Played Divine Souls?


Just curious if anyone here has ever played Divine Souls?
Wish I could play it now, but hope to play it soon.

What do you guys think about the game?

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I played it during closed beta. I didn’t like it. I don’t remember why now…but I remember not liking it.


It just felt too stiff overall for me. The cleric was just painful to play on keyboard, the interface and general BLOOM felt really cheap, and there was like zero impact in fighting enemies.

They’d fly several feet into the sky from just a light uppercut, with no shake, body reaction, or impressive visual effect. If you want a casual yet competitive mofighter, Dungeon Fighter, GetAmped2, or Grandchase (didn’t like it myself though) fare much better.

If Virtual On counts as a fighter to you, I’d highly recommend Cosmic Break when its out in a few days too.


There is a spiritual sequel to Grand Cash (made by the same people) that plays much better. Unfortunately it is KR only right now. It’s called Elsword.


Elsword is in Eu beta now, only German language so far, but EN version might appear next year.