Play us 5 guys for money! (MvC2)

Hey everyone! Five us are challenging any five of you for money! That’s right, in this 5 on 5 challenge, we’ll be doing a round robin, winner take all challenge to anyone who’s interested. That means everyone who particiaptes in each challenge offers up say, $10, and the winning team takes it all and divides it up however they want. The five of us include:
[]Brad Carney “Carnevil”: Sent/Cable/Cap or Storm/Sent/Cap
]Bill Wellman “Deus”: Magneto/Storm/Sentinel-Y
[]Justus “Chun Li’s Pimp”: IM/Cable/Doom or Storm/Sent/Cable
]Jon Sindel “Sentinaaaaaaaaal”: Storm/Sent/Anotha
[*]Mike Mixon “Mixup”: Mag/Storm/Anotha
Details, such as money amounts, will be decided later. Post in this thread if you want to CHALLENGE US!

(Oh yeah, it’s just a coincidence that we all happen to be white :p)

Consider yourself challenged. The HATE ARMY will be glad to take your money.

I’ll have to form a team for this, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

ahh free money. no lie phil, pay me.


No shit. We’re already up 5-0 :lol:

i usually don’t play for money. but i could just consider this as a side tournament. Put me on the wait list for now…

me/potter/my twin/potter’s twin/soopotter fusion will accept this bet easy status.

amir is white!? i tought he was like israely or like mediteranian… or a refugee from kosovo or something… just wondering that’s all:)


Hey, you all aren’t one race, now are you? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can find a team of Koreans (You/David L/3 others), that’d work. Potter/ruin-/Junior/2 more was going to be the team ruin wanted to play us with. But, who knows, maybe Mixup will take the bet anyway. I know he’ll want to play you. It’s up to him.

loveless: Hey, Amir has to put “caucasian” on all his college aps, etc. That’s good enough for me :lol:

hahhahaaha, man i heard you HELLLA suck, bring your whack ass “HATE ARMY” nerdy wrestling squad and get ready to call the cops because you kids are going to get ROBBED

ill play you for money in pho eating

Damn, nexter level OWNING!

sounds good soo

Okay, so far we’ve got:

DSP’s team
Soo’s team
KaiSing’s team (maybe)

Who else is down?

Oh, BTW. It appears Justus (Chun Li’s Pimp) will be replacing Amir on the team.

Oh yeah, and Soo, who exactly is on your team again? I don’t know who your and Potter’s clones and fusions are :lol:

amir is a charlatan my good man.

Ill take that challenge!!!:o TjandDaBoyz will be there.

Hey Carnevil, Maybe i could get Mike/Ace/Me/Josh/anotha to play…I’ll talk to them :). see you @ evo.

if you need to draft a 5th man, i’m a free agent right now.

Brad, people are totally missing the point:mad:

clarify this shit without really clarifying it dammit:D

lol, I’ll give it my best shot.

magnus, while we would love to accept your challenge, do can you try to keep everyone on the team to only one race? That would be highly appreciated. Thanks! :smiley:

sigh this is my field.

nsj is a buncha flips. that means you need to keep it to flips. flippy ass flips. FLIP FLIP FLIP. mike can’t be on your team, he’s black.

Only Josh and Ace and I dunno if you’re a flip or what you are magnus…aside from poop.

But I’ll tell you what I’ll do. Because I don’t really care about the difference between flips and viets…I’ll let you assemble a team like that. So if that helps, get your team together of ugly pac islanders. <_< there brad, was that so hard?

I love you nsj. xoxo