Play Yang.


He’s so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.

And also no one plays him in U.S. :confused:


i wanna have roms child!!!




Is it…

Yang > Ken?


Rom > *?

When you figure out this answer, you’ll have reached enlightenment :wink:


I am now enlightened


Pherai > FFA parking lot :lovin:


no one plays yang cause hes a fruit booter


He’s boring to play IMO. But to each his own.


im switching to yang starting tonight.


Ryan knows. Ahaha. What color? Not the yellow one. :[


I don’t play him cuz he doesn’t have his PS2 start+short color.

And if I do play on the ps2, his slashes not being as good sucks to me.


Is there some difference to him from console to arcade? I don’t notice at all… aside from it being easier to hit confirm in arcade.


KOFiend was saying it does less stun or something. There was a thread about it and no one else found a difference but people keep repeating it anyway. Chaining c.LKs with him also seems a lot more difficult to me on console but I guess that’s more of a general thing.

On the topic, tried, but couldn’t get him better than some of my others so I scrapped the idea of making him my main character.

Nice job in Socal. :tup:


is there a pink yang?


Slashes do more stun on arcade.


yea pretty much this is true…plus it doesnt do no where near as much damage/stun as on arcade


Hmm any difference in damage and stun I do not notice. If there IS, it doesn’t seem to me to be exceedingly terrible, Yang stuns in about 3 correct guesses, anyhow.

Damage is something that people should not be overly concerned about with Yang… even taunted jumpins aren’t huge damage dealers.


Why did you pick SA3 against Ken(Vinny)? :wonder:


I dunno, it’s hard to compare because the amount of time between each slash is variable, and on top of that console has a marginal speed increase. So a timing difference combined with the opponent’s stun bar recovering slightly faster could make it seem that it’s doing less stun.


maybe but everyone i spoke to about console vs arcade…they all noticed a difference or at least something “out of the ordinary” when playing a character like yang on console compared to arcade

didnt gootecks and others say in the podcasts that console is “not the same game” as arcade? i think he said it with pyrolee or something