Play without a CD?

Im playing Street Fighter IV on two different computers, and using an arcade stick, so its really annoying and frustrating to switch the ******* cd every single time I switch computers. I wonder, is there a way to play this game without a cd online, not getting banned?

The CD invention is the most idiotic thing ever discovered in history. Its unbelievable how stupid it is.

any help is appreciated.

You know, you could just google it…

I hate to be “That guy?” but I’m pretty sure what you’re looking for is a way to circumvent the copy protection on a game and I’m pretty sure that’s against the rules here at this fine, upstanding internet establishment…

Kind of curious as to why switching the CD isn’t an option. It’s not like that much of your day is wasted opening the disc tray and removing the disc, then reversing the process in your other PC.

Though I would have to agree with your point on CDs, records had far superior sound quality.

Purchase the Steam version.

Fos fos fos fos~!

You’re correct on both counts. He is and normally that shit is insta-ban here. I’m going to give Jimmy the benefit of the doubt, because maybe…just maybe he doesn’t realize that you’re supposed to purchase two copies of a piece of software if you plan on using it on two machines at the same time. This is the only warning about this. Don’t ask about pirating the game here again. Ever.