Player archetypes

This thread was partly inspired by this article by Seth Killian:

and partly by the fact that the subject of player archetypes is not very often talked about.

I’ve came to the conclusion that not only is it important to know character matchups it’s just as important to know player matchups.

There are players who rush down, there are players who turtle, there are players who zone, there are players with great execution, there are players with good execution, and there are players with mediocre execution.

For the longest, I’ve tried to come up with a style that would be just as effective against scrubs as good players but I’ve learned that that’s impossible and the best course of action is to learn how to identify player archetypes and change my strategy accordingly.

So I’ve made this thread to talk about different player archetypes and how best to identify them.

I’ll start with a quote from the above article that describes more than one player in my area:

Damn I remember reading those articles YEARSSS ago. Good stuff, everyone should read them.

It’s not really about player types, it’s about adapting as you play, or forcing the opponent to adapt.

If you play vs. a guy that turtles and thats all you expect him to do, when he starts rushing and going crazy and doing all these tricks you didn’t expect, you might get overwhelmed and lose. If you have an idea of what to look for in a basic match, then you won’t get overwhelmed.

hah, parrys are low risk.

I don’t like 3rd strike, but I gotta say…Seth is completely wrong with that paragraph. Yes, parts of his articles do become outdated.

The best way to get into an opponent’s head is to make them play a certain way. If you want them to try to rush you down, it is very simple. Barring the fobs that only know how to throw a hadouken, simply turtle against your opponent and make him come to you, etc.

I’m not really sure how else to explain it, but I like to roll a lot; it makes my opponents play differently. When I see that change, I change my own style and it usually works. The great thing is, people will write you off as a scrub if you do this correctly :looney: and the next time they play you, they will (hopefully) try to beat you with anti-scrub tactics that you should be able to counter by now. Again…I’m not really sure how to explain it, sorry if it still sounds weird

I usually find that playing defensively and waiting for my opponent to mess up is the best way to play…but sometimes I get some overwhelmingly aggressive opponents…and I especially get torn up by aggressive top tiers (namely Vega, Sagat, Blanka, and sometimes Cammy).

heres a player archetype shit that i do when i know i wont be winning the match.

i start out playing stupid. i try to make the other guy lose all respect for me as a player. i miss :hp: into fireball, i roll super, i wakeup super, jumpin all damn day.

match 2 starts off. now play smart. dont wake up super. dont do stupid shit jumpins etc etc. when they realize you’re not the idiot you’ve made yourself out to be, switch mid match to being an idiot again. WAKEUP SUPER BITCHES.

3rd match just play your best cuz by now u’ve run outta gimmicks.

not to be braggin, or still having wet dreams over one tourney or one match, but i ocv’d buktooth like this in tourney once and almost beat him 2/3. no one flame me plz cuz i’ll be the first to say buktooth is like a million times better than me. kthnx

No, always do wake up super. it works.

haha you scrub!! i knew it!!!

why you gotta do tommy like that?

you’re better than me x 1000.
i’d be happy to not get ocv’ed. :frowning:

^ that’s what I think when I play deus


+1000000000000000000000. Wake up super is so good it should be banned from tournaments. it’s cheaper than RC

you can beat wake up supers though.

if you really are indeed psychic, then you will do a lvl 3 super, one their wake up, To stuff their wake up super! OOOH WOW.

oh shit, that’s top fucking tier. Hail and Kill, you are indeed a CvS2 god.

I wrote that down on my CVS2 tips notebook


Tat Tactic failed me! I tried so many times!

Once, i did my Level 3 Super Counter With Todo and the other guy did a wake up Puny level 1 Shinkuu hadoken, AND I GOT HIT!

And the other Time, I did My Level 3 Max Aerial Russian Grab Thingy just before the other guy did a puny wake up Level 1 Raising Storm, AND I GOT HIT!

And then there was that OTHER time when I did Dan’s level 3 Chouhatsu Densetsu just before Cammy did her lousy wake up SDS, but I got hit!

I SUK! My Level 3’s Get beat by level 1s!

This kind of thing gets old.

I’ve learned that you have to play your game. If your aggresive be aggresive. If your a turtle be a turtle but never allow anyone to alter the way you play. Sure adapt to players and matchup situations but always play your game.