Play with a local partner?

All I can seem to do is partner up online, cant you play online with 2 local people? That would really really suck if not, its fun in MK.

This doesnt seem to work :confused:

Earlier posts indicated that this may only work on the PS3 right now.

Yeah we’re playing on Xbox. Maybe there’ll be a patch for that. Hopefully day one

I heard that you have to make sure player 2 is logged online with their gold account. Not like using a guest account in halo or CoD. So you’ll need two gold profiles. I’m not 100% sure but it’s worth a try.

^ Rockband did something similar iirc

It still doesn’t work. Many methods have been tried… I’ve already started a thread about this issue. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen for 360 users.

360 users are going to lose out on that to? are you fucking kidding me… heh

It seems the PS3 version really is the definitive one. Looks like I made the right gamble with that arcade stick. :sunglasses:

If FPS games can have guests, why can’t a fighting game, though? And if it’s not that, why leave it out at all?

Giving the PS3 version local co-op would be a major mistake. Break out the riot gear.

It’s not so bad. Not for us addicts who have no RL friends anyway. Plus I have a hard enough time playing mindgames with just 1 opponent online…