PlayAsia? Shipping Prices?

Does playasia offer free shipping? I see nothing about how much it cost

Only for some countries last I checked.

Only some countries what? Get free shipping? Or have to pay for shipping?

Only free for some countries.

How much is shipping to Columbus, Ohio

once its in your cart, go to checkout, you should be able to see shipping options

Yes but it doesn’t give me a total, So basically, I get 29$ on one end then $28.40, So this means my total is 57.04$, If so man what a ridiculous price

depending on what you order, there are several options, EMS, Fed Ex, UPS, Air Mail

for price it’s more cause it comes from Hong Kong

Cammy white, what are you ordering? Depends on weight, size, and distance.

Get used to that, Cammy.

Shipping prices have gone up tremendously for most hardware and you cannot get around the $30 premium unless you choose shipping by freight ship.

There’s nothing you can do about that… The price of shipping is up everywhere. Even within the US, it costs a minimum of $18 to ship a joystick from Ohio to California! It’s ridiculous but true.

Most people will still go AIR shipping because of the speed and extra insurance value. Better to see something safe within a week versus 2-3 months. You don’t know what will happen in two-month FREIGHT ship shipping; a package could get damaged, lost, or sink to the bottom of the ocean with the ship!

I no longer buy hardware unless it’s something NOT coming out in the US… The last joystick I bought from overseas (from Akihabarashop) was the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SE. Never again would I buy a stick like that since I can swap out parts for all Seimitsu in the SA version of the stick. There’s no difference between the sticks (other than labelling on the faceplate) unless you’re a hardcore collector…

It generally pays to wait for the premium hardware to show up domestically as far as Hori’s concerned. They generally ship their premium sticks in the US within a year of Japanese release since the HRAP 3 was released. Already, the VLX stick is out in the US with an announced September 2010 US release for the HRAP V3 SA (although I still have not seen a pre-order for it yet) for those of us who the V3 SA.

Right now, even if the V3 SA were not to appear, premiums for Joysticks are far lower this year than they were last year at the height of the SFIV craze. It was not unusual to pay 250-300% street value for an HRAP 3 SA or Mad Catz TE. Nowadays, the TE can be had for $100 in frequent sales and the generic HRAP 3 can be found for $90 and less. The HRAP V3 SA still goes for $150 minimum with $200 the maximum premium even in the US. Much, much cheaper year for joysticks!

The only thing I’d regularly buy from overseas now would be a book or software. You can get those delivered safely in bubble envelopes for $5 shipping. They will arrive at your home within 10 days. I’ve done this multiple times with orders from Play-Asia. They’re pretty good with software orders and it’s well worth it for the Japanese PS3 games that have no chance of showing up in the US! Now that US and Japan are both Region A for Blu ray, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of system mods (chip or no-chip)…

It’s sad, Because games i really want that dont cost much are technically gonna run me a high price x.x

If you are buying games then the shipping is not high. It’s the sticks that will kill you. Play-Asia US shipping has been low for every game I’ve imported.

really? It’s gonna cost me 28$ for shipping for a 10$ game, and I know PS1 games aren’t that big <_<

Then the other game i want is 16$ + 19.40$ Shipping <>, Then another ps1 game is gonna be 18.90$+19.40$, So for all the games i want im paying almost 100$ <<


You misunderstand Cammy.

Shipping for anything that weighs ounces is cheap.

It’s anything that takes up a decent medium-sized box and weighs 8 or more pounds — that’s when shipping gets expensive! That’s the size region for consoles AND most arcade sticks. It’s also a great part of the reason why I no longer buy import consoles…

The most you’d ever have to pay to get a game shipped from Asia is about $7. I’d say $5-$6 shipping cost is about average for most XBox/PS2/PS3 games. Very reasonable shipping in bubblewrap envelopes or small hardboxes.

I’ve had software shipped in both…

The average cost of an import game is roughly $5-$10 above average American releases… You can get cheaper reprints but even those generally run about $40.

The new Another Century’s Episode R (A.C.E. R) game is going to be expensive because of all the anime licenses the developer had to pay for in addition to the fact that it’s their first PS3 game.

I, for one, have been kind of disappointed at the lack of decent anime titles for PS3. There were quite a few games released for PS2 that did good things with anime licenses including what is arguably the best Macross game made… ironically developed by Sega’s famed AM2 software division, the same group that made the buik of the great Sega Virtua series games in the 1990s. I use irony because of the fact that it seems Sega can no longer make anything compelling with their own character IP’s!

I can screenshot my entire list if you want the proof, Also Shipping weight: 0.77 kg Total US$ 98.60, My exact total.

How are you paying that much for those games?

Sometimes doesn’t sound right here unless you’d doing overnight delivery!

I’ve never paid that much for a single game… Then again, when I order I usually don’t order more than 2 things at once.

Did you order these games with insurance/delivery confirmation/overnight because something doesn’t seem right…

whoops wrong thread

No, he’s right… I just tried it out. I placed a Samus Zero figure in my cart, started checking out, and FedEx was the cheaper alternative at about $25. Removed it, put The MGS trilogy in my cart, started checking out, and EMS was the cheaper alternative at about $28.

UPS was WAAAY out of the ball park on both, at about $40-50… What a ripoff! Anyway, I’d have to say that it’s pretty steep, but I’ve bought import games for years (mostly for PS2 and DC), and it is not a cheap hobby.

As an alternative, import games on eBay will usually run you $16-$20 for EMS delivery… Never believe that “$6” shipping crap, because that’s for economy, “pray that you get it” shipping.

Import games don’t generally run THAT much…
I’ve gotten most from Play-Asia for well under $10 shipping.
Sure, it’s more expensive now but I don’t think I’ve paid over $8 for regular edition games.

What I wouldn’t count on for $6 shipping for would definitely be the limited edition videogame boxsets.

I actually have more problems with shipping arcade parts without EMS coverage than I do games to be honest…
I’m not so impatient that I have to use overnight shipping. I’m perfectly okay waiting a week to ten days for a game to ship from Hong Kong or Japan.

I HAVE lost arcade parts in-transit! It really depends on the shipping hubs your buys have to go through. Some postal zones (Chicago, Washington, D.C.) are notorious for postal and shipping company employee theft.

Goes without saying that if you can, price-check and go with whatever feels more comfortable and economical with the modicum of safety you feel comfortable with.