PLAYABLE ROBO Fortune at 725K! *Beep* *Boop* *Madness!*

You heard me, on indiegogo it reads that if we hit 725k, they’ll add a fullyplayable Robo-Fortune DLC!!!

I heard. This is pretty damn exciting.

Is it a new character or just clone/costume?

EDIT: And am I just misremembering things, or did the perk ‘prices’ increase? I thought the ‘backer’ level for example used to be $30?

It’s a new character, using part of ms fortune but with new attacks.

Some perks have gone up 6$ to cover the cost of all the xtra Steam codes they had to order.

Basically like robo-ky. A few recycled animations and a bunch of new ones.

i’m guessing it’ll be more new animations than old GGX robo-ky and less than the current one from #R to AC+R

the voice will be all new either way

A few people have mentioned it already but it would be awesome if they replace the blood spurts with rocket jets…

ohhhh shit. its fucking ON!

i was unsure whether to donate again since ive put in 100bucks already. but robofortune is too damn good to let get away so easily.

for extra lols they should make her more ridiculous than her normal version. plus having a team of robofortune/fortune would be damn sweet.

Fortune, Robo-Fortune, Peacock team. Nonstop puns. Nowhere to hide. Nowhere to run.

So if Robo-Fortune becomes a full character will they give Ms. Fortune another alternate voice?

FGC Iluminati shutting down Indiegogo just before we reach 725K.

Why is IndieGoGo having problems and at the worst possible time? We better get extra hours to make up for this load of bull or I’m going to beat the crap out of something for no reason. Preferably an IndieGoGo employee who’s not doing his damn job!

We need to pull those haters away from their puters…

Back up!

No it’s not. I’m not getting jack.

EDIT: Jeebus! It’s like the thing gets fixed only for it to collapse again 10 seconds later like the site is constructed by toothpicks or something! I’m about ready to lose it and bust some heads!

All the people running that countdown page or pressing F5 like crazy: stop and go outside instead.

Dunno then, was up for me and stayed up (did some stuff in account settings, no problems).
Going to bed, this better be >725k when I get up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

looks like the hype is too powerful

if the final outcome of the funding drive is 4 new characters (3 new and 1 ex-character) i’d say that’s huge success

and the roster going from 8 to 12 can only attract more players, right?

The other big thing is that this will fund them working on the game for months. Hopefully something will happen with the Autumn Games lawsuit by then. Because if nothing happens this may be the last hurrah for Skull Girls.

Welp, we got Squigs, Big Band, Mystery Character 1, Robo-Fortune and… Mystery character 2. Indiegogo now reads (I’m not kidding here) 829.829$
I wonder if they’re going to try to make story mode for the second character, even though they came a bit short. (I’m guessing a large chunk of the 25k is for background stills and poses for the character dialogues.)

Y’all heppi? Aaaaaam heppi. ;3