Playdead's Limbo


I ran a search for a thread about this game and couldn’t seem to find any. I know I’m relatively late to the bandwagon. So I apologize in advance if there is another dedicated thread.

[media=youtube]r-feglzyboY]YouTube - Limbo Review [HD[/media]

My my. What a great game, it sure evokes a great feeling and it’s easy for the player to really fall in love with the ominous backdrops and the dark music. You don’t know why you are in limbo or what sent you there but the gameplay is so enticing it’s scary but satisfying.

The art direction must be noted here as virtually every detail has the touch of a subtle but experienced designer/illustrator. Perfect menu’s, simple controls and well paced gameplay. This title is a must have for XBLA owners.

Anyone get there mitts on this?


great game didn’t put it down till it was over.
one of the only recent games to create the atmosphere i’ve been looking for and it got it perfectly


I felt the same way. There are very few games these days that create that drive for me to actually finish and with strong intent no less. What was the most difficult puzzle for you?


it took me a while to figure out the puzzle with the magnet on the ceiling and the two boxes


Thats where I’m stuck and I haven’t picked up the game since I blew an hour not going anywhere…
I know like its possible, but that shit is impossible… dont spoil the solution though :confused:


want a hint?


That one was tough, but once you figure it out the rest of the puzzle is cake after that. I had a tough time with the elevator (I cheated on that one), I spent like 45mins - 1hr grinding on that one. Such a great game but unfortunatly the puzzle are all but random, so there is not a lot of replay value.