Player 1 only mix up!

So I was messing around with KOF13 and found an interesting piece of technology with King in KOF and it seemed like it was a viable mix up if you ever get a corner throw, but here comes the interesting part


This technology does not work if you are using player 2! It only works if you are player 1.

Feel free to try this using an actual controler as player 2. It does the same thing.

That’s kinda odd. It’s actually something I hope they fix in Climax (Maybe fix in the sense that King can do it on both player sides :smiley: )

That’s awesome.

I’m such a hypocrite, if this shit happens in any other fighting game I call it broken. But this is KOF. We need stupid player specific bugs!

KOF98 had something very similar, where P1 was the only one that could perform corner crossups. Considering how many intentional old-school bugs have been put into KOFXIII, I kind of wonder whether this was done intentionally.

Seems like an odd choice to intentionally put in a Player side specific bug though. So I’m probably wrong, then again, it’s SNK.

There was something similar in cvs2 involving the 2P side.

This is the old, old one player only corner bug that’s been in many fighters over the years, even up to SF4 for example, prolly even in SFxT too. But great find, nevertheless.

I’ve know about P1 oddities in older games, but just showing this since it is the first I’ve known about in KOF 13.

I mean Smash has always had port priority and some other games have had tier lists that were dependent on which player side the character was being played on,

Still at Final Round I tried to get Player 1 so I could use this. :slight_smile: