Play TVC! The tvc players interview thread. come see what we have to say

I’d like to try out TvC, but its on the Wii…Goddamn it.

Yeah I forgot Ps3 was region free, so you got me there. Fact remains that setting up your wii to play imports takes 10 minutes, one time. Either you have the drive and want to play, or you don’t.

Not sure what you mean here. I don’t like/support Wii, nor do I own one. And wanting to try a game does not override the fact I do not wish to go and spend hundreds of dollars on a system I don’t care for just for a game I am not certain I will like as yet. Of course, there are arcades but good luck finding one with that cabinet in it around this area.

But the game does look fun, I can’t deny that.

Then you simply need to find a friend who has it, or go to a tournament where they have it, and give it a try to see if its worth the expense for you.

“I dont support the wii”. Its video games, man. We have always been at the mercy of exclusives that we want to play.

I’m not sure why you wanted to interview me Jimmy ;p.

This is very true. I would have tried it at Impact Clash III, but was busy with MvC2 and GGXX; I suppose I can get a chance when I go to Final Round. :wink:

But that is the point - I want to try it. I am not sure if I want to dedicate myself to it yet. Simply because we are limited by our wallets, preferences and the scene we live at, does not mean it makes us less dedicated players, it means we have other priorities.

But anyway, what I’m curious about is the game balance. A few people I talked at Impact Clash III said the balance was as bad as XmvsSF. Its not a factor to me whether I play the game or not (I play Marvel, so…) but I’d like to know out of curiosity…

Wouldn’t it be a better idea to convert the .WAV file to .mp3 or any similar format? It would significantly decrease the file size.

Keits, good point on number 2, Tatsu side prompted me to buy the game I love the game because of its cast, so I was just speaking at a casual player’s point where a lot of Wii owners I knew WTF at tatsunoko thus turning them off. I only say Fuck the Wii because of what J1N said during IRC, where the Dev Kit sucks so bad that a hacked Wii has more options. But the 3rd point is just there for trolling nothing really important, the Wii in the end is a fun console, and to me I bought it for Tatsunoko and possibly of all those casual games where I don’t have to delve numerous hours into gameplay.

No beef, all love. No homo.

I thought this was an interview thread not a system vs/wii sucks thread?

Lets keep it an interview thread, please.

I apologize, I’m looking forward to more interviews.

not sure. maybe i saw you post in a tvc thread, and figured, oh, an 02’ member that plays, or i just assumed you played it. ummm, i dont know. maybe i clicked to pm the wrong user. my bad. im really not sure…gotta be a reason

comedic relief?

P.S start doing maor podcast instead of text only interviews.

The interviews were great. I’m amazed at people complaining about having to read the interviews instead of istening to them. Dude has a life, and his written interviews are much better than nothing, which is what we had so far.

Keep them coming, Jimmy. This is great stuff either in writing or in audio. Stuart and Marn should be really interesting as well. Thank you for the work you put into this.


I made the Doronjo thread, and I did play, but there is noone around me that really sits down and has sessions with the game outside of Justin (and maybe one or two other people) so I gave up.


I guess if you want… AIM me: Thatguymarn

STUART HAYDEN- interview with the man who brought you the saki faq, and in his words, is the best saki ever, even in the distant future, on other planets. we discuss some saki stuff, tvc2 wants, what he saw at evo 08 with tvc, and a paragraph of heroes. lol. here you go. enjoy

jimmy1200srk: yo

Stuart Hayden: Eya.

jimmy1200srk: its about that time. you ready to battle? i got my nikes on and shit. ya know. lookin all miami. ya know. im

ready to pop, son!

jimmy1200srk: oh, and the interview

Stuart Hayden: Haha. You sound like a madden player.

jimmy1200srk: nah, my boys back in md would play it all the time. i just would get drunk and talk shit. i got “ya know” from

something else. me and my cousin be rockin it. its source is my secret. ya know. or ill tell you at the end of our

conversation. so why did you pick up tvc, and not just give it the big middle, console exclusive, finger?

Stuart Hayden: Cause I needed a reason to play my Wii. I hadn’t bought a game for it or even played it since last April.

Stuart Hayden: Being a fan of cross over fighters helped too.

Stuart Hayden: I didn’t know (see: still don’t) know shit about the Tatsunoko side of the cast cause I don’t watch anime.

But it was a new fighter, got plenty of hype and exposure thanks to Evo So I was really excited to play it.

jimmy1200srk: damn. so you got the wii, and was like, hmmmm, what am i suppose to do with this? lol! yes, as a fan of the

vs series, i was more than happy to get it, and fortunately when i moved from md, one of my roommates owns a wii, and all i

had to do was get the game. were you at evo when it was being showcased?

Stuart Hayden: Yeah, I attended Evo 2k8. I didn’t get a chance to play TvC cause I was too busy either playing SFIV or

socializing with people I met off SRK. But I did watch a lot of it.

jimmy1200srk: right on. what did you witness as an observer of tvc at evo? like, what were other observers saying about it,

who was beasting, etc… just any and everything you noticed while watching the game

Stuart Hayden: Every time I looked over or watched it was Jwong and Combofiend trading off on the 1P side beasting on

everyone. A lot of people were bitching about Alex’s SGHB loops and Batsu being the Storm of the game.

jimmy1200srk: ha ha. combofiend was playing it. hmmm. i wonder if he still is now? i know he was pretty good at mvc2

jimmy1200srk: batsu being the storm of the game? with his fireball stuff?

Stuart Hayden: (combofiend) He was playing Alex/Tekkaman a lot IIRC.

Stuart Hayden: Batsu’s kick special move and being able to air dash. Plus yeah, his fireballs. He was massive run away.

Stuart Hayden: I’m not sure if he had his infinite back then though. I didn’t see much Batsu play. Just a lot of Tekkeman

and Ryu.

Stuart Hayden: I mean, everyone can airdash in TvC obviously but Batsu’s specials were able to utilize it a lot better.

jimmy1200srk: word. well look at that. tekkaman getting a lot of early play, and not so much now. well, actually im seeing

him more now in peoples casuals. what does iirc mean? instant indestructable roll cancels? lol. i really dont know what that

means though. yeah, i could see that about batsu, and i will wait to see if that part of his game has been developed for

when sinsation drops, i expect to see some good stuff.

Stuart Hayden: iirc = if I remember/recall correctly.

jimmy1200srk: oooooooh. i like my version better. so who are your mains in the game so far?

Stuart Hayden: Saki/Rock Volnutt or Polymer/Morrigan

Stuart Hayden: Usually Saki/Volnutt cause it’s the team I’ve spent the most time on and characters I’ve put the most effort

into learning.

Stuart Hayden: Especially Saki.

jimmy1200srk: alright! time to discuss. so it is agreed upon me and myself, that i hate saki. can you please explain to me

why i should hate her more than i already do. everytime i see her, even average players make her look annoying.

Stuart Hayden: She’s a watered down cable. You have every right to hate her.

jimmy1200srk: yes. unblockable setups and all that. whats her unblockable?

Stuart Hayden: qcb+PP is an unblockable shot.

Stuart Hayden: Getting her unblockable shot is pretty much what her entire game play is based around.

jimmy1200srk: oh really. can you combo off of it at all?

jimmy1200srk: i see the videos, but i dont know whats what

Stuart Hayden: Honestly, I hate to say it but I don’t remember. I haven’t touched the game since before christmas. But to my

rememberance. No.

jimmy1200srk: christmas. shame on you. so i guess its safe to say you havent tested the waters of the possible infinite

shown in demon hyos vids

Stuart Hayden: Can’t say I have. I haven’t kept up with the game. STHD and Castle Crashers have been owning my soul as of


Stuart Hayden: There ARE combo’s off of her unblockable shot.

Stuart Hayden: And block strings/combos that can help you charge her UB shot.

jimmy1200srk: word up. i had a dream last night of sthd. i swear to god. dont know why. like, blanka was doing some crazy

shit, that shouldnt even combo, like comboing his angry attack ball twice, and then into super. it was an amazing dream. oh

right on. cause there is a lot of talk in the forums now of her being top tier. do you see that in your opinion?

Stuart Hayden: I do. But I am bias when it comes to Saki.

Stuart Hayden: Cause I put so much effort into learning her.

Stuart Hayden: And I put a lot of time into the FAQ thread I made for her.

Stuart Hayden: I want her to be top tier and she has a good shot at it. But people like Karas will probably stop her. She’ll

probably be top 5 or right below.

jimmy1200srk: why arent you playing karas. karas is your friend :slight_smile:

Stuart Hayden: I actually tried learning Karas when I first picked up the game. But I found his play style really boring.

And I hate characters with Akuma syndrome (good/strong attacks but bad vitality)

jimmy1200srk: akuma syndrome has just been patented. yeah, i hate that too. your so excited about what your doing

offensively, and then you get comboed, and its so sad to watch yourself die so quickly. i tried learning him too. well, not

really, but i picked him up for a session, like a month ago, and he just didnt feel right for me. i might try again. i dont

know. so i see you mentioned morrigan. morrigan seems to be like 50/50 on peoples radar. some people say, fuck her, while

others praise her instant over heads, and a strong level 3. how do you feel about morrigan. i was bandwagoning her at first,

and then she reached her limit for me. i want to be limitless and broken. lol. im lazy

Stuart Hayden: She’s a decent rush character cause they kept her angled air dash. I’m sure Buk likes her.

Stuart Hayden: So she can come at you in a lot of directions. Which is always nice. But I kinda favor Hurricane Polymer over

her. Just cause I am better with him than Morrigan.

Stuart Hayden: That and I love his taunt mix ups. He has a lot of surprises up his sleeves. But then again, he might not any

more. Like I said, I’ve been out of the loop unfortunetly.

jimmy1200srk: word. polymar is still good imo. i have learned to push block punish the shit out of him over time though. for

people trying to spam block strings, and his throw is easy to break out of. how do you feel about all the karas hype that has

been going on? if in marns eyes, those japanese vids are nothing, we are either getting dooped, or the true karas players of

america, including himself, are about to drop a hot load of wtf on tvc

Stuart Hayden: Karas will end up being the best character in the game he has too many cures for the akuma syndrome. I don’t

know what Marn has said about him or the game, and I don’t really care. No disrespect to him intended.

jimmy1200srk: word. i know you havent been playing tvc, but have you been keeping up with the videos and stuff

Stuart Hayden: No.

Stuart Hayden: People will PM me or IM me with vids or match videos. And I’m like “eh, I’ll watch it later” But I never get

around to it.

Stuart Hayden: Lol. This interview is making me out to be a not so much dedicated TvC player. But it’s whatever.

jimmy1200srk: is there tvc comp where your at?

Stuart Hayden: I’m in Arkansas. That’s all I say on that matter.

jimmy1200srk: is that in america

Stuart Hayden: LOL. Best answer ever.

Stuart Hayden: Yeah, it is. It’s in the south and it sucks ass.

jimmy1200srk: i was serious…sike. well i understand. i know keits is in another so called

place in america. i think its called wicksconsins, and there isnt much poppin from what he says, but he still trys to stay on

top, playing j1n and stuff. make your friends play it!!!

jimmy1200srk: will you be trying to attend evo this year?

Stuart Hayden: I will be at Evo this year. I am going to be at FR in March as well.

jimmy1200srk: oh, well stay on your tvc game. see what you can do at fr and evo. you never know. do you expect to see tvc at


Stuart Hayden: Haha. I plan on practicing a lot for TvC when Final Round comes around. After all the stuff I contributed and

all the shit I talked in certain areas about my TvC skills. It’d be real bitch made for me to be knocked out first round, you


jimmy1200srk: “SON, IM NICE AT TVC. CHECK OUT MY SAKI/ROCK”…in losers bracket, stuart

hayden. “WTF” ha ha, yeah, you dont want that. you got it. its nothin

Stuart Hayden: As for TvC at Evo, that’s a really interesting question. I want to say yes because the game is obviously very

well recieved with people, a lot of people are playing it and it’s a generally solid game. I’m not just talking tier wise

because people will always bitch about tiers. I’m just talking about it’s ability to be played in general. It’s solid and a

great game.

Stuart Hayden: But on the other side of the coin, it’s an import game. So that could cause a lot of financial issues with

the Evo staff if they decided to get legit copies.

Stuart Hayden: You also gotta think about the Evo Staff in general. With them teaming with Capcom/Gamestop for the upcoming

SFIV tourneys. It seems like this year there is nothing the Evo staff won’t be able to do. And with that said, they said the

venue, dates and games will be released mid february. So here is to hoping. I’d be pumped to see TvC in the evo line up. Most


jimmy1200srk: if tvc hits the evo lineup, here comes the chu chu train of tvc players. i think there might be a nice handful

of players not really caring, but if evo says yes, they will be raping the forums for info, and most will probably initially

pick up karas/ryu as their team. lol. i guess since a lot of players so far have been playing since day one, we have more

diversity in our character selection, because no one knew what anyone could do really. some people in our forum want to main

giants, while others want to master ken eagle. it has some diversity. sf4 is gonna be so huge this year. this will be the

hugest year for evo ever. the japanese are going to come in drones to play sf4, sthd, and hopefully tvc, at evo. its gonna be

the best evo ever!

jimmy1200srk: now did you just do a mod hack for your wii?

Stuart Hayden: Yeah. I modded my wii.

Stuart Hayden: And yeah, I agree with you. This years Evo is going to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. I can’t


jimmy1200srk: if only we had tk6 too. well maybe we will do a tk6 side tourney at ny ny, and just raid that fucking arcade

with people. ha ha. aaaaaaaaaaah, i love living in vegas. what hack did you do? i did homebrew

Stuart Hayden: I did homebrew as well. On the subject of Tekken. Eh, I’ve never been a fan really. I did really enjoy the

finals for last year though.

Stuart Hayden: Ryan Hart is a beast.

Stuart Hayden: I do plan on getting into Tekken 6 when it drops this fall though. I was going to get into DR but eh, I never

felt the need to and I always found VF5 more interesting.

jimmy1200srk: understandable. ryan hart is trash…who said that. j/k. yeah, he is a very

good tekken player. fuck dr, that shits old, and will get a no person turn out at evo this year. vf5 needs to be at evo.

theyre probably to worried of getting a piss poor turn out, so they said fuck it,but i think seeing vf5, tvc, sfhd, and sf4

at evo would be grossly sexy. how do you feel about the tier list speculation? it seems at this point it has died off, and

people are waiting a while before posting anything else there.most of the post are off topic nonsense. i think sinsation will

show some stuff, and the vids that will continue to drop in the future. like yatterman instantly went from, who gives a fuck,

is that a boy or a girl, TO OH MY GOD, YATTERMAN IS DE BEZT. his infinite is full screen, and ridiculous

Stuart Hayden: Karas, Saki > Everyone else. lol.

Stuart Hayden: I kid. I have no idea what the tiers will be. Everyone kind of has a decent idea of what it might be, but the

only thing people seem to really agree on is Karas being the best.

jimmy1200srk: i think his outfit has a lot to do with his beastliness

Stuart Hayden: As for evo line up, VF5 isn’t there because the 2 current US ports we have are obsolete and shit. And VF5R

has no signs of ever being ported. So, who knows.

Stuart Hayden: The ideal Evo line up for me would be
SFIV/STHD/Marvel/TvC/Newest Tekken/Guilty Gear Accent Core.

Stuart Hayden: A lot of people hate on GG’s scene which I can understand. They kinda fucked up.

Stuart Hayden: But the game has a strong and dedicated following. They had an AMAZING side tournament last year. Which Evo

staff even helped them run.

Stuart Hayden: Plus I know a lot of people who don’t like the game but love watching it. Kind of like me with Tekken or now

Marvel (I got burnt out on it after playing it for 7 years. Plus me being shitty at the game helped my decision)

jimmy1200srk: word. i would like to see ggac. i think they can still get a turn out for that. i guess i could see brawl

(gay), tvc, sfhd, sf4, ggac, and marvel. that would be a hype line up. especially if they made it marvels last evo ever. then

there could be stupid huge hype for it, and just bring out the best moments in marvel ever. they should have a ceremony for

it. that game has been at evo forever. it deserves a proper rest. EVO STAFF, LISTEN TO MY DECISIONS NOW! well its pretty

much confirmed we wont be seeing tvc in america. whatever. off the top of your head, do you have any wants for tvc 2, like

character additions, and game mechanic changes. you go first, then ill post some thoughts. sometimes i like how you call out

assist, since they arent like mvc2 where you can spam it, but at other times, i wish i could call out my assist when im being

rushed down to shit by someone like crow man black

Stuart Hayden: I’d want to see mow SF or Dark Stalkers characters.

Stuart Hayden: I’m not familiar with the Tatsunoko brand as before mentioned.

Stuart Hayden: But I’d like to see Charlie or Victor.

Stuart Hayden: Strider would be fucking hype but from what I remember there is a web of shit surrounding his licensing.

jimmy1200srk: yes. strider would be hype. um that other girl in karas revelations would be hype, or the dude that was

kicking karas’s ass in karas prophecy. i need more karas people. dhalsim, and make him good. give me a new character like

chun, but kinda different. like a brand new character for the game could be chuns little cousin or something. a little

teenage thigh master. um, give me el fuerte with command assist. change morrigans missle super so it can combo easily. speed

racer. take out giants, theyre gay. give me chris redfield, with jill like assist. i want swole chris too. no homo. give us

chris and fucking wesker. and give wesker fucking flash steps like in the trailer for re5. god that would be so fucking hype

jimmy1200srk: um, wesker again. give me to og megaman, rock looks like a queer

Stuart Hayden: I enjoyed the Rockman Dash series a lot actually.

Stuart Hayden: So I was really happy to see Rock Volnutt.

jimmy1200srk: give me megamans alter person. that red guy

Stuart Hayden: Protoman? Yeah. That’d be interesting. I’d rather see Bass though. Or Auto. People who know MM characters

will know.

Stuart Hayden: The one thing that did draw me to TvC is how obscure the capcom cast is.

jimmy1200srk: what if they made it so that you could turn into other characters from megaman series by using super bar or


jimmy1200srk: yeah, they brought out some good stuff for capcoms side

Stuart Hayden: lol. Eddy/Flip-Top? That’d be awesome. I’d main him in a heart beat.

jimmy1200srk: i think they should do that. give us at least 3-5 other characters you can turn into off a level 3. that would

be shenanigans!!! oh, how do you feel about this right here. i think what jchensor said in this is pretty good.

jimmy1200srk: they are a good start, but I think they missed a few things. A little more could have added more strategy

into the game, such as having Snapbacks for everyone, to purposely Snap someone away to eliminate their Red Meter so they

can’t kill you with Baroques. Mega Crashes help a little, but you find yourself with not enough Meter a lot… which I guess

is good, otherwise you’d see nothing but Mega Crashes all day. A good idea might have been to make it so that the higher the

Combometer is, the more Super Meter you GET for being hit! That way, if you are being Infinited, you will gain more and more

Super Meter as the Combo goes. Supers would be immune to this and give you only a bit of Super Meter, which works out

because almost ALL inifnites are performed by repeating Normal and Special Moves.
[13:25] Mr Stuart Hayden: Sounds about right.

Stuart Hayden: Lighthan, Genie and Alex are the only characters that have snap backs. Which is pretty bogus. But the Genie

is the best in my eyes cause I played with him a lot when I first got into the game and he can combo into his snap out and

his seems to be the most versitile.

Stuart Hayden: Alex is just beefy. He’s slow as fuck but he can do a lot of damage fast.

jimmy1200srk: doesnt it. it sounds very right to me. hopefully we can get that added into the second version. not so much

anything needs to be toned down, as much as defensive options need a little boost. its like they wanna always tone down

characters, or the game, but they just dont give an added defensive option to help things out, or boost a defensive option.

keep all of karas bullshit, and give him more, but as long as you can give me the opportunity to do something about it, and

something good. if i have 0 bars, and nothing i can do about it, then thats my bad, and i guess im going to die, but until

then, i think we should have better defensive options. but not to complain, i still think baroque and mega crash are pretty

nice. alex is beefy for real. alex masters will put pain on people in the future. push block punish with jumping fierce, to

straight nastys!

Stuart Hayden: I hope to play a lot of diverse teams at FR. But I have a feeling I’ll see nothing but Karas/random.

Stuart Hayden: Which is lame. :\

Stuart Hayden: But yeah. People bitch about how broke it is and all the infinites and people calling the game XvSF2.

Stuart Hayden: Just remember this: Save meter.

jimmy1200srk: i agree with what someone said though, about once you kill their karas, theyre like, um, how do i play with my

other character. i think demon said that. i kinda saw that with kubo, his karas was beast, and his ryu was average

Stuart Hayden: Once I get 2 bars I never go under that. Even with Saki.

Stuart Hayden: Which I think will pay off in tourneys since I trained myself to do it.

Stuart Hayden: Cause of Karas, Batsu, Rock Volnutt and Viewtiful Joe.

jimmy1200srk: word. yeah, 2 should be standard, and i can see only in the case of karas, as i would want to maximize my

damage to him, and get him out of there, would i not use supers until im getting at least level 4, then i can stay ahead

mostly. against karas though, i can see you might want to take what you can get, when you can get it, because for the most

part it only takes one time for you to fuck up, and he is gonna do work on you. people calling it xvsf2 are scrubs anyways.

who said that.

jimmy1200srk: off topic. do you watch hereos?

jimmy1200srk: i said it. tvc is not xvsf2

Stuart Hayden: I agree. it’s not.

Stuart Hayden: And I watched the first season of heroes, yeah.

Stuart Hayden: Then it just became an unwatchable cluster fuck.

Stuart Hayden: But with the XvSF2 =/= TvC thing. There are a lot of simularities. Both games are very fun and pretty

balanced (to me XvSF is balanced any how. Every character is broke but playable just to a different degree) and I think TvC

will end up being a fairly balanced game, even with all the infintes. But unlike XvSF, as far as I know, TvC doesn’t have

200% combos. I know Saki potentially has an unblockable set up upon switch. But I don’t really consider that.

Stuart Hayden: Plus TvC has ways to get out of those infinites.

jimmy1200srk: heroes is damaging to my common sense. i cant wait to lurk the heroes thread when it starts up again.ill watch

the first episode,and if it sucks, i will discontinue like i did last season. season 1 i was like. cool. season 2 i was like.

wtf. season 3 i looked back at season 1 and 2, and was like, all of this sucks, and stopped watching mid way. so we will see.

people who write sci fi and stuff nowadays in hollywood,have no imagination. i like supernatural a lot, but i think its

lacking in some places when it comes to paranormal writings. whatever. back on topic. heroes sucks. hayden is hot. weird

peter was lurking her cooch when she was underage. dude, can you not get grown snatch? lol. (under my breath) she is hot

though. true, tvc at least gives you an out. xvsf is beautiful in its craziness. i mean, everything is bananas in that game.

tvc, only really karas stands out as super bananas so far, and others following behind with just real good stuff, but we will

see, maybe tides will turn, and there will be a ryu glitch that just allows you to infinite someone with f heavy attack. lol

Stuart Hayden: Hayden is hot. yes. And anyone would hit that. Jail bait or not.

jimmy1200srk: i know. the only difference between 17 and 18, is whether i know or not

jimmy1200srk: ooops, who typed that

Stuart Hayden: Exactly.

jimmy1200srk: i cant wait to post this interview and have everyone like, GOSH,I HAVE TO READ AGAIN. GET AUDIO INTERVIEWS


Stuart Hayden: Hahah. People on SRK are never happy.

Stuart Hayden: No matter what

jimmy1200srk: word. shit, we should all be lucky to have such a resource of info, and to live in a society with internet,

where we can keep things hype with stuff like this, and find info on the games we like

jimmy1200srk: it says you entered text. i see nothing

jimmy1200srk: i got, no matter what, though

Stuart Hayden: No idea.

jimmy1200srk: oh, trillian does that to me sometimes

jimmy1200srk: fuck you trilian

jimmy1200srk: i love you

jimmy1200srk: no homo

jimmy1200srk: shout out to the no homo thread in general discussion. no homo

Stuart Hayden: Hah.

jimmy1200srk: do you guys have an arcade in wisconsin, or is it mostly just a big rural area

Stuart Hayden: That thread was sexy.

Stuart Hayden: …

Stuart Hayden: …

Stuart Hayden: slightly homo.

Stuart Hayden: Lol. I’m in Arkansas. And there isn’t an arcade for like…4 hours.

Stuart Hayden: It’s sad. :\

Stuart Hayden: I haven’t played anyone really since Evo last year.

jimmy1200srk: i hear ya. it saddens the gamer heart in me. well maybe you can move one day,and go to an area gamer friendly. i can have more tvc comp,but i mostly play my roommate, and im in training mode. i be lazy sometimes. i havent started any tvc gatherings yet. the vegas strip calls me to drink and stumble, not play games. lol. well i think that about wraps it up for now. really fun interview. probably one of the funniest so far, and a lot of good stuff we talked about. i didnt ask anyone else about what they wanted from tvc2. thats a hayden exclusive. maybe i should have :confused: oh well. ill ask them next time. i’ll see if marn wants to get on the interview list and release some info. he is probably one of the hypest players in community right now. just with people hating on him, and him telling everyone he is the god of karas. lol. i will try to see if jwong has some words to say, perfect sin, and everyone mentioned in demon hyos list. i hope theyre open for some talk. i would really like to hear what they have to say, and i wanna talk to yourmother again eventually, just to get updates from the japanese scene. any last words?

Stuart Hayden: Haha. Yeah, I had fun.

Stuart Hayden: Good luck with that Marn interview. As for last words. uh, my Saki is the best.

jimmy1200srk: you heard it ladies and gentlemen. best saki ever, son! yeah,i have a feeling i might not get him interviewed.


Stuart Hayden: Well I hope this gets decent feedback and no one flames me for being dumb. lol.

Stuart Hayden: Oh, and like, have audio and stuff in ur next interview.

Stuart Hayden: /hate hate hate

i’d be happy to body you, chibi ;0

[/no homo]

MARN-the man you love to hate, drops some karas talk on us, and why he will beat you in tvc, but still hates the game. lol. this was a pretty fun interview. random tila tequila talk for the win. enjoy!!!

jimmy1200srk: yo

marn : Sup

marn : Sorry about that. Tell me when you’re back haha.

jimmy1200srk: it worked out fine. i left to go get a steel reserve 24oz, and a cheeseburger up the street anyway. so who is marn? where you stomp at for gaming? what do you play? how long you been playin?

marn : Haha, I’m Marn, I’m originally from Houston, Texas. For the past year or so, I’ve been travelling around the States, mostly to the East Coast to play with Justin Wong and Team Kapital, who I’m now a part of. I play almost every game competitively and I’ve won multiple tournaments in a lot of games… Guilty Gear, CVS series, TVC, SF4, BlazBlue, etc. I’ve been playing since I was 11 back when the Texas Showdown series started. I’m 20 now.

jimmy1200srk: word up. good shit. good shit. well lets get into some tvc, and we will bounce around as things go. like discussing jessica simpsons weight issues, aka she is fat now, and why i just saw a picture of michael phelps hitting the bong, and him admitting it was him, even though he could have pulled of a, i dont know who the fuck that is move. but all in due time. so what made you want to even pick up tvc, and do you own it?

marn : You’re random, lol. I picked up TVC because I hate BlazBlue as a game, as I think it’s a mash friendly game, and I am confident in my level at SF4 right now. It’s a new game and everyone was saying it’s the next Marvel, so why not. I don’t even own a Wii, so lol, I don’t own TVC.

jimmy1200srk: yeah i am. yeah, i have yet to play blaze blue, but i never really played guilty gear, and i know thats like a watered down version of it to my knowledge. i would if i could. i dont think they have it in vegas. whatever. oh, before i go into tvc, who do you play in sf4? just curious

marn : Rufus.

jimmy1200srk: he’s a big guy. heafty ankles. im gonna be dropping mexican dive bombs with el fuerte when it drops on console

jimmy1200srk: so if you dont own tvc, where do you get your play time in at?

marn : Well, no one plays at Arcade UFO (the arcade in Texas)… It had a total of 6 people for it at the tournament yesterday… So the only time I really play it is in Virginia or in New York, with Demon Hyo, Justin Wong, Eric V, Perfect Sin, Steve Harrison, Skisonic, etc.

jimmy1200srk: how do you travel so much. you got dem super powaz? thats cool that you do though

marn : Haha, I have some connections =).

jimmy1200srk: good man. thats all you need to say. oh, so your arcade has it. thats cool. who took the tournament?

marn : I did, of course, where would my rep go if I had lost?!

jimmy1200srk: exactly. just double checking. if you would have said you lost, i would have been displeased, and then excited that you wont rape us all with your karas. lol. who was your team for the tourney, and how was the competition?

marn : Karas/Morrigan, the team I’ve been using since when the game came out. The competition was okay, however, it seemed like people were still learning the game.

jimmy1200srk: oh. how long has it been at your arcade? whats the ufo part of the arcades name stand for? yall got ufo problems down there? wtf

marn : It’s been there for awhile. Just no one likes the game after I showed them Karas… Fubarduck still is interested, and I’m teaching him as much of Karas as I can. Arcade UFO is inspired by some Japanese arcade or something. I’m not sure. you can all go to to find out!

jimmy1200srk: hit that shit up srk. well lets just jump into it with karas and morrigan. im interested in the fact that you play morrigan competitively. what made you even want to play karas? was it the anime? that shit is jive tight

marn : I’ve never even seen the anime. I saw a ninja and I was like, oh shit. This guy has a sword. Morrigan, well, I just like her.

jimmy1200srk: oh. americans and our obsessions with niggaz. i mean ninjas. when he was official, i was mad excited, but i really havent sat down and learned him yet. morrigan is just too sexy. not that i think a cartoon character is hot, or has wonderful breast, and can attack me any day of the week. none of that. now to be straight forward about it. what do you think sets your karas apart from what you seen so far, even the japanese videos that were recently released? i know you said something in the karas forum, like if you think thats tight, yall aint ready yet. some people took offense, but i thought it was hypness. you know, brothas always talk shit, so i dont get offended by it. shit talk fo life

marn : Lol, I shit talk because I know I can back it up, I only shit talk to the scrubs though you know what I mean, I ain’t ever shit talk the top players LOL! However … My Karas is built from scratch, I never read up on this game nor did I even know this dude was top tier, or good, or even in this game. Usually when I start a game, I look into it to see what to do, etc. Going through and playing this game without reading up on stuff has really helped me become the Karas I am today. I’m not saying I’m the best… Hell, after watching those combos Kubo did, I thought he’s a god, but he isn’t smart. Once I learn that combo, I’m going to be unstoppable. Everything I learned about Karas was all me, I never looked at the forums once except to throw in shit talk here and there.

marn : That’s kind of contridictary… But whatever.

jimmy1200srk: no, i understand. yeah, i scream obscenities at my brother all the time when he wants to play tekken, and then im quiet and i concentrate when im playing my md heads. well not always quiet, i get to beer talkin at times,but i feel ya. thats cool that you started from scratch like that. my roommate is doing that, or was, but i dont think his background is deep enough in fighting games that he can pull that off like others can. do you still have some tricks up the sleeve though? ninja flight glitch?

marn : Lol yeah, but just to let everyone know, if I’m talking to you, YOU’RE A SCRUB!!! I don’t have tricks, there isn’t really tricks that hasn’t been figured out yet. I just do my thing. Lol.

jimmy1200srk: LOL !!!

jimmy1200srk: to good

jimmy1200srk: so let me ask you about morrigan. why is she good?

jimmy1200srk: i was like, oh yeah morrigan, and then i was like, oh yeah, moving on, after about a week

marn : I don’t think she’s good, I just play her because I like her. I truly believe that Ryu is a better character as an assist and as a character. However, before I started playing these new games, I told myself I would play who I liked and not just play top tier to win. All the old games, I play all top tier… Eddie in GG, MSP in MVC2, A-Rolento/Sakura/Bison in CVS2, etc. She’s not good YET. Once people know how to get her tri-jumps down 100%, she’ll be one of the scariest characters. But for now, Karas/Ryu is the best.

marn : Playing Karas is a coincidence … Didn’t pick him because I knew he was a GOD

jimmy1200srk: i understand, and many people didnt. most people saw the anime, or saw a ninja, and couldnt wait to play him. its just that after the fact, a lot of people want to all of a sudden hate, when a majority of tvc players, have been playing since day one, and knew nothing about nothing. things just turned out the way they did

jimmy1200srk: he looks awesome, and he is awesome. works out

jimmy1200srk: do you play anyone else other than the bird and dragon wings?

marn : What? He’s a fuckin’ bird? Lol. Anyways, yeah, a lot of the scrubs (95%) of people on SRK are all talk. They don’t ever show results, they don’t even go to tournaments. They just sit at home and watch videos all day. Why are you going to bash on the people with experience vs. your no experience, etc. It’s retarded. I usually am quiet about things until people open their mouths and think they’re all hot shit for NO REASON.

marn : And back on topic, I use a little bit of Doronjo / Ryu here and there.

jimmy1200srk: i like doronjo, she’s got them hood thighs. you know, like i could see her as a shorty in the hood, thick legs, tight clothes, surrounded by goons. am i right or wrong?

marn : LOL! You’re on another level of randomness.

jimmy1200srk: oh, plus she is pretty good in my opinion. a master of her will be someone to be feared

jimmy1200srk: like assist spamming

marn : Yeah, she has a lot of setups and stuff. I just don’t want to take the time to fully learn her because I don’t have the game, etc. It’ll be hard to get good with her.

jimmy1200srk: i feel you. well maybe in the near future when you own the game, you will be able to do work. so have you mastered ryu’s tk hurricane kick combos yet? tk’ing his hurricane kick on a baroque combo is ridiculous, and i have chun as his assist, so i can just yadda yadda yadda, combo all day with him

marn : Nah lol, I don’t practice sir =). I stick with the basics.

jimmy1200srk: basics wins more often than not. thats the universal fighting game truth.

jimmy1200srk: was it difficult to master karas’s infinite? im not a charge motion kinda guy myself

marn : I learned that infinite in about 2 minutes flat. Lol.

marn : That shit is hot garbage. It’s too easy to win, I’ll do it in tournaments, but against regular people? I’d rather show off with real combos :wink:

jimmy1200srk: word up. i feel you. play as you please, ya know. thats what makes our fighting community unique at times. when people just play the way the play. im sure kubo had other options, rather than a multiple megacrash combo with baroque and assist, that looked like it was sent from the heavens itself. i thought his ryu was okay though. but on to the comp that you mentioned. how is everyone else you played doing with the game? are you just beasting on them?

jimmy1200srk: 2 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

jimmy1200srk: well, i got the chun infinite down easy, and people are still complaining about that. so it happens

marn : Everyone I’ve played either 1. quit the game, or 2. is learning Karas, except for Justin, but I believe he’ll turn to Karas soon enough. And yes, I beast on everyone I play, except Justin cause that dude is too smart for the human kind.

jimmy1200srk: lol. thats disgusting people are dropping the game because of karas. how do you feel about that?

marn : I want them to, this game is horrendous, along with BlazBlue, everyone should just play Street Fighter 4.

jimmy1200srk: sf4 is too good, but why do you hate tvc. is it just karas, or overall your not feeling the game?

marn : Honestly, I don’t like DEEP games… Like games that can take to another level. I truly believe that this game is staying where it’s at. There’s not going to be any new tactics, Karas is going to dominate this game, etc. Hell, if I learned some shit with Karas/Chun, this game would be more ridiculous, Chun is not far behind Karas, but she is definately not on Karas’ level. There’s not any thought process in TVC, you just look and hit, mash buttons and hope it hits and continue combo. It’s like a BlazBlue with different characters, both these games are utter trash, mash on short/jab/A/X/Y whatever the hell you want and win.

marn : People who think Karas isn’t that good and you can sit there for all 99 seconds, or variable counter, stay in the air… How are you going to get to the air, how do you variable counter stuff you can’t variable counter… It all looks good on paper, but when you play, you’re going to get destroyed.

jimmy1200srk: lol… i hear ya. you say you dont like deep games? sf4 is pretty deep

jimmy1200srk: what do you mean by deep

marn : It’s not about being deep… It’s about not being mash-friendly.

jimmy1200srk: oh, i got you. well vs games have always been mash friendly. like im just gonna throw out the low short, and iad in all day until something hits, and if i fuck up i might get the infinite, or if you fuck up, you might get the infinite. not to over simplify it. have you been a fan of previous vs games

jimmy1200srk: but you must agree sf and vs games are like apples and oranges, but its okay if its not your preference. i understand fully

marn : I’ve played MVC2, and I honestly love MVC2 more than TVC. You only can play basically 4 characters, but there’s mindgames, there’s setups, there’s way to get out of stuff… With Karas, there’s a 10% chance you’re getting out. If they made this game to where pushblocking made them go back full screen or where they cant continue attacking you afterwards, this would be a good game. I’ve played CVS1… CVS2… MVC1… XVSF I’ve never played… Right now I belive this game is Karas vs Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

marn : You are not winning ANY tournament in the U.S without Karas or Chun.

jimmy1200srk: if i could argue that with…well yeah, as of right now that seems the case. now dont get me wrong, im still gonna play, i enjoy tvc very much, but if you even observe the kubo videos, it was like, if karas slipped, then chun got that ass, but any other time, chun was just pushblocking and trying to super jump out,and then from there hopefully try to get it going again, if karas didnt just start block stringing her ass. do you think time will help things out, as the game gets broken in more and people find new stuff. i mean, it is still only like two months old. when hnk dropped, nobody was doing dribble stuff for a while, or any of the other nonsense they found out. although that is a completely different game, but you see my point

jimmy1200srk: kubo didnt even do the block string stuff either

jimmy1200srk: with charge back forward a, c, rinse repeat

marn : Well, the block string stuff, he’s probably not interested in, I’m more of a pressure guy, I’ll take my chances with you blocking than letting you get out.

marn : That charge back forward A, C shit is ridiculous and doesnt work imo.

jimmy1200srk: cant you push block punish it if your fast enough?

marn : Pretty much.

jimmy1200srk: jessica biel is hot

jimmy1200srk: like really hot

marn : Uh, I don’t think so.

jimmy1200srk: how dare

marn : I think she’s ugly as hell.

jimmy1200srk: who is hotter than her

jimmy1200srk: let me link you to a pic before we go back to tvc

marn : Lol. Ok.

marn : What you’re saying is true, but it’s like… They’re already making TVC2, obviously they know they made a broken ass character… HNK developed because there was no sequel. People kept playing it. TVC, there is not much of a scene like yourmother says. It’s going to die out soon, TVC is such a shit game, no one really wants to give it a chance.


jimmy1200srk: i will touch her a lot

jimmy1200srk: she is better than jessica alba

marn : I’m only into asians :<.

jimmy1200srk: yeah, well japan has so much more to offer though. tk6br, vf5r, sf4, blaze blue, etc…

jimmy1200srk: they are probably like. wtf. i dont have time for this game. i guess karas doesnt help that. i still have faith though.

marn : You shouldn’t.

jimmy1200srk: asians are delicious. my last two girlfriends were korean. fucking bitches. i love them

marn : Maybe TVC2 will be better.

jimmy1200srk: do you consider karas a tier of his own? and are you going to play tvc at sinsation>

jimmy1200srk: ?

marn : Yes, and yes.

jimmy1200srk: cool beans. well i expect to see you do work, and two, do you think sinsation will say something for tvc, when it comes to level of play, and if karas can be beaten. im sure at this point, most competitive gamers mindset is, how do i beat karas, or at least it should be. if its not, then they are dooming themselves when it comes to competitive play in tvc

jimmy1200srk: would you do tila tequila. i really dont have a problem with her. thats an extra question. lol

marn : Well, the thing is, Sinsation will open a lot of eyes in my opinion, if Karas doesn’t win, Justin will be the only who can stop Karas at the moment. I’m not going to say I’m the best Karas at the moment, cause I’m not sure how my students are doing in their training. Cause, I’ve converted a lot of people, so there will be a lot of Karas vs Karas matches and I haven’t even played the game really ever since I left except this past tournament. So it’s going to be how do I beat another Karas with Karas lol.

marn : And no, Tila Tequila is not an asian, she’s in slut tier.

jimmy1200srk: cant wait. i guess we will see. if the community doesnt want to accept the butt rape from karas, then i expect everyone to step their tvc game up to the point where you find something to do against the guy. thats if your a competitive gamer. i guess my opinion is bias with tila. i have been around the planet earth a bit,and i just remember seeing her in all my import tuner magazines, and being like, ooooooo she is pretty. so when she started doing bigger things for herself, i thought that was cool. even though it involved the cheeseiest most bullshit show on earth. her using tv to decided if she was a dike or not. okay, she has failed in areas. lol!! but i want. sluts are like pringles, you cant eat just one. oh wait, thats kinda over the top,and i dont think thats pringles slogan. what would make you like tvc again? :frowning:

marn : Yeah, I liked her when she was an import model… When she was just Tila Nguyen … Then the tattoos started coming, and the slutness… Killed it imo:-(.

marn : Hmm…

jimmy1200srk: its sad. we mourn together

marn : Well take Karas out… Make grab supers 2 levels because the damage on reset grabs are ridiculous, especially since you can’t do anything about them… Need people who are getting hit / blocking get more meter so infinites would almost be meaningless.

marn : Not saying get more meter than the one attacking, just more meter so they actually defend themselves.

marn : I like the art, I like everything about it, but the gameplay mechanics are sloppy.

jimmy1200srk: word. well two things. 1. im lying, i will sex tila tequila up all day. im watching her youtube video titled, tila tequilas big ass titties, and she is so like one of my exe’s. i have a problem for hot bitches with mental problems. its fun. 2. how do you feel about what jchensor has to say below

They are a good start, but I think they missed a few things. A little more could have added more strategy into the game, such as having Snapbacks for everyone, to purposely Snap someone away to eliminate their Red Meter so they can’t kill you with Baroques. Mega Crashes help a little, but you find yourself with not enough Meter a lot… which I guess is good, otherwise you’d see nothing but Mega Crashes all day. A good idea might have been to make it so that the higher the Combometer is, the more Super Meter you GET for being hit! That way, if you are being Infinited, you will gain more and more Super Meter as the Combo goes. Supers would be immune to this and give you only a bit of Super Meter, which works out because almost ALL inifnites are performed by repeating Normal and Special Moves.

Thatguymarn : I always listen to jchensor, he’s godlike. the snapback idea, the meter idea is all solid imo. Or just make it so people dizzy after 30 hits or something. Whatever.

jimmy1200srk: word up. they should hire him and pay him money. i liked what he had to say too. deja vu. moving on. well from your play, who do you think is being underrated right now in the game. i think jessica alba is not hot at all by the way. excuse me, the alcohol is kicking in.

marn : No one’s underrated. Everyone’s where they should be. Karas/Chun/Ryu/Saki/Batsu/Doronjo/Morrigan are all on top

marn : Doronjo is kind of underrated I guess because she’s going to take a long time to learn with all the setups.

jimmy1200srk: jun? :frowning:

jimmy1200srk: yeah, doronjo masters will come a bit later on

marn : That and the fact that she looks like a dumb bitch.

marn : Jun is SO good, people just don’t understand yet.

marn : I don’t know the whole cast at the top of my head even lol.

jimmy1200srk: all good. jun is SO GOOD. we gonna see some juns come out. im still with that pink slim booty hoe. im sorry jun, that was uncalled for. you gonna try to go to sbo?

marn : Yeah, I’m trying to go to SBO for SF4/TVC/GG/BB/3s.

marn : We’ll see how it goes I guess… I doubt I’ll be going for all the games, especially third strike, but anything can happen lol

jimmy1200srk: you just gonna hate tvc, but rape everyone in it. lol

marn : I hate alot of games, same with BlazBlue, but I’ll play because I know I can win.

jimmy1200srk: asians are gods gift. oxygen was an after thought

jimmy1200srk: i feel you. fuck it. if you can win, whoop ass

marn : LOL. That is the truth. (response to my asians comment)

jimmy1200srk: there is nothing more despairing then getting beat by someone who hates your game. lol. fuck blaze blue. but your so good marn. naw, you just suck. lol

marn : Haha, people talk about how no one should listen to me because I fucked up a tournament, overslept at EVO, etc… But when it comes to talking about strats and whatever, I know my shit ^_^;. Oh and I’m sorry to people who are still bitter about that stuff <3.

jimmy1200srk: word. it happens. will you be attending evo this year?

marn : Yes I will, I always try to support MrWizard and co. They help the community so much. I’ve been to EVO almost every year except last year because I was moving around.

jimmy1200srk: cool beans. do you expect to see tvc there, and mvc2. tekken has to be dropped. dr is not played anymore. sf4 will have a big enough turn out as is

marn : I don’t know… I wouldn’t expect TVC to be there as a main game. I’d expect 3S as teams, SF4, MVC2 maybe, Guilty Gear as teams… But that’s all. All the other games suck, are not worth it, or not on console.

marn : Brawl again? Who knows. MrWizard is RANDOM

jimmy1200srk: my roommate plays brawl. cant get into it

marn : Game sucks

jimmy1200srk: i dont disagree. im not into the scene. not my kinda peoples, and im not entertained with playing with little kiddy cartoon characters. fuck that shiz

marn : I fell asleep watching Smash the last time I was at EVO.

jimmy1200srk: so lets see. what else. now you have played justin wong. where you putting the russian ass whoopin on him. no homo

jimmy1200srk: fell asleep?

jimmy1200srk: lol

marn : It’s worse than CVS2.

jimmy1200srk: cvs2 is sleep time. respect to my maryland cvs2 peeps. i know you love the game, but sometimes boy, i can just take a nap on that shit. 1

marn : I didn’t exactly beast Justin, he adapted.

jimmy1200srk: is he an alien?

jimmy1200srk: be truthful

marn : Probably.

jimmy1200srk: i knew it! how abutt skisonic, perfect sin, demon hyo, and steve h?

marn : Are tehy aliens? Or what?

jimmy1200srk: oh, no. lol. how did you fair against them?

marn : Let’s just say, they didn’t adapt too well.

marn : =P

jimmy1200srk: its all good. it happens. ooooooooooooooooh, smiley face burn! when is the last time you played them cats

marn : 2-3 weeks ago probably

jimmy1200srk: think they will be able to handle the karas next time, and how did you fair against them with your morrigan?

marn : No, and I’m not sure how I fair against them, I never get to use her. Lol.

marn : But when I do, it’s usually because Karas is dead, and I usually just die =).

marn : 2v1 is hard

jimmy1200srk: most def. have you seen how big jessica simpson is. she is like fat attacking a whale

marn : What, link1

marn : !!

jimmy1200srk: one second

jimmy1200srk: scroll down and tell me when you see her. this website is awesome by the way. it makes fun of these fuckers

jimmy1200srk: some people might say, jimmy, you would still do her. pllllllllllllllease, of course. i dont turn down whites

marn : HOLY SHIT that bitch is almost as fat as me… She should go on my diet. I’ll be skinny by next year :<.

marn : GOD DAMN

jimmy1200srk: word up. cocaine kills pounds. amy winehouse said it. i told you she got the thunder thighs. i dont know if she is doing that for a role or not

jimmy1200srk: she is just sad she aint got no man. get over it. 90% of the guys in the country would love you for life. step out of coked out hollywood for a second, and talk to some real men

marn : nah u cant be in a role like that

jimmy1200srk: she could be playing the cookie monster

marn : Anyways, I’m heading to church so I gotta cut this short lol.

jimmy1200srk: nah, thats cool. that was literally my last thing. any last words for everyone?

marn : Stop playing TVC, SF4 is the future =).

marn : And, I love Team Kapital <3

jimmy1200srk: ha ha. good shit. lol. peace. catch you later. if your 21, i will get you bombed in vegas this year. if you do that kind of stuff.

marn : byebye!

marn : :slight_smile:

marn : Lol, I just turned 21 last week

marn : im takin u up on that btw

marn : Oh damn I said I was 20 earlier… It hasn’t really hit me yet I’m 21

jimmy1200srk: i was the same way. later.