. well i guess im fortunate, since i live with a tvc player, but he is mainly a smash head, who is diversifying himself, but he picked up quick. i was talking to my boy from maryland, and he has that problem a little bit too. just getting comp, but he has it though, and its not to far from him. he recently had some matches with steve h. dont know if you saw what he was doing back in late december from his vids, but apparently he is much more beastly now. granted he is beast all around. my friend plays polymar, and i was telling him about something, and he was like, why didnt you tell me. i said, arent you watching the videos. his answer was no, i was like, yo, you gotta watch the videos, especially being new overall to this type of game. that shit is there for you, dont waste time trying to possibly come up with shit, that is pretty much basic, and been done

jimmy1200srk: lack of variety in comp is americas downfall period, in my opinion. you will run into more of the same, than people mastering your unusuals

keits: Online would help a lot.

jimmy1200srk: yeah, as long as its decent, but anything is better than nothing. i couldnt imagine it extremely sucking, but only as an after thing. no one should take it as there means of everything in my opinion. unless your balancing out your online play, with research, offline gaming, and remembering what you can and cannot do online vs offline. but it couldnt hurt at all. been tight if they had it. so i was discussing with one of our japan residents, and he said doronjo is pretty big over there. i can see that. have you played with her and what is your opinion of her

jimmy1200srk: i think she is good

keits: Doronjo is REALLY good. Very very high damage normal combos without baroque or super. She is the #1 most complex character in the game to play well, though, so give her some time. She will shine.

keits: Wait till you see her combo into lv3

jimmy1200srk: be back in about an hour. the police found my stolen car. i gotta go. stick around.

keits: okay

jimmy1200srk: im sorry. i will have to continue this tomorrow. have to deal with some real shit. thanks. ill hit you up about the same time tomorrow if i can. if not, then the next day most def. thanks

jimmy1200srk: hey, im back if you want to finish where we left off yesterday. just got a few more questions and things to discuss if your free

keits: ok

keits: in 10

jimmy1200srk: cool. let me know when your ready

keits: read

keits: y

keits: lost is over

jimmy1200srk: ha ha. word. well we last left off discussing a little doronjo. you left saying she has powerful non baroque combos, and potentially one of the most complex characters in the game. i agree. i could see much shenanigans coming from her and her assist, and a doronjo master i feel will be feared in the future, and i believe teamed with chun, she can combo her powerful ass level 3 off of chuns assist. to good

keits: She can combo or uncombo it off quite a few assists.

jimmy1200srk: so i see jun and ken have infinites. i was doing juns earlier here at the house. its easy cakes. do you see more infinites coming out in the future that are going to be similar to jun and kens corner infinites

jimmy1200srk: i was doing the alternate one posted by kryian

jimmy1200srk: but i know the japanese video shows ones involving strictly jabs on mega and roll

keits: Of course! There will be lots of infinites.

jimmy1200srk: right on. i might spend some time later tonight seeing if ryu has anything he can work with. he is already such a beast. his name is always mentioned, but he is not given as much credit as chun or karas at the moment, but still considered a tier. do you think he is being underestimated for some reason. his combos are powerful, and tk’ing the hurricane kick in combos is cake, and adds for some serious pain. do you think he can jump chuns spot, ignoring karas completely, as that dude, or will that not happen until he gets an infinite?

keits: I think a large portion of the cast is being underestimated, but Ryu certainly isnt. He is on so many teams. People confuse ‘top tier’ with ‘easy to play as’ for a while when a game is new. (/waves at sf4 Rufus) Infinites are useful when your opponent cant mega crash out, but when they can, its more useful to land large damage quickly, or use supers to put them into uncrashable damage. Time will tell if that stays true.

jimmy1200srk: right on right on. now i was discussing with one of our srkers that is in japan, and he said doronjo is on a lot of teams of good players, but mostly its just passer bys playing, but the guys that are good, are pretty good. t6br, blaze blue, etc…, are very popular now, so the competition is rough, and not many players are noticing tvc that much yet. he said for the most part though, arcades are playing tvc on 4:3 on older cabs. his early impressions are that if we have a chance at sbo for this game, but its kinda slim considering there is still so much more competition there. so, speaking of tournaments and competition, do you think evo will have tvc this year?

jimmy1200srk: have they ever had an import at evo?

keits: Yes they have. One of the guilty games

jimmy1200srk: okay. accent core, but that was on year i believe. i think tvc has a solid chance. are the local marvel players jumping on this yet in your area, to your knowledge

keits: I dont know what evo will do, but Id bet on TvC showing up.

keits: I dont have local players, let alone marvel players.

jimmy1200srk: right on. lol. do you play on stick or pad?

keits: I’m the best at marvel in 100 miles, sadly. Stick.

keits: Japanese sticks.

jimmy1200srk: right on. now lets jump into some quick character discussion. i have an opinion from another source saying ippatsuman is very good. top tier even. do you agree?

keits: Yes.

keits: Not much to say there, solid overall. Great damage, great combos, good assist, good projectile, aircombo resets into grab super.

jimmy1200srk: he cant be hit out of his robot super, right?

keits: Top Tier is such a, well, dumb thing to say right now.

keits: How many tournaments have there been?

jimmy1200srk: 2 i think. lol

keits: I mean really, every character seems to have something going for them.

keits: Its a total crap shoot on who will end up on top. Right now, the easy stuff is winning.

keits: Everyone’s tier list is so different, that alone should tell you that its not time to talk about tiers.

jimmy1200srk: yeah, im not really into it. just bringing it for sake of discussion. i think the assumption of this game, is it will be what marvel players soon will be migrating too. now with hard work, anyone can be very good, but do you think that marvel players, and or, vs series players in general will be the ones to dominate tvc, or do you think they game is user friendly, and easy enough as you see it now, and what it will be, to really have even a noob to the game, come in, and be a top player in the u.s

keits: Players who are used to technical and combo heavy games will have an edge, yes. But this game is very easy to play and learn the combos in, and so far most of the infinites are pretty easy too, if you care to learn them.

jimmy1200srk: true. just from playing the game, i can see this opening up some things for a lot of players, because you can be pretty competitive without having to learn technical heavy stuff. its gonna be fun to see how this game evolves, and the players as well. what would you say your play style is now, because when i first started off, once i got some shit down, i was all about rush down rush down rush down with ryu and chun, but now i find myself not doing that as much, and recognizing when i can do it and not. i didnt really slow down doing it until i realized i was running into stupid stuff, and thought, maybe this game isnt as super rush down as i thought it was. your thoughts?

keits: It depends on the character and your style. Im a jack of all trades style, I guess, so im perfectly happy rushing, running, turtling, zoning (my favorite),using gimicks, or shenanegans, so long as i’m winning.

keits: Thats why I love random select and learning the entire cast of a game.

jimmy1200srk: right on. i started to adapt some of my other gaming experience a few weeks ago. if i would to compare it to another game, i would say i was playing it like mvc2, but instead i started turtling more, zoning more, etc… but its always good to be a jack of all trades. sf4 will be dropping soon, will you be playing it, and are you concerned that it will totally dominate the minds of tvc players, and eventually lessen the scene for tvc?

keits: People will play what they want, but playing one game doesnt mean you cant also play another. TvC’s real problem is availability, not mindshare. And yes, i’ll be playing a lot of SF4, along with TvC and HDr. Im also interested in BlazBlue and KoF12.

jimmy1200srk: right on. how are you using baroque in the game now? when i first started off, i was only using baroque for trying to pull off big combos, and was not really using it any other way, but now i use it for more offensive options, like staying safe, and or just rushing down when my strings are blocked, etc… when you first started, were you just saving baroque for combos like i think most people were, and how are you using it now.

keits: Exactly, it depends on how much red life I have, but Im comfortable using small bits to stay safe after unsafe attacks, or to keep pressure going. Baroque double grenades with saki is pretty fun. Some characters have a hell of a time getting to their launchers without baroque.

jimmy1200srk: right on. if i get jabbed, cool, i got yet another tool to use to pressure you now, to try to force a mistake, baroque. the computer was spamming grenades on me, and i was like, wtf, got damn saki is going to be annoying, and from your words, she will. i consider alex most dangerous when he has baroque and level 3, but hell, even his standard combos still hurt. do you see megacrash being used offensively, other than to be flashy?

keits: No, thats for combo videos and once in a while starting an infinite in the corner, not really practical use of meter.

jimmy1200srk: agreed. i know there is talk about mega crashing, mega crashes, but i think that is a waste of two bars and your life, just to continue corner pressure back into a possible infinite with some characters. right now, with the videos released by everyone, although they are casuals, and prone to different play style than tourney and stuff, as of the last few batches from everyone, including myself, what would you say you dont see a lot of players doing

keits: Experimenting. I see people doing what is easy to win mostly, and I see people playing characters with interesting things in very vanilla ways.

keits: Its a new game!

keits: Discover something!

jimmy1200srk: exactly, and i started doing that since my last batch. i review all of my videos, and i was like, that was cool, but eh, im not really experimenting and playing with the game during game play. i totally agree. now granted i have spent a lot more time reviewing videos and in practice mode, so my next batch will be some newer stuff, but i def plan to be experimenting more during gameplay for myself, and for people. especially since its just me and my boy, and there is no rotation going on that would make me just want to bnb all the time, rather than get fancy, and do new shit.

jimmy1200srk: here is a general question. how do you feel about macros?

keits: I dont use them, because if I should ever need to play in the arcade, I dont want to be fucked.

keits: But if other people want to use them, thats fine I guess. I think its a crutch you shouldnt use if you are serious about high level play, but its up to you.

jimmy1200srk: right on. im always thinking that, if i drop by an arcade, i want to be able to beast, so i dont play on pad, nor do i use macros. do you use joybox coverter for your stick?

keits: I do.

jimmy1200srk: right on. my should be in tomorrow or friday. whats your opinion on souki?

keits: Souki might end up worst in the game.

keits: You can turtle against him nearly infinitely

keits: He has no mixup, so most of his damage is going to come from punishing attacks.

keits: But even he isnt as reliable at that as Alex, and doesnt defend himself from being rushed down as well either.

keits: I could be wrong, I do enjoy playing him, but I feel like im winning becuase my opponents are just fighting him normally instead of just being smart.

jimmy1200srk: right on. i played him a couple times because my boy was talking about him, and i was like, cool, but after some practice time with him, besides him not being my play style, i just wasnt seeing the hype. well any other character discussions can be addressed in their respective forums. i think that about does it for our interview. maybe in a few months once the game evolves some more, i will contact you back again to get your thoughts on the game and the scene. look out for more videos from me in the coming week, and with much more variety in style and play. do you have any last words for the folks who will be reading this? i say keep playin, the only difference between a scrub and top player is hard work, respect the scene, and play dat new shit

jimmy1200srk: any last words?

(sorry, i think i signed off before keits last words. ooops)

JCHENSOR- oh you thought it was over, nope, one more left. check out a man who was largely responsible for helping scrubs step their game up in cota, xvsf, and msh. he breaks down tvc, and his feelings on this brand new fighter from capcom. woot!

jchensor interview

  • have you ever played in vs series in the past?

Yes. I’ve played them since the beginning, if you even count X-Men COTA. I never really played them competitively much, though I did play against players at my arcade a lot from COTA to MSH to XvSF to MvC. But I was always MORE obsessed with the combos than getting good at the game competitively. In fact, I was largely responsible for spreading the popularity of the Combo Engines for COTA, MSH, and XvSF in the States, having written my extensive Combo FAQs for those three games back in the day. Most regrettably, the game I have the LEAST experience in, in this series, is MvC2… the game that got the most popular.

  • if yes, then which ones did you play, and which ones did you like or dislike?
  • why did you like a certain one over another, and what were the differences you enjoyed?

I was always a huge fan of X-Men Vs. Street Fighter, because it had the most exploitable Combo System. The stuff you could do in that game was amazing and wrong. The later ones, like MSHvSF and MvC1, the Combo systems became more restrictive. So since I usually played the first three games for the Combos more than the competition, I was always the biggest fan of COTA, MSH, and XvSF, the games where they had very few Combo limitations.

  • what made you want to play tvc?

More chance for finding new Combos and having fun with the Combo Engine. And it just looked really cool and really fun. I would actually LIKE to learn the game competitively, but I can’t seem to find anyone else to play against.

  • how much did tvc cost you, for those who are unaware of the price of imports, or for you, i guess domestic?

It cost me a lot, since I had to import the game AND I bought the TvC joystick along with it. So I spent maybe around 150 bucks total for the game and the joystick.

  • who are your mains in tvc?
  • why did you choose them as your mains?
  • besides your mains, who else do you play, or are considering playing?

I have no main characters as of now. I’ve never played anything outside of Training Mode.

  • tvc seems to try to balance out the vs series as much as possible, with things like, megacrash, baroque, doing more damage when low on health, and taking less damage when low on health, etc… do you think these help balance out a series, previously considered quite broken? and what is your general thought and input on the new systems created for tvc?

They are a good start, but I think they missed a few things. A little more could have added more strategy into the game, such as having Snapbacks for everyone, to purposely Snap someone away to eliminate their Red Meter so they can’t kill you with Baroques. Mega Crashes help a little, but you find yourself with not enough Meter a lot… which I guess is good, otherwise you’d see nothing but Mega Crashes all day. A good idea might have been to make it so that the higher the Combometer is, the more Super Meter you GET for being hit! That way, if you are being Infinited, you will gain more and more Super Meter as the Combo goes. Supers would be immune to this and give you only a bit of Super Meter, which works out because almost ALL inifnites are performed by repeating Normal and Special Moves.

  • there is a lot of hype around karas right now, with his name being in the category of S tier. how do you feel about him being there? he does have an infinite, and a good offense, but i feel like a lot of new players are commenting on his abilities on the offense, forgetting he can die quicker than anyone in the game. offense means little if you have absolutely no health back it up, but how do you feel about the karas hype?

Too early. It’s always too early. Eventually, we’ll get used to him. Look how well people can Block Magneto high/low games in MvC2. Once we get used to Karas, it might even turn out he just dies too fast and ends up being just high tier, like Spiral in MvC2. He’s amazingly good right now, for sure. But it’s way too early to decide anything. In fact, I’m guessing the key to killing Karas will be using Counters, because he dies so fast in one Combo. If you can get him with one Counter, you might be able to do a huge chunk of damage, making Karas more afraid to attack.

  • do expect to see more infinites coming from the cast? i saw a possible one in brea’s videos with jun, but i havent seen anyone attempting it yet, or really playing and backing her up, besides me. i will test it within the coming week, when i can get my stick rocking, but besides what we already know, do you think more will be coming. i dont see to many more coming, but we will see. saki seems to have an infinite now too

Don’t underestimate the game. Right now, a lot of people are playing it like the older games. There is an exploit we haven’t found yet, I’m sure. There will be new infinites discovered, I can almost guarantee it. In fact, it wouldn’t quite feel like a VS game if we didn’t find anymore. :slight_smile:

  • tvc is going to be at sbo, and judging from what your seeing our videos here, what do you think its looking like as an early forcast to how usa will do in tvc come sbo time? it is early, but we have some of our top players like demon hyo, already getting busy, and as soon as the comp starts to spread, and steps up, i think we are going to have some serious contenders. plus from all the main video posters in the forum, myself included, i can see their evolution happening every time the post up, and it seems to be moving quick.

From the Nico Videos I’ve seen, I think the Japanese are ahead of us right now. They are much more aggressive, and I think this game awards aggression much more than MvC2. That sounds weird, given MvC2’s reputation for Rushdowns, but MvC2 is a very defensive game, thanks to the usefulness of AAAs (Anti-Air Assists). So even when you watch a person like Justin Wong play, he wins because he turtles with characters like Sentinel. Its just that Sentinel turtles by flying at the top back of the screen and dodging stuff, so it looks like he’s doing something and doesn’t look like the typical turtling we think of when we think Guile. But it’s still a form of defensive play. TvC feels a bit more offense-oriented because there is no easy and safe anti-Rushdown like a Captain Commando or Psylocke Assist, where you can protect yourself and still be Blocking. Imagine if you had Psylocke AAA from MvC2. Would you think Karas would even be remotely as scary?

  • who do you think are some slept on characters in tvc so far, and why?

Not sure yet. I need to see more footage, but if you find just the right Assist to go along with her, I actually think Saki might be really annoying. A good Assist that helps control space might make her really annoying. If people get good at Morrigan Rushdowns, I think she might be really deadly as well.

  • why do you think people are playing so much chun, ryu, batsu, alex, karas so far? there seems to be a little variety, but that seems to just be out of request for casual play, and most players first started off, and are continuing to play these characters above all, or do you think the community is actually filled with a bit more variety then im seeing?

The reason you see them is because they are buff and fairly straight forward to use. A lot of the Tatsunoko Characters seem to be designed around being complex, with weird systems like Jun planting bombs on people or Hurricane Polymar building up “Ducks” as I affectionately call them. :slight_smile: So it’s easy to go with stuff that works and stuff you are used to (the Capcom characters you listed are all fairly familiar, and Karas is easy mode). As people play more, you’ll end up seeing a bigger variety, I’m sure. The variety is NOT there yet, but I think it’ll get there a bit more once people figure the game out more and start experimenting.

  • do you play on stick or pad, and if on stick, is there a reason why, and do you think it has any kind of advantages for this game specifically?

I’ve been playing Fighting Games on a joystick since Classic SFII. It’s just my preferred way of playing.

  • what do you think of the level of play coming from u.s players so far? if you watch demon hyos first videos, you can see how quickly he got better, and his opponents, same for me (jimmy1200). i think this is a good sign people are taking it serious, and are evolving quickly. my next set of vids will be on a higher level also, as i will be on my sticks. although there arent many posting now, i am in contact with some md players who are taking it seriously, and they are playing pretty hard themselves, and getting better every time i inquire.

The quality of play is only okay, to be 100% honest. The stuff I’ve seen is very impressive, and I love it, but I can’t say the play looks really high level because, well, we don’t know what high level looks like just yet. We can’t be sure. Take a look at the first tournaments of Alpha 3. What we thought was great back then aren’t even considered good enough to be mid-tier anymore. X-Dhalsim was broken in the early stages, but nowadays he’s the worst version of Dhalsim you can choose! And just because I know the U.S. is so restricted in the abiltiy to play each other, especially on a game that can only be obtained via import, there just isn’t enough competition for me to positively say U.S. players look great right now. I do think the videos are getting better and better and better, but I think we have a lot of ground to cover, still.

  • do you see tvc going places, and staying strong for a while, or will they need to drop tvc2 soon to keep the interest of players? i can see players possibly getting bored of the cast, and a need for tvc2 by mid 2010, but the game is still new, and we will see what starts coming from the players and the game very soon.

As long as the game remains only on import for the Wii, I don’t think TvC will go very far in the U.S. I live in Southern California, one of the greatest meccas of Fighting Games in the states, and I can barely find anyone who owns the game or even really desires to play it.

I know my outlook is very pessimistic, but I’ve been in the Fighting Game scene for over 15 years now, been playing since classic SFII. And I’ve been helping run Evo for so many years now as well, so I have a lot of extra insight into Fighting Game communities that a lot of other people just don’t have. I’m not saying that TvC has NO chance to make it big, I’m just saying it has a VERY tough road ahead of it if it wants to get there. I’d LOVE to see it get very popular and to see a TvC: Champion Edition where they really fix a lot of things and add a few more features into the game. Let’s hope it happens.

thank you everyone for your support!

see if marn is up for an interview. i’m semi-interested in what he has to say about the game.

I, too, am interested to hear more :slight_smile:

Only 1 person is on podcast and the rest are text only? :wasted:

I should be apart of this cause of my awesome Saki thread.

/selfish plug.

what is the point about including stuff like “the police found my stolen car” hahaahaha

well good interviews anyway

Long reads. o_O;

I’m pretty sure plenty of people would love to. Console choice is ass on Capcom’s part. Even worse it’s not even available outside JP. Just wasn’t meant to be.

I think that there are many factors contributing to TvC’s community,

1.) IT should have came out on a more import friendlier console:
2.) We as North Americans generally don’t know who the hell the Tatsunoko side unless we followed the cartoons/lived in the 70s/watch the fansubs
3.) Fuck the Wii.

Other than that, this game is the best fighting game for the Wii, and tons of fun. I like pressing buttons :3. What we need now is more exposure of TvC.

Lets see here…

1.) There is no console this generation more import-friendly than the Wii.
2.) You didnt know who Ryu and Chun-Li were the first time you picked up Street Fighter II, and that didnt stop you. Knowing the characters already is not a reason people wouldnt love a great new fighting game.
3.) Oh, I’ve seen you before… lets keep the hate out of the thread.

Well ps3 games are in the same region for Japan & Ps3, so I think that prolly would’ve been a bit better, but it’s not hard to set up the Wii to play it if you’re interested, really no harder than ps2.

Lookin forward to playing better players at Sinsation. Just gotta keep playing and let more people actually get their hands on it to build that hype, instead of letting it get swallowed by SF4 & the other good stuff.

stuart hayden coming soon

so we can only get audio for one of the interviews?

Kiets the wii may be import friendly but for this game to work didn’t you have to have some homebrew app?

The PS3 is far more import friendly than the Wii. But more importantly, the game, if it wants to have a larger international community, should really have an international release. If this game gets a license in America (or outside of Japan) the chance for a larger community is much greater than relying on people to not only import the game but then have to either purchase an imported Wii or figure out how to run the game on a domestic system.

I’m surprised that Capcom only put this game on the Wii and not the PS2.

That last two major versus games were Capcom vs SNK, both of those brands having strong followings and recognition within the fighting game community, and of course, Marvel vs Capcom, with Marvel having an even stronger brand recognition amongst video gamers than the Capcom or Street Fighter name. Fact is that Marvel is a strong brand to attach to a game, especially a game of quality like MvC2. Tons of gamers got into Marvel vs Capcom (and obviously XvSF) because of X-Men characters alone. Tatsunoko is a brand that is alien to most of the fighting game community outside of Japan I would imagine.

I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of TvC at all (I bought it though), I greatly dislike the Tatsunoko roster, and I was dismayed that Capcom chose to create a new series rather than revive CvS or really MvC. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m still irate at the abandonment of the MvC brand to give TvC a legitimate chance. But for now I’ve had a hard time getting into the game, and with SFIV (for consoles) coming up in two weeks the chance of me getting in more TvC seems to be zero.

take this to the tvc forum or something please, but i did feel inclined to respond to this person. :wink: i just dont want this to turn into 3 pages of arguing why someone thinks tvc sucks, and sf4 rulez, and it ends up overshadowing my hard work i put into interviewing people, editing these transcripts, loading up audio, and posting it here on srk for people to enjoy, and hopefully gain a bit more hype for the game.

the wii has sold over 15 million units, and over 10 million have been in the u.s. somebody got the wii, and the homebrew hack for the wii took me five minutes. it took more time finding the zelda game to rent, then to do the hack. i have asked this before, but i dont think the ps2 can handle tvc, and or handle it good.

i think maybe at one point, the whole, i dont know these characters argument might have been partially valid, but i just dont think i want to believe that anymore. its 2009, and i think people at this point are just enjoying games. i knew of karas, and knew nothing else of tatsunoko, but i had no thought in my head that said, eh, who the fuck is the rest of the cast, im not playing this. i actually thought they looked cool, with their helmets and shit. ha ha

hell, i didnt know who saki or souki were either. point being, i dont think to many people, other than maybe scrubs, are thinking like that anymore. we just trying to play, and find out what characters we like, and fuck wit em.

trying to revive cvs anytime soon would have taken hype from sf4 and for snk, if they have a say in it, probably wouldnt want a new cvs because kofxii is dropping this year. cvs 3 probably wont be seen for at least two years, if at all. there will have to be some serious developing going on for a cvs 3, because there will be a demand for sf4 mechanics in cvs3, and kofxii mechanics in cvs3, with also probably trying to combine old grooves too. plus the community is not at any demand for cvs3. sf4 is already about to take over the world for a while.

yes, for whatever reason, they did nothing after mvc2. kinda odd, but im sure there was a reason. maybe because it wasnt popular in japan, and the u.s players were content playing it over and over again, even as it reached its tenth birthday. maybe, who knows. i mean, thats if you want to believe capcom listens to us, and pays attention to us. no offense capcom, i know you do. :wink:

well you argued all of that, just to say, sf4 is coming, so basically fuck tvc, and for what. not to get pissy, but that shits so old. look at demon hyo, if you read the interview, he plays sf4 more than tvc, and he is still mad skilled at the tvc. people act like they never modded a system before, or purchased an import game. maybe its just me. my systems get hacked all day, and i have no problem buying imports, because i dont buy games much anyways, so when i do, its no big to drop an extra few bucks for a game i want to play.

plus, wasnt it mentioned in a thread that some dude from capcom or whatever, said that mvc3 was not an impossibility.

HEY COMMUNITY, YOU CAN PLAY MORE THAN ONE GAME AT ONCE. lol. when did people start playing games, last year? i have always played multiple games, and there are plenty of top players who are good at more than just one game.

again, say your peace, but lets not turn this into a you suck, i rulez thing. if you think you will become a sf4 champion by ignoring tvc, good for you, do your thing.

yo marn, you wanna get in on this? im entertained by your personality on the forum. its entertaining, and might make for some good interview hype. plus i have heard nothing but good things about your karas game, and your tvc game in general. say what you want, but aint no one saying shit negative about dude.

and for people bringing it up, yes, you need to read the stuff. sorry, people arent always willing to just spout out their number over the nets. maybe the next batch of stuff will be audio. you can sometimes get into more jibber jabber with audio, but im is easy for a lot of people, sometimes including myself. i understand

i hope to get some good real talk after sinsation, and i cant wait to see tvc sinsation vids. if i can make it there, i will be all over audio and video of tvc. interviews and all dat.maybe i can find someone to do it for me if i cant make it. hmmmmmmmmm…

i left in the car part because it didnt matter really. just keeping the realness of the interview in there. trying to keep it raw i guess :sweat: